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With their meeting with the mysterious Shori Keihatsu still wieghing heavily on their minds, the Captains make their way towards the 4th Division to determine why they know next to nothing about the person who is supposed to be their ally...

Arriving at Squad 4, Shiro, Ryouta, and Tadashi began to get treatment for their injuries. Shiro turned to Tadashi as he laughed. "Who knew that things would get out of hand like that? Looks like the mayfly stung me in the butt. Heh. I haven't gotten this much of a thrashing since I tried stopping Van's mass break-out on my own."

As he spoke a large thwack could be heard as someone came up behind him smacking him down into his bed. "No talking. Just sit there and wait to get treated. I would greatly appreciated it if you would not disturb the other patients. Thank you."

Watching the woman with an expression that looked as though it were carved from stone, Ryouta finally sighed. "You are the Captain of the 4th Division, I presume?" He had heard the rumors of course. About a young woman with incredible healing skill and a gentle personality.

Tadashi simply grinned at Shiro's treatment. He had seen her once or twice treating the members of the Rukon Patrol Teams and knew first hand her skills. "It is nice to meet you," He said politely. "We've never met, but I've seen your treatments. A lot of people owe you their lives." His presence in the Rukon District often prevented him from attending most Captain Meetings, after all.

"Oh? You're the irresponsible Captain who shirks his duties?" Two large thwacks could be heard once more as the woman hit both Ryouta and Tadashi. "You all should be more careful. Why were you all fighting in the first place?"

Turning off of his stomach Shiro smiled. "Well the mayfly...Shori, wanted to test the fighting capablities of his fellow captains and so we all had a little sparring match, no big deal."

"No big deal?" Placing a finger on the small of Shiro's back, the woman pressed down causing him to scream in pain."Now be quiet, while the rest of us talk." Turning back to Tadashi she continued. "Yes, yes. I save lives. No need to reminscence. You must lay down as well, we must examine all of you. But before that can begin, where is Shori? Why isn't he here too? And WHY HASN"T SOMEONE BROUGHT ME HIS MEDICAL FILE!?"

That caught Ryouta's attention like an annoying bug at a BBQ. "The 4th Division are swift and effective healers, but they are also well known for being organized." He noted, suddenly feeling quite uneasy. "Could it be they don't even have information on this Shori character?" It was a thought that concerned him, but for now, he simply oblidged her, but he kept his senses tuned. If a file happened to appear... "I'll be sneaking a peak."

"Men are known to bond through battle," Tadashi said with a fool in response to her remark to Shiro. He grinned as he laid himself down. "But I may not attend Captains Meetings all too regularly, but one thing I do not do is shirk my duties. I leave that up to Shin Nagakura."

"Oh Shin-san? Hm. I always wondered why he showed up to our meetings. At least someone is prepared." Turning to grab a file from one of her aides, the woman smirked to herself. "Really now?....This is everything we have on him correct?" Tossing it onto a nearby table, it was clearly visible that there was only a picture and the name of his division and rank of Captaincy. "What is the meaning of this? Someone bring me Shori this instant!" Her shouting rang throughout the 4th divison causing the shinigami to stop in their tracks before they scurried about trying to find the mysterious captain

And it wasn't just Shori they'd need to locate, Tadashi noted when he turned to see Ryouta gone. Poking Shiro on the arm and motioning for quietness, he pointed to where Ryouta had been lying. "Where do you reckon he's off to, then?"

Looking through the window he'd escaped through, Ryouta finally turned after mouthing the words "be careful" to all three Captains. "If all the 4th Division have are a name, rank and picture..." He did not like where this was going. Not one bit. "Time to do some snooping." The wind seemed to carry him away as he flash stepped into the distance, leaving the 4th Division Barracks behind.

"I don't think he's coming back," Tadashi whispered after a time. "He'll be fine, though." He added, more to reassure himself than to reassure anyone else. "Shin... I didn't know that you knew him. I'm surprised he hasn't tried anything on with you yet. One thing he always was was smooth."

Shiro wrapped his arm in some bandages as he looked around before whispering back to Tadashi "Hmmm...I'm surpised the canary hasn't noticed his movements."

Glaring at the two from behind her clipboard, the woman smiled with a devilish grin. "Oh I noticed. There was no point in keeping him. Oddly enough, he had no physical damage to him. You all were in a scuffle correct? Out of all of you he seemed as if he was only touched by a passing leaf at best." She scoffed as she recalled Tadashi's comment about Shin. "Hm. I don't remember if someone that unimportant has tried something or not. It's probably for the best that I don't anyway."


