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"It is difficult, watching a friend die and being unable to do anything. It is not a nice feeling, but in war, an inescapable one." "
— Zero's words to Kentaro.

Zero Ukitake
Zero Ukitake profile picture
Name Zero Ukitake
Kanji ゼロ浮竹
Romaji Ukitake Zero
Race Shinigami
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ryu Order
Task Force 101
Occupation Member of The Ryu Order, Commander of a Rukon Patrol Team
Team The Ryu Order
Task Force 101
Partner Ino Hiroshi
Shikai Fusegu
Bankai Fusegu Isshiki

Zero Ukitake (浮竹ゼロ, Ukitake Zero) is an aging Shinigami who existed very much as a hermit in the Human World until Kenji Hiroshi recruited him into The Ryu Order upon hearing rumors regarding the fabled Stone Cleaver (いしクリーヴァ, Ishikuriiva). While still a Shinigami of the Soul Society, Zero was the Lieutenant of the 1st Division under Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto before Chōjirō Sasakibe became lieutenant.

Once, he was a member of the low-aristocratic Ukitake family; though he left his position behind when he traveled to the Human World. He is known to be the oldest brother of Jūshirō Ukitake and Demitra Ukitake, as well as a close friend of both Shunsui Kyōraku and Ginrei Kuchiki. A former Commander amongst the Rukon Patrol Teams aiding in the defense of Soul Society against the Arrancar Averian, Zero was a mentor-type to Kentaro Hiroshi and one of the first to join the Ryū Order, where he serves as the lieutenant of the second Division under Ino Hiroshi.

Appearance Edit

Zero is often described as having a face of stone due to the angular set of his features with a set of gray eyes which are described as intense and unwavering. He is a very tall man, standing at a height even higher than Kenji Hiroshi and has a muscular and well-toned physique. Zero has shoulder length hair graying at the temples, held by a leather headband. He wears an average Shihakushō with a color-shifting cloak over the top which makes him seem like parts of him have seemingly disappeared.

Personality Edit

Zero, although a skilled and well respected leader, rarely talks about himself. He projects an air of calm authority while appearing in public; though he shows a very different personality when he gets to know someone and finds them trustworthy, as he often speaks to Kentaro Hiroshi, giving the youngster much needed wisdom and advice in times of uncertainty and a person to talk to with troubles if he cannot go to his parents. While the other members of his team are present, he normally takes a quick look around to make sure they aren't listening in before he speaks his mind. This is to avoid being seen as favoring one member over another. Zero is a calm man who is often believed to show little to no emotion, especially during times when others may get emotional.

History Edit

Zero was once a member of the Patrol Corps of the Onmitsukidō, where he served as a squad leader protecting the Human World. He served almost all of his later career in this position, until an unknown event caused his exile in the world he'd defended for so long. Zero would become a hermit of sorts for the next two hundred years, which he spent either honing his skills or protecting Humans from the shadows.

When he first joined the Rukon Patrol Teams at Kenji's request, Zero thought little of the young Shinigami named Kentaro Hiroshi serving directly under him and his father, Kenji. During battle, Zero would often try to strike out on his own, preferring his solitude over the help of allies; though the youngster never quite got the hint and always remained nearby. In a particularly harsh skirmish, Zero found himself surrounded with few of the others close enough to assist him. With the growing uncertainty of his future hanging heavily on his mind, the youngster from before broke through the encircling hollow to join him; and together, they fought their way back to their allies.

Zero rescues Kentaro

Zero, when he rescues Kentaro from Averian.

Beginning to warm to the lad, Zero allowed him to remain at his side, offering him much needed advice regarding battle and life in general; beginning to think of him as the son he never had, feelings reciprocated by Kentaro who began to think of Zero as a second father. On another mission some weeks later, Kenji was preoccupied aiding Yoshiro Kazuki's forces and left Zero in command. Seeing a weakening of the defenses, Averian himself led the assault and succeeded in locating young Kentaro fighting ahead of the others. Before the death blow was dealt, Zero returned the favor and engaged the Arrancar himself with Kentaro slung over his shoulder.

Even with the burden, Zero managed to outmaneuver his foe and get Kentaro to safety through sheer dog-id determination and calm swordplay. As a result of his victory over the Arrancar many though only Kenji and a select few others could battle effectively, Zero's reputation grew and he soon found himself with his own command. At his personal request, Kentaro served under him with Kenji's blessing.

Synopsis Edit

Introduction Arc Edit

Equipment Edit

Color-Shifting Cloak: A black cloak Zero wears draped over his shoulders. The cloak is made of a special material that distorts transmitted and reflected light in a way that makes it very difficult to see the one wearing it, even in full daylight. At times, it appears as though whole parts of Zero's body have vanished from sight when he moves. He often uses this particular side-effect to better hide his upcoming attacks.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Energy: Zero has spiritual energy which is at that of an average Captain-class. His spiritual energy is blue in color.

