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Yasuraka Town
Yasuraka Town
Kanji ハマー町
English Yasakura Town
Tranquil Town
Location Statistics
Type Town
Located In World of the Living

First Appearance
Manga Debut God of Death
Anime Debut God of Death

Yasuraka Town (安らか町 Yasurakachō, lit. Tranquil Town) is a fictional town in the world of Bleach. Yasuraka Town is one of the closest towns in Japan to Mt. Fuji — being one of the newest additions to the Shizuoka Prefecture. It is the main setting of Bleach: Rasenhiden.


Despite being called a "town", Yasuraka Town is more of a small city, and is a very quiet, relaxed city, stated by Ahatake that it is not used to spectacles of grandeur and they wind up being the talk of the citizens for weeks. In addition to it's relaxed air, Yasuraka Town's buildings all feature traditional Japanese architecture to accentuate this. The tallest building within the town is a very large, ten-story tower sitting in the northeast corner, a temple referred to as Jakuiji-ji (寂遺事寺 Temple of Tranquil Memories), built centuries ago in worship of an unknown deity. As the name implies, the tower, and the deity associated with it are implied to be connected to memories. In the northwest corner of the city lies the Jakuiji-ji's twin, the Rasetsu-ji (羅刹寺 Temple of Evil Spirits). Many years prior to the beginning of the story, in events regarded as legend by now, the Rasetsu-ji was burned nearly to the ground, through causes and reasons unknown. Many of the current generation do not even remember the name of this tower, and refer to it as Wasure-ji (忘れ寺 Forgotten Temple). These temples are the landmarks of Yasuraka Town and regarded as their treasures.

The town has an average population, and seems to be an area with a stronger concentration of sprit energy, which attracts spirirts and Hollows alike. Yasuraka Town is under the jurisdiction of 11th Divison, and is referred to as District 4000 by the Soul Society. 

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Bleach: Rasenhiden Edit

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