Shin Nagakura sneezed loudly, the action causing him to roll off the rooftop and land face-first on the floor! "Brother!" A voice called, but Shin waved her concerns aside and whipped his nose. "It only means someone pretty's talking about me." He maintained before going right back to sleeping...

Back at the 4th Division...

Whistling through his teeth at the comment about his friend, Tadashi looked somewhat comical for a man supposed to be in charge of the 11th Division. "Busted, eh? Believe me, Shin likes them with a sharp whit. Says it makes him look good," Even thought it often made him look like an idiot, but somehow Tadashi didn't feel like that titbit was needed to be shared; especially when everyone present no doubt knew that already.

But all trace of fun disappeared and a serious expression crossed the Captain's face. "Kakyoku-san. Do you recall anything about Shori? A Captain's exam, perhaps?" Tadashi asked, getting straight to the point.

"Hm. The only thing I recall is here being inducted. I'm not exactly sure however when or what he did to qualify." Kakyoku looked around the room meeting eyes with everyone present as she began speaking to Shiro and Tadashi once more. "Do either of you remember anything at all?"

Shiro nodded his head as he spoke. "I can remember the mayfly training with me and then its a large blank and the next thing I can remember is him becoming a captain and us walking around. What about you Tadashi?"

"Rumors and gossip," He replied casually. "I'm rarely in the actual Seireitei, but my lieutenant might know more. He basically runs the Squad whenever I happen to be out." He scratched his head, somewhat awkwardly the others would see. "Which I guess is a little too often. Aside from a guy suddenly appearing as though he fell from the heavens and becoming a Captain, I'm the least informed here."

"Hm....So no one knows anything? I see." Kakyoku began pacing in front of the two men before stopping. "Very well. We shall get to the bottom of this. I will need both of you to keep quiet while I investigate this matter. I do hope its just failure to keep our databases up to date and not something far more sinister in the works."

Tadashi studied the floor for a time, when he fianlly lifted his head and sighed. "I need to see either Raiden, or Shin. They can be trusted," He directed that at Kakyoku. "The 12th Division might know something as well, and we could try out the 2nd Division, if it came to that."

Gathering IntelligenceEdit

Kakyoku nodded in agreement as she folded the medical notes into her coat pocket. "Very well. I shall accompany you. Shiro. You go back and check around your barrack to see if anyone knows something, since you deal with training new recruits."

"Tch. Don't tell me what to do. I was already on top of that." Shiro sneered as he began walking out of the room with his zanpakuto in tow. "Hmm..I wonder if I could just find him and bring him back by force"

Sighing with a sad expression on her face Kakyoku turned back to face Tadashi. "I will never understand him. He acts just like a child. But on a different note, shall we be off then?"

Watching him leave, Tadashi grabbed him by the shoulder somewhat forcefully and held him there. "Be careful, all right?" It appeared like he had a guess at what Shiro was thinking, but he left it unsaid and only nodded instead. Turning back towards Kakyoku, the two left the 4th Division barracks quickly. "Where to, then?" He asked, believing her judgment to be better than his own.

Shiro smirked as he walked off with a wave. "Heh. Maggots."

Kakyoku thought to herself for a moment before turning to Tadashi. "Why don't we go to your barracks first? Maybe someone there knows something."

"Trying to avoid Shin, eh? Can't say I blame you." With a goal in mind, the two Captain's set off a reasonable pace that quickly limited the distance between their respective barracks.

At the 7th Division Barracks...

Shin had been woken no less than five minutes ago by Ryouta Hachirou, without so much as a "Hello, how are you" or "How are things?" And on top of the terrible greeting, he'd basically just been told that there was a Gotei captain running around while folks had next to no memory about... "Shori... Shori..." Shin tossed the name around in his head, but came up empty as he shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know him... which is strange, right? Great. Why do you guys always uncover some dire conspiracy that forces me to stray from my naps?"

11th Division Barracks...

Tadashi stopped before entering and sighed. "Welcome to the barracks of the 11th Division. Just as a warning, though. This place stinks. A lot." He opened the door and wrinkled his nose at the sheer smell of sweat from training. Squad members clashed with wooden practice blades, with some others fighting with the real things.

