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Tyrell Nishiki
Tyrell&#039;s future appearance
Name Tyrell Nishiki
Kanji Unknown
Romanji Nishiki Tyrell
Race Shinigami
Birthday Unknown
Age 300+
Gender Male
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 78kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ryu Order
Previous Affiliation Sojiro's Patrol Team
Occupation Head Captain of the Ryu Order
Previous Occupation Student, Member of Sojiro's Patrol Team
Team The Ryu Order
Previous Team Sojiro's Patrol Team
Partner Kazuma Nishiki

Jinta Kanō

Previous Partner Karis Nishiki (Deceased)
Base of Operations Order headquarters, Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Kazuma Nishiki (Younder Brother)

Karis Nishiki (Younder sister, Deceased)

Education Elementary School, High School, Fujimaru Namikaze, Maki Zhijun
Status Active
Shikai Ennetsujigoku
Bankai Not yet Revealed

"What!? You mean this is the guy who just up and vanished on us!? Then we don't have time for a Q and A, old friend. You're coming with us, conscious or not. Then you'll hear the story. "
— Tyrell speaking to Kenji

Note: This version of Tyrell was created for a particular story arc. He will not be appearing in Role Play's.

Tyrell is a Shinigami, and one of the last surviving members of The Ryu Order, and the current Head Captain of the same organization. Strong and daring, Tyrell leads the surviving members of Soul Society against the forces of Averian and his Army of Arrancar's. His fellow Captains are his younger brother and best friend. He is known throughout the Ryu Order as The Enduring Flame.


Tyrell has the appearance of a tall, confident young man. Tyrell has a widow's peak, rather small eyebrows and thick, shoulder-length, bright red hair styled into slicked-back spikes. his eyes are a light blue colouration, but burn as bright as flames when his spiritual energy is exerted. His Shinigami outfit remians the average Shihakushō worn by the large majority of Shinigami. His black coat, however, distuinguihes him more because its sleeves close up tightly around his arms. This coat also has a hood at the back, that covers his entire head and erases his spirtual energy when worn. His zanpakuto is carried at his waist.


Despite the fact Tyrell grew up in a future where the Soul Society had been destroyed and the Shinigami hunted by Arrancar, he remains his brash, lively and outspoken self, and is always seen with a smile on his face when in the presence of others; Especially his troops as to keep them feeling down. Looked to by others as a leader, Tyrell tries his hardest to fulfill that role to the best of his abilities. He is fair in his treatment of his subordinates and discourages conflict among one another, especially the Vizard and Shinigami. However, deep down, Tyrell harbours great levels of rage and frustration, as he watched his younger sister, Karis Nishiki, slaughtered by Averian, whern he himself could only rescue Kazuma. This event only helped to further cement his hatred of Averian and his Army, and only serves the end of fueling the fire of his determination to see the Arrancar defeated.


About five months after the Kanmuri Taikai Tournament, the Arrancar Averian began making his movements known by declaring war on the Soul Society. Tyrell, having returned to active duty as a Rukon Patrolman by this point, found himself and his allies fighting the first waves of Averian's army. Although successful in their defence after brutal fighting on part of the Rukon Patrol Teams, the attack proved to be only the beginning. Yoshiro Kazuki kept Soul Society in the know by leading and planning countless assaults of Hueco Mundo itself and succeded in harrying Averian's forces enough to prevent a full-scale invasion. Accounts show that he even came close to assassinating Averian himself during this period.

The AlterationEdit

The major change in Tyrell's life came when Averian, after joining forces with the Demon/Shinigami hybrid Kurayami, began to gain ground, eventually setting up multiple bases throughout the Rukon District. This essentially cut Yoshiro off from his raids. The Soul Society would wage a war with Averian's forces for several years, slowly losing ground and manpower, until the ill news arrived that Averian himself was mobilising. Sensing the oppurtunity to defeat the Arrancar once and for all and change the outlook on the entire conflict, two Captain's of the Gotei 13, Tadashi Kori of the 11th Division and Shin Nagakura of the 7th Division fought a grueling battle, but eventually fell in defeat when they were refused reinforcement. Tyrell himself witnessed their defeat, but after urging from his sister Karis, he withdrew. With their defeat, Averian's own strength grew and he continued fighting at the front, adding the accumulated strength of countless Shinigami to that of his own, via his zanpakuto.