  • Ishikuriiva: (いしクリーヴァ, Stone Cleaver) An energy-based attack that Zero utilizes by charging Reiatsu into the tip of his blade and releasing it in a condensed form. The attack itself takes on the appearance of a wave, similar in appearance to Tadashi Kori's Rei Furashuu attack. This ability was once unnamed and simply used as an offensive attack to make up for his zanpakutō's lack of an offensive skill; though its strength was enough to cleave through a fellow Shinigami's stone wall defense and the name stuck. The attack takes the same coloration as Zero's spiritual energy, with a darker outline.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: The skill Zero has with a sword is incredibly high, as he taught Kentaro almost everything the youngster knows and uses; including his aptitude for a reverse-style grip. Zero's skill in Kendō and the unorthodox reverse-grip has earned him quite a reputation among swordsman.

Shunpo Expert: Zero is proficient enough in shunpo to be able to perform high-level skills such as Senka. He is known to be quite swift in his movements.

Keen Intellect & Knowledge: Developed and nursed through his years as a hermit in the Human World, Zero possesses knowledge on topics and events others may not. His knowledge on the human body has allowed him to train Kentaro Hiroshi somewhat in the use of the youngsters Fullbring powers, despite the fact he himself has no access to the powers.

Zanpakutō Edit

Zero's zanpakuto

Fusegu in its sealed state.

Fusegu (ふせぐ, lit. To Defend Against) is the name of Zero's zanpakutō. The weapon itself has a rather plain and simple appearance, and is straight instead of the usual katana utilized by most Shinigami. The guard is straight and pointed near the edges with nothing to set it apart from other zanpakutō.

  • Shikai: Fusegu is released with the command Allow Me, followed by the name of the zanpakutō. To activate, Zero usually holds the blade out in front, the blade pointing downwards as he recites the release phrase. When released into Shikai, the only difference between sealed and released is the golden color the blade takes.
Shikai Special Abilities: Fusegu focuses on strengthening Zero himself, making it very much a defensive melee-type as it offers him no special abilities when released; focusing solely on his own defenses. Instead of increased attack or destructive power, Zero gains greater stamina and physical prowess, a greater capacity to resist forces which may compel him to go against his own wishes, and greater resistance to injury.
  • Augmented Ishikuriiva: Although the ability itself is not granted by Fusegu, the nature of its special abilities enhance the strength the Ishikuriiva possesses. When used in Shikai, the strength, force, blast radius and speed of the attack are all augmented to the point that it can cause fatal or aggravated wounds to an opponent.
  • Enhanced Durability: Zero's tolerance to damage and attacks are increased to whole new levels upon the release of his zanpakutō. He explains that his durability increases so much that he essentially becomes a wall in which to protect those he cares for. Many have compared his durability and ability to ignore pain to that of Zaraki Kenpachi.
  • Enhanced Mental Defenses: Zero's body is not the only thing to gain an increase in its defensive ability. Fusegu allows Zero a greater level of resistance against abilities which may target his mind, or attempt to remove his ability to control his own body. This goes as far to leave him completely immune to Shigeru Yuudai's Anzenyouki ability and the latters attempts to influence Zero into attacking in a rage.
  • Enhanced Physical Strength: Zero's physical strength is augmented to the point that he can crush walls with his bare hands. This increase in strength is mainly reflected in his swordsmanship, as each of his individual strikes are greatly augmented.
  • Bankai: Not yet Revealed, though Zero has said the name of his Bankai is Fusegu Isshiki (ふせぐいっしき, lit. To Defend Against Everything).

Notable Relationships Edit

Kentaro Hiroshi: Zero has a high opinion of the young Shinigami, and secretly thinks of him as the son he never had. He looks out for, protects and otherwise guides Kentaro when Kenji is busy; acting as a surrogate father and confidant for the youngster. It is no surprise that death usually awaits anyone who makes the mistake of attacking, or otherwise harming Kentaro, when Zero is in the general vicinity. Zero's most profound act of guardianship over his young companion was shown from how quickly he stepped forward when Averian himself launched an attack on their unit and fought the Arrancar alone while he carried Kentaro unconscious on his back to safety.

Quotes Edit

  • "Why do I stand in? I don't care if your the strongest creature to ever draw breathe. You see, you made a mistake, Averian. You attacked the kid I think of as a son, so its only natural that I'd come to his aid. You attempt to harm this child, and I'll cleave you in two." ~ Zero, challenging Averian.
  • Abandon you? Only when the sun sets green, my friend." Zero's retort when Kentaro asks him to abandon him.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Zero's appearance is that of Lan Mandragoran from my favorite series of books, The Wheel of Time written by the late, and in my opinion, the best fantasy author whose ever written a book, Robert Jordan.

His zanpakutō is based on the Warder Bond of the same series, in that is makes Zero more resistant to damage.

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