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  • I live in Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • My occupation is College Student, Medical Intern
  • I am Apathetic

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I am the King
"I am the King."


Welcome to the humble user page of Another Poetic Spartan;
In here, you will find various tidbits about his personal interests, hobbies, and plans
Another Poetic Spartan is typically a nice guy who wishes to befriend anyone he comes into contact with. He believes in peace above all and heavily detests violence of any sort in real life. But he loves to kill people and blow shit up in videogames.

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."
Albert Einstein


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Hi there <insert name here>! I am Another Poetic Spartan' or APS for short, a former random drifter lurking around to read and write. I am current the Lead Administrator/Buer over at Gundam Fanon and an active/main contributor to Halo Fanon as well as an experienced template creator and editor. And now, I have become one of the site's current administration, with my duties being template manufacturing and order monitoring (also making neutral decisions). I had come across this site a year ago but due to duties, I was unable to be a contributor till now. And now here's the fun part. I'll be staying over here due to me taking a brief hiatus. You can say I'm vacationing here (har har). Anyways, its very nice to meet anyone who's willing to say hi and acknowledge me. Let's be friends. And I'll be sure to respond immediately. Also. I don't bite.

I strictly follow canon regulations stated by my main site, so don't expect impossible looking articles from me. The works I will mainly do are reasonable with a touch of flair and imagination. But its Bleach, where a lot of impossible things are possible.

In real life, I am a Part-time Freshman in College and I serve as a Member of Kiwanis. I work at my local church as a Volunteer Mentor to Highschool Kids, teaching life lessons and giving advice.

I am CPR Certified and an Emergency Medical First Responder, and a Nurse-In-Training. Its fairly obvious that I want to have a career in the medical field. My hobbies include tennis, writing, poetry, reading, and collecting manga and anime.

Through Darkness I Find Salvation
Death Is Our Final Salvation

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A selection of quotes, both personal and written, the user absolutely admires and adores..

"Philosophy is the knowledge of that which exists, and a clear understanding of the truth; and happiness is the reward of such knowledge and understanding"
— (Justin, Dialogue with Trypho, 3).
"That ... I ... I reject you, and I reject everything you believe. Why do people lie, it isn't only because they struggle against each other, it's also because there is something that their seeking. You now want a world without change. How stagnant, you could hardly call it life. The same as a world of memories, just a world that is closed and completed, that's a place I wouldn't want to live in."
—Lelouch Vi Britannia to his Father, Charles Zi Britannia
"But forcing your good intentions on others is no different from an evil act."
—Lelouch, after discovering that his mother's love was false
"Possibly humans can exist without actually having to fight. But, many of us have chosen to fight. For what reason? To protect something? Protect what? Ourselves? The future? If we kill people to protect ourselves and this future then what sort of future is it and what will we have become? There is no future for those who have died. And what of those who did the killing? Is happiness to be found in a future that is grasped with blood stained hands? Is that the truth?"
—Lacus Clyne- Gundam Seed/Destiny
"Here I stand under the dark gray clouds that fill the unnerving sky, thinking about the day when the strands of peace and justice will unwravel and die."
Vevictus Syrico
"If fate is a millstone, then we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength... to shatter fate"
—Ichigo Kurosaki
"Silence fills the empty grave."
"Novus Ordo Mundi."
—Means New World Order in Latin
"Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."
—Bible, II Corinthians 9:7
"If the girl or guy of your dreams had walked passed by you. What you will do? Who knows, its your choice. Love is hard thing. It can do many things to you."
"Toby a good boy. Hehe"
—Toby, Naruto Shippuden
"I am not a Conformist. Emo either."
"Do you trust me?"
—Asking a Friend
"Why Must You Hate The Person Who Cares About You?"
—When a friend stopped talking to me
"Don't Listen To People about Love. If you try hard enough. That person will see what you are trying to do."
—My thoughts on Love


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