The DefeatEdit

This event saw a shift in the war, as Averian's generals defeated the captains slowly one after the other. Escaping to the Human World, Yoshiro Kazuki, Sojiro Kori and Rikimaru Ichinose sacrificed themselves defending the Senkaimon that the surviving Shinigami escaped through. Several months later, Kusaka Kori managed to defeat several of Averian's generals, and succeded in grievously injuring Kurayami himself, but died due to his injuries when aid arrived. However, this only served to strengthen Averian further, because he succeded in killing a weakened Kurayami and stealing his power. Tyrell later engaged Averian in battle himself, and through sheer reckless abandon and stubborness, he survived long enough for Maki Zhijun and several others to arrive and drive him off. However, Tyrell's sister Karis was brutally mudered by Averian, leading to Tyrell's deep and personal hatred of the Arrancar. With Soul Societies forces scattered and their leaders defeated, Maki Zhijun took it upon himself to train the survivors. He took three people with him, one being Tyrell, and the others being Kazuma Nishiki and Jinta Kano, and disappeared into the Dangai for several years; during which he sujgected the boys to brutal training.

The ReturnEdit

With their training complete, Tyrell made his return along with Maki and the others. Travelling the realms and gathering the scattered Shinigami, Vizard and other spiritually aware, Kazuma and Jinta and Tyrell himself, organised them into a unit and created The Ryu Order to combat Averian's Army. Using hit-and-run tactics, the Order began to regain lost ground, particulary in Soul Society, and began to spread their influence. With Maki acting as the instructor for the new recruits, Tyrell took up the mantle of leadership, being named the 1st Head Captain over the entire Ryu Order. Under his leadership, Averian's grasp over the Spiritual World would begin to weaken, with the Shinigami becoming more and more daring and winning back what they had lost.


The Endgame ArcEdit


Fire-proof Gloves: So he can augment his Hakuda skills with fire, tyrell wears a pair of protective fire-proof gloves.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tyrell has no skill in Shunpo or Kido, and cannot perform either at all. This makes him very focused on physical strength in order to make up for his shortcomings in the above fields.

Vast Spiritual Energy: Being one of the few Shinigami remaining with the power necessary to fight effectively against Averian, Tyrell has massive levels of spiritual energy. Just like when he was younger, his energy manifests as raging flames. Tyrell's energy is large and untamed, allowing him to fight against multiple Vasto-Lorde level hollow at once and still emerge the victor. Tyrell's already vast levels of spiritual energy increased by grand amounts when he achieved his Bankai.

  • Immense Speed: Having no talent for Shunpo, Tyrell still relies on his physical leg strength to avoid attacks, and has become skilled enough in this regard to dodge attacks from the likes of Averian and Saburo Ryuu without much trouble.
  • Immense Endurance: Tyrell endurance has only grown over the years. His body is covered in scars from past battles, and he can take extreme beatings and still keep fighting. His levels of endurance have made him known among the limited number of Ryu Order members as The Enduring Flame.
  • Immense Strength: Due to him putting his vast spiritual energy behind every wild swing, Tyrell strikes cause incredible damage, as he is capable of punching through an Arrancar's fortified Hierro and deal heavy internal damage.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Tyrell, much like his younger days, still possesses a wild and untamed style of swordplay that replies on his vast levels of spiritual energy and physical strength. He still employs Kendo when battling one-on-one.

Master Hakuda Specialist: Tyrell's skills in Hakuda have come on greatly since his younger days. He now employs fast, precise blows that possess great strength. His particular style involves manipulating his fire-based spiritual energy to surround his hands in order to augment his strikes.

  • Ikkotsu (一骨, "Single Bone"): A powerful punch used by Tyrell to kill low-to-mid level Arrancar. Using this technique, Tyrell is able to easily send his opponents flying.
  • Sōkotsu (双骨, "Double Bone"): Being stronger than Ikkotsu, it is a powerful two-fisted punch that Tyrell uses as a fatal, one-hit finisher. He uses it quite often.


Ennetsujigoku (Flames of Hell) is the name of Tyrell's zanpakuto and is sealed in the form of a massively sized katana, with a flame-like emblem on either side of the blade. The hilt is red and thick, with a yellow pommel and a wide, red guard.

Tyrell Shikai release

Tyrell's Shikai.