Pulling out a handkerchief, Kayoku covered her mouth. "Hm, this place reeks more than I remember. Now let's begin the investigation shall we?" As she spoke, a senkaimon opened near the front of the barracks with Izaya Masaharu stepping out of it.

Izaya jumped over as he slung an arm around his captain. "Yo Kori!! I haven't seen you around these parts that much. Its kinda odd not seeing your Captain after fighting side by side. Then again I've been spending most of my time with my girlfriend Marise Asahina."

"Despicable. You are so disgraceful to the name of Shinigami. Stop playing house and focus on your duties as a member of the Sereitei. Now please remove your hands from your Captain and move aside as we are starting an important investigation."

Tadashi and Izaya

Tadashi and Izaya are reunited.

"... Which the kid can help with," Tadashi said in a calm tone, once actually sounding like the man of authority his position demanded. "No one in the squad calls me Captain except my lieutenant anyway, and thats the way I prefer it. Captain this and captain that doesn't half make a man feel old... He can be trusted to watch our backs. Izaya, met Kayoku Kawakaze, Captain of Squad 4." Tadashi assured her finally. Moving forward, he began talking to Izaya as he looked around for Raiden. "If you haven't been around... Hmmm?" He directed an eyebrow at his young friend and grinned. "Girlfriend, eh? I need details my young friend. She a looker, or a butter face?"

Nudging Tadashi, Izaya began to whisper. "Asahina-san is definitely a looker. Though she can be a bit difficult at times, that's not to say that I don't enjoy it." Looking back at Kakyoku Izaya smirked as he continued. "So this one yours? Who knew you liked them so young looking hahaha"

Punching Izaya in the groin Kakyoku looked arond for a chair before spotting one in a corner and ordering a shinigami to bring it to her. "Now then. If you are done playing your games, can we begin. Captain Kori, where is your lieutenant? Sholdn't he know more than this buffoon who's been off wasting time?"

" I wasn't wasting time. I was just er....researching." Izaya mumbled as he struggled to his feet.

Whistling at the harshness of the blow, Tadashi finally gave his young friend a helping hand to his feet. "Soooo, you've been enjoying yourself, I take it? Besides, its the mating season, so you have all the leave you need, little pal. But naw, I think she's got a thing for Shin," He whispered back before scratching his head casually as though that was all he was up to. "Anyways, Raiden, Raiden." After a time, he sighed and... "RAIDEN!"

The barracks took no notice with the exception of a few smiles hastily hidden as a young man with light green hair that almost appeared to be blue at times flashed to stand before his Captain. "Kenpachi-Taichō? You could have sent word Kakyoku-Taichō was making a visit, and I would have prepared the squad."

Waving him aside, he made the introductions, with Raiden bowing formally, striking a very different pace than his captain was...

"Ah. Where has this one been?" Kakyoku smiled as she touched Raiden's chin raising him up. "Maybe this one should be Captain instead. Ororororo." Walking toward theothers Kakyoku pulled out a pen and notepad. "So Raiden, have you heard anything about a Shori Keihatsu? We here know of his captaincy but other than that little else is known."

Izaya began rubbing his chin as he inquired, "This Shori fellow, he's a Captain? I don't recall him at all."

"Hm?! If Izaya has been gone most of the time and he has no memory of Shori becoming a Captain, how come those who have been in the Sereitei have memory of it?" Kakyoku thought to herself as she took notice of Izaya's comment

"Unlike previous Kenpachi, I reached this post through more peaceful means." Tadashi grinned. While he may not appear so to others, Tadashi knew his lieutenant well and when his hands were cupped at his back as they were now and his eyes were narrowed as though in thought, he was flustered. "This Shori character," Tadashi tested, and his grip only tightened when he spoke the name. "He's hiding something. Does he know him?" Walking a full circle, every eye on him now, Tadashi finally sighed. "Raiden, I need a message delivered to Shin. Tell him I wish to speak with him. Now, please." The green-haired lieutenant bounded away with a bow.

As he disappeared, Tadashi waited until he was well out of earshot before he spoke again and even then he whispered for fear of being overheard by the others. "Raiden's hiding something. I know my own lieutenant, and he's only ever hidden something from me twice before... Izaya, this is important little buddy. You've never heard of Shori Keihatsu?" He turned to one of his faster squad members and told him to head over to the 7th Division alongside Raiden under the guise of another message. "I've got a bad feeling about this,"

Izaya looked on the coversation perplexed at what was going on. "Is it really that bad? I mean why are we worried about Shori? If he's a captain, doesn't that mean he's on our side?"

Kakyoku sighed heavily, signaling her frustration at Izaya. "You do realize that just because he is a captain, it doesn't mean that he's on our side? In fact he could be a spy. Hmm...the real threat is the fact that none of us know of him. Please try to keep up next time Izaya. But Captain Tadashi, what do you think your lieutenant is hiding? I sensed no malice in his words."

"Malice ain't the problem with Raiden," Tadashi said quietly. "Raiden is always in control of himself, even when others may not be. You know the type, I'm sure. The ones who don't bat an eyelid when someone they've known for years suddenly gets cut down beside them." Tadashi's tone grew fiercer. "When I mentioned Shori's name, he tensed. From Raiden, thats a sure a sign as any that he knows more than he's letting on. I may have basically raised the kid, but by no means do I trust him, Kakyoku. Raiden's always had a dark side... You could say I made him lieutenant so I could keep a better eye on him, in fact."

Izaya laughed as he patted Tadashi on the back "You can't be serious Kori, can you? He's been kind to everyone here."

"Maybe that's the problem. Izaya, have you ever thought that maybe he has been kind because he didn't view you as a threat to anything that he was plotting? There are more important factors than just face value of things." Kakyoku turned from Izaya back to Tadashi with a look of distaste upon her face. "Hm, so its not just Shori we have to worry about, but Raiden as well. I see..." She remained silent for a moment before writting on a slip of paper. "Let's see, is there anyone that would know if Raiden ever interacted with Shori?"

Tadashi made another circle, clearly in thought. "If Raiden had been meeting with him, and they were spies, then there wouldn't be any evidence. Raiden's careful, that way at least." The 11th Division captain sounded worried, and for good reason. "I'm not liking this. Not in the slightest."

"Hmm...Hey Kori. Why don't I check him out for you? That way it doesn't seem as suspicious and we can still do some recon." Izaya smiled happily before catching a glimpse of Kakyoku's scowl "What now?!"

"Hmph. Captain Tadashi, are you sure we can trust this.....buffoon to do an important job such as this?"


Shori Keihatsu was standing on the top of the highest point in all of the Sereitei. "Time to get this party started. Let's do this Nise Yoake." Spining his blade above his head, Shori's zanpakuto began emitting a large blue plasma membrane. As he continued to spin his blade, the membrane grew and began covering the sky, as it then surrounded the Sereitei in a cocoon and hardened into a crystal-like dome. "Looks liek the fun will begin. No one is getting in or out unless I say so."

Back to the Captains....

"Uh...K-Kori!?....Are you seeing this!?" Izaya tapped on his captain's shoulder as he looked up at the sky. "I'm guessing that's not good."

Tadashi looked at Izaya first. "Look at what? Little pal, you look like you've seen a ghost. Don't worry, Kakyoku." He looked at his fellow captain with a fool grin. "I'll protect you." Getting serious again, Tadashi looked to the heavens and his mouth may as well have become a fly trap for how wide it opened in surprise. "No Izaya. That isn't good. Not good at all."

Kakyoku looked up at the sky with a angry looked burned upon her face. "Where is Raiden!? Someone find him now!" Turning back to Tadashi and Izaya, she continued. "It looks like he has begun his plan. Seems to me that we will have to begin figuring out what this dome is for. Though I suspect is for keeping all of us hostage until we comply with his demands."

"Unless Radien's got some serious ammo stored up his sleeve, that's beyond him. No... this was done by someone else, though its possible Raiden's involved." He looked angry and confused all the same time, and even managed to give off a degree of confidence. "Kidō's not my thing. Shin'll know more about this than I would, and if your right, we may need to start ourselves a little resistance. Izaya just as a precaution, from now on you speak with my authority."

"Chyea! Its about time I had some pull around here. What do you need me to do captain?" Izaya said cheerfully.

Kakyoku sighed as she turned to face the shinigami who were running about trying to figure out what was going on. "Hm, Captain Tadashi, I believe that if it isn't Raiden then what we feared may be true. Shori may be the one responsible for all of this. If none of us can clearly remember him then we have a huge problem, we only know that he was inducted a a captain but other than that, there aren't any clear memories. Although, that wa only with information of those present and Captain Kujo. There may be others who do know more so we cannot be quick to judge.'

"I've basically given you a promotion, little pal. I'll give you the badge officially as soon as I whack Raiden around a bit. But... I've actually been thinking about that," Tadashi chimed in, scratching his chin lazily. "Izaya doesn't remember Shori. At all. And we only remember him as a Captain. Izaya, who was the Captain before Shori came on scene?" He didn't particularly like where he was going with this.

Holding back his excitement, Izaya began thinking to himself momentarily. "Hm, if my memory serves me right Kori, then it was a woman by the name of Teysa Simmah. But that's all I can remember. One moment she's walking around in my memory and the next she's completely gone. I do remember she was something of a doll. Much like Kakyoku-Taicho."

Shrugging off Izaya's attempt at a compliment, Kakyoku looked around. "I think its time that we gat-" Before she could finish, a bright flash coul be seen coming from a nearby tower. "Well then, it looks like the Captain Commander has already decided to have us all gather to decide what to do next."

Tadashi watched that flash with an angry expression before shaking his head slowly. "... What if its a trap? If Shori can create this dome, why not that flash?" He rounded on his comrades and grinned. "I'll go and see what Madoka has to say about this and find you both afterwards. If you would Kakyoku, go find Shin. The guys never attended a Captain Meeting in all the time we've been Captains, so he'll still be in the 7th Division Barracks. Izaya, give him this." Tadashi removed a golden coin from his pocket and set in the latter's hand. "Shin'll know what it means."

"Hm, very well. You go see what this is about. I will go find Shin-san." Kakyoku spoke before the sounding of the alarm rang throughout the Sereitei. "You should be careful, we don't know what may happen."

Taking the coin, Izaya looked around through the sorted confused shinigami. "If we don't get a firm grasp of the situation we will have a riot on our hands soon." Looking at Kakyoku, Izaya smiled before suddenly being yanked toward the 7th division barracks, "Well...good luck Koooooooorrrrriiiiiiiiiii!!!!"

At the Seventh Division

Arriving at the 7th division barracks, Kakyoku and Izaya noted the same confused looks upon the shinigami and slowly made their way through trying to find the 7th division Captain. "Tch. These fools all gawk like they never dealt with anything before." Kakyoku sneered as a fell shinigami bumped into her.

A brown-haired man wearing the white haori of a Shinigami captain walked among his troops, his presence seemingly calming the other squad members. "Don't work yourselves into a lather, eh? Sit down, be calm and wait. We don't know what that dome means," He maintained in a calm voice, for once acting and sounding like the man of authority he was. "You all remember Ryouta Hachirou, right?" They nodded. "I've been speaking to him and he has an idea what the dome is, so the situation will soon resolve itself. Now be about your duties and don't worry. Every action and precaution is being took to address this problem."

When the crowd thinned and order was restored with the squad station, Shin sighed and shook his head. "I need a drink..." Raising an eyebrow as one of his squad members bumped into a young woman, Shin's eyes near bulged. "That idiot...!" He moved towards the young woman and put on his best smile, trying to ease her temper. He knew who she was, as well as the young Shinigami who walked in - well, more like dragged in. "Beautiful Kakyoku, forgive my squad members. People don't know what to think with that dome up there." Turning towards Izaya, the captain pulled the youngster into a head-lock. "And where in tarnation have you been lately!? Haven't seen hide nor tail of ye in weeks!"

Watching the captian organize his subordinates, Kakyoku smiled. "At least someone knows what's going on around here. I suppose we should start wit-" Before she could finish, Izaya hopped over her and had his hand outstretched.

"Captain Nagakura! Kori told me to bring you this coin. He said you would know what it meant! Whew! Job done!" Calming himself, Izaya smiled vividly before looking around. "Well...I met this girl and well, I've been busy with her. But since I have a few new duties....just got ranked up baby! I guess I will have to spend a bit more time here now."

"In any case, now that the buffoon is done, can we continue?" Kakyoku motioned to a nearby wall with a bench and chair and made her way toward it with the two gentlemen behind her. "Now then, Captain Nagakura. Let me get straight to the point, what do you know about Shori Keihatsu?"

"He sure seems a popular fellow, doesn't he?" Shin leaned in and nudged Izaya on the arm. "Lieutenant, eh? Nice, little buddy!" He held his hand up for a high-five. "But you've been busy with her, eh?" Clearing his throat with a "mating season" thrown in, he shook his head and sighed. "Ryouta filled me in, though I know as much about him as I'm sure the rest of you do. He became a Captain recently, but anything before that... well, suffice to say its like he took someones place, putting himself in that persons position - both in the physical realm and our own minds. That about cover it?"

"Captain." One of the squad members who'd been at the 11th Division barracks said from the side. "Tadashi-san sent Raiden to speak to-"

Shin looked confused for a time. "Raiden wasn't-" Shin looked at the coin shining in his hand; finally noticing the engravings. This was the very coin the two friends had used to decide who dealt in the first game of cards they played, back when they first met. It was a simple memento of an important day and after realizing the significance of it, Shin cursed aloud! Giving the Shinigami orders that the division were to tighten their belts and get ready, he turned to Izaya and Kakyoku. "Tadashi and I have always been gamblers." He said after a time. "This coin means I'm to trust my gut, and right now my gut tells me that we have to find and shut Shori up; that he isn't to be trusted. The quicker we shut him up the better."

Izaya's smile quickly faded as he felt the tone of the conversation change quite quickly. Before he could do anything, he noticed Kakyoku's hand in front of him and Shin.

"Before you both go rushing off like fools did either of you remember something else? While there are a few of us who noticed something off about the way Shori Keihatsu came about, there is still the fact that he's a Captain. Declaring an attack on him without proper notification will cause all of his to be arrested and charged for treason. Even though we know something is wrong, in everyone else's eyes he's simply doing nothing wrong." Kakyoku's gaze focused on the dome high above them.

"What does all that mean for us?" Izaya inquired

Sighing Kakyoku pulled Izaya's collar. "In other of right now. Its us versus the rest of Soul Society. Which is not the best side for us to be on unless we can convince the others to believe our words but who knows how Shori has affected their minds."

Shin shrugged and shared a look with Izaya before putting his hands firmly in his pockets. "Which means we'll need allies if we're to survive. My lieutenant is my little sister, so all I need to do is give the word and she'll follow us; but if we take her with us, we'll leave the squad without leadership and more open to Shori's plan. And we've got Tadashi and Ryouta as well." Flipping the coin lazily in his hand, Shin finally snapped it out of the air and pocketed it. "If any of you two want out, nows the time to do it. The Central 46 isn't the most forgiving body. Don't listen to reason much, either. Chances are, we'll hang even if we do resolve this business with Shori. Treasons treason in their eyes, and they wouldn't let a simple thing like the "truth" stop them giving a guilty verdict."

"Exactly my point. The way I see it we have a little moving room as things stand now. We need an outside source to handle the situation for us. But as we have the dome here, there isn't much we can do at this point. If anything if the onl ones doing anything are us then I'm sure Shori will notice and put plans into place to stop us. I suggest we send someone to check in to see if the summons was actually from the Captain Commander." Kakyoku frowned as she took a seat.

Shin cast a look at Izaya and slowly began to nod. "... If Shori saw either me or Kakyoku acting strangely, he'd figure something was up. Izaya though can move with a lot more freedom than any of us; and he doesn't have the armband yet either. He won't draw as much attention, and more importantly, Tadashi trusts him to guard his back." He grasped Izaya's shoulder and sighed. "I don't see any other way, Izaya. You haven't been around, which is why you didn't know Shori. Means Shori doesn't know you either, or your allegiance." Removing his hand, Shin shook his head and finally leaned against a nearby wall so he could watch the entrance. "Any other plans?"

"I got it captain. I will be sure not to let you two down." Izaya flashed a bright smile before shunpo'ing off to find Raiden

"Who would have guessed that the Buffoon would be made a lieutenant and our only hope all in one day. Now...if we can just find him a way out. He will be able to contact those on the outside for help and request assitance. Hm I suggest we head to that meeting regardless of its a trap or not." Kakyoku sighed before walking toward the meeting area.

Shin followed, giving Izaya a look as he moved away. "Good luck kid... You'll need it. So Kakyoku, would it be a stretch to call this a date?"

"Yes it would." Kakyou said coldly as she continued walking. "You aren't close to being my type." The harshness of the words intensified due to her face remaining emotionless

"What is your type, then? I'm a flexible guy." His hands were put behind his head, the words not phasing him. This happened a lot with Shin Nagakura. His luck with the ladies was nothing short of awful.

"My type?" Kaykoku turned and pulled him down to her level as she smiled seductively before whispering in his ear. "Anyone but you."

"Right, obviously you didn't hear." Shin continued. "I'm actually my twin brother Shin...ra. Yeah, that's right. Shinra. So your available?"

"Oh? Shinra...tell you're brother he has no chance and that I will never be avialable to anyone of his blo--NO!" Kakyoku's eyes widened in horror as she spotted the mutilated body of Shiro Kujo. "CAPTAIN KUJO!!" His body hung in a cross-armed fashion from a sword in his skull.

"Hold it a minute!" Shin stopped her and shook his head. "I'll go. We don't know if this is a trap or not, and your the better healer. We need you more than another knuckle head." Releasing her, Shin walked forward, nearing the fallen body of Shiro.

We have no time for that, with tears in her eyes Kakyoku ran past Shin and grabbed the sword from his body. "His face is disfugured beyond repair but I know its him! I can feel it! Well...its more like I don't feel his prescence anywhere. Our friend lost his life to someone in the Sereitei." Her eyes swelling shut, Kakyoku cried out in sadness and fear over Shiro's body. "Shiro....Shiro....SHIIIROOOOOO!!!!"

Shin hadn't really known the man, but the tales he'd heard of him made him respect him. "Come on. I'm not leaving him like this." Hefting his limp body, Shin carried him bridle style, using a Kidō spell to wash away the blood and stop the blood flowing from the wound on his forehead. "He deserves to be buried. Afterwards, we can have a proper ceremony."

"Y-y-yea you're right. Its best if we don't lose our composure and keep calm. Lets figure this out rationally."

"I know its not a nice thing." Shin said as they walked. "Its never easy watching a comrade die. I've saw it happen enough times in the Patrol Corps for it to be common place. Its harsh I know, but your better off mourning now and looking to the future."

Earlier that day...

Walking in an abandoned area, Shiro was thinking to himself aloud. "Tch. I can't believe that Shori turned out to be that way. And here I was thinking I has somone like me." Shiro smirked before feeling a force behind him. Turning around he spotted no one before turning back and seeing Madoka Mizuki in front of him. "Oh Captain Commander you scared me. No one else was supposed to be here. I know I was supposed to stay clear of the area but I had to get some alone time."

"I know. That's exactly why I came here after sensing you out." Madoka's face was dark as her eyes narrowed toward Shiro. "You know what you did. And punishment is in order." The last sentences were in whispers as she began drawing her sword and charged at Shiro with tremendous speeds.

"Tch. What the hell Commander!? Are you insane?" Shiro began drawing his blade as he barely blocked the attack that sent him flying. Crashing into a wall, he jumped back. "What's going on?!"

"He's dead! You killed him! Why did you have to kill him of all people!?" Madoka's eyes blazed with fury as her strength accumulated over the years swiftly overwhelmed Shiro.

"I don't even know what you're talking about!" Shiro jumped up to evade the last of her strikes, resting his back on the pillar behind him, he began to shout. "CALM DOWN! WHO DID I KI-" His eyes froze as Madoka seemingly teleported in front of his very eyes and appeared in front of him face to face whispering in his ears casing him to smile and feel a paralysis over his body before watching a regular blade pierced his face. His last fleeting thoughts flowing out of his mind "This is how it ends huh? Shori....looks like you bested me."

Letting go of the blade, Madoka sighed as she spat on the ground and walked away. "Looks like things are taking a turn for the better." Looking up at the sky, she frowned once more as the dome in the sky began to form. "Then again...what's with this sudden prison?"

Back to Shin And Kakyoku...

"You're right...We must put this to the back of our minds and keep focused. It has to be someone in this dome currently. Seeing as no one was able to get out or in to my knowledge. It has to be a current shinigami. Hmm come to think of it...where are his lieutenants?" Kakyoku stopped as she looked around the area for any sign of them

"Wait a minute." Shin stopped and looked at Shiro's body, eye flickering with uncertainty. "Can you read the reiatsu trail? Even if he was taken by surprise, it would take a powerful strike to finish him. Follow the trail we may find our killer and our dome maker." It was the only lead he could think of.

"Oh!" Kakyoku's eyes suddenly brightened as she heard the idea. "I hadn't thought about that!" Placing her hand over the wound she began to focus as a series of images came into her mind. "Wait...that can't be right...."

"Let me guess. It isn't Shiro." He joked, laughing. "Its Shiro, isn't it?" The suspense was killing him!

"Well bad news is that is Shiro-san. But the even worse news is the fact that the blