"When the last petal of the ice flowers finally falls...that is when Daiguren Hyōrinmaru will be complete."
— Tōshiro Hitsugaya to Byakuya Kuchiki

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Bleach 671 - The Perfect Crimson 2

Every time I walk through that feels like the first time. To those new to the blog, welcome, to my continued readership, all I have to say is thanks.
SARA, how's it looking?
All systems are up and running TOM; are you ready?

And here we go, the first consecutive review in a good year or so.

If you guys don't want to sit through this review, or just didn't read the chapter and want to know the whole point of it...

This entire chapter
This. The entire point of this chapter was to show off a fully grown adult Tōshiro with various angles and facial expressions like some kind of male pin-up.

But to those of you who want to sit through an entire 'review' because you think I'm like the Honest Trailer Voice guy, proceed. Tōshiro states that after his last ice petals fall, his Bankai reveals its truest power and he "ages a bit". I'm pretty sure you aged far more than a 'bit', but I'll let that go because Soul Society and souls and shit. Gerard, on the other hand, continues his bullshit of judging people purely by their appearance...and just like with Kenpachi's Bankai, it comes back to bite him in the motherfucking ass. Tōshiro freezes Gerard's sword solid, where it loses its functions due to being, well, frozen, showing Kubo can do his homework once in awhile. Deprived of his sword, Gerard remembers that he's a fucking Quincy and resorts to what we were expecting at the beginning of this arc:

It's time for my weekly Arrowbics class.

He uses a goddamn bow and arrow. I cannot express how irritating it's been to see an arc full of Quincy, who were known for using bows and arrows, and see them all using a variety of weapons down to a goddamn mini-gun. You. Are. Quincy. It's to the point that BLEACH wiki is calling these spirit weapons and I'm about 90% sure every Quincy picked their shit up at the local dollar store before invading Soul Society. In spite of Gerard's display, Tōshiro laments his timing, as within four seconds, Tōshiro can freeze all forms of matter before him, and Gerard was too slow by a second. So his true Bankai is essentially Rukia's Shikai and Bankai...without any of the drawbacks she has. Not sure how I feel about that, not sure at all. Besides, y'know, INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED BECAUSE I AM AN INTENSE RUKIA FAN!!!! Regardless, Gerard...somehow...breaks out of being frozen solid...(just like As Nödt somehow did it, does being frozen mean NOTHING in this series?)...and proclaims his invincibility...right before he's TRIPPED THE FUCK UP BY KENPACHI!

"I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!"

I did like that if only because it was a giant fuck you to Gerard. Gerard begins to freeze again, because he's pretty much touching an embodiment of ice, and as he's frozen solid one more time, Byakuya arrives, unleashing his Ōgi.

Byakuya has taken up acupuncture.

As awesome as that final move was, what was it Byakuya said to Ichigo a little over a year ago and a half ago, canonically? One second, lemme find it, gonna peruse the archives.


So either Byakuya is a filthy liar, or he's been training to perform far more crafty moves like this. I wanna say the first option, since, I really wanna blame Kubo for fucking up again, and I also hate Byakuya for being alive when I distinctly remember him being reduced to this:


Yeah. I'm still not over that. Anyway, that's the end of the chapter. 10/10 he's still alive next chapter because killing him at this point would take a



Review scores
Category Rating
Art 10/10
Story 1/10
Fight 7/10
Overall Chapter Okay

Kubo is always good with his art, it's his saving grace, to be honest. I give 10/10, if only for the cool technique Byakuya pulled off at the end. As for the story, 1/10. I do not believe this is the end of Gerard, nor do I believe this chapter has done anything to advance the plot. The fight, 7/10, and a good three of those seven points is for the final page. Overall score is Okay. Not the worst chapter I've seen, but not the best.


BLEACH is all done for today. Will I be back next week, I can't say. Until then guys, stay gold.

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