Shikai: Tyrell's zanpakuto is released by the phrase, Reduce 'em to Ash! When the command has been uttered, Ennetsujigoku transforms into two large, spear-like weapons with three points apiece.
  • Gouka (Hell Fire): Tyrell has shown himself capable of firing a destructive flame attack, that when used at full power, had enough strength to cut through a Cero fired from a Menos Grande and injure it greatly. This attack appears as a wave-like blast of blue flame that surrounds Tyrell's weapon and body before being fired. The force and destructive power of this attack is enough to cause visible damage to Averian's hardened Hierro.
  • Gouka Aura: Tyrell has shown himself capable of keeping the Gouka attack wrapped around his body, greatly augmenting his physical strikes. At any time, he can fire off the actual wave attack. Tyrell has mastered this ability to such an extent that he can use it freely, even whilst sealed, while retaining its full power.
  • Rengoku (Purgatory): This ability generates a large sphere of flame that surrounds an enemy and then inplodes inwards, damaging and causing severe burns to an opponent. Tyrell has shown masterful control of this skill, as he is easily capable of reducing the size, altering the shape and increasing the speed of the flames used.
Tyrell&#039;s Bankai

Tyrell's Bankai, Fenikkusu Faiyaa revealed.

Bankai: Fenikkusu Faiyaa (フェニックスファイヤー, lit. Phoenix Fire) is the name of Tyrell's Bankai. To activate it, he first exerts a massive amount of spiritual energy in the form of towering flames. When Bankai is finally uttered, these flames begin to wrap around him, forming a suit of solidified flames, set in the center with a large, green gem that glows with an unnatural light. The armor covers his entire body and half of his face, and a long, straight-edged sword with an equally straight guard takes the place of his twin, spear-like Shikai weapons. A set of armoured wings which enable flight also form. Strangely, Tyrell's hair changes color to a dirty-blond, almost mimicking his brothers old appearance.

Bankai Special Abilities: Fenikkusu Faiyaa lies in the complete control over fire, heat and lava. Just by exerting spiritual energy, Tyrell can generate intensely warm flames that can completely destroy most obstacles in seconds. Due to the extreme heat caused, mirages are also caused, only Tyrell can show what he wants his opponents to see, giving it some illusionary attributes also. The release also endows him with great strength, as he is repeatedly capable of outdoing the likes of Kenji Hiroshi in sheer physical might, even with the strength of lightning coursing through the latter's body. Aside from his Shikai skills, which are now enhanced, Tyrell also gains access to new and more powerful fire-based skills:
  • Immense Strength: Tyrell's strength is taken to extreme heights upon activation of his Bankai, as he is easily capable of outdoing Kenji's hollowfied Bankai in terms of raw strength, and has even overpowered the larger Averian on several occasions. With a casual flick of his wrist, he was capable of sending Averian flying through several buildings.
  • Enhanced Speed and Flight: Tyrell's speed also increases, but nowhere near the levels of his strength. However, his speed is such that he is fast enough to keep up, albeit briefly, with Kenji's lightning-enhanced Bankai speed. His wings also allow him flight, which he uses in a variety of ways to defeat his opponents.
  • Augmented Gouka: The power, speed, blast area, force, and size of his Gouka attack becomes drastically augmented to the point that it can melt away hardened Arrancar skin after making contact.
  • Shinsei: (さいせい, lit. Rebirth) This technique involves using his energy packed flames to heal a great number of people, though the process requires great time to use and prepare, making a partner to stall for time a must. If used quickly enough, this technique can even bring someone back from the brink of death.
  • Ranran Dainamo: (らんらんダイナモ, lit. Blazing Dynamo) Tyrell cloaks his sword in searing hot flames and delivers eight incredibly destructive and powerful slashes, with each individual slash causing a small explosion of flames upon impact with an object.
  • Kyuukyokuheki (きゅうきょくへき, lit. Final Burst) Tyrell rushes his enemy, and while passing by them, strikes out with a strike that generates a prison of flame around the target. Continuing his flight, he suddenly turns and comes back, running the target through at great speed. Finally centering himself close to the target, he flaps his wings, causing a helix-shaped explosion to occur within the prison's borders, resulting in a devastating explosion of flames.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The future arc in which Tyrell appears is inspired by two main factors. The first was the apocalyptic future seen in Dragon Ball Z in which Future Trunks in the only survivor. The second inspiring factor was the Terminator franchise, in which people try to change their future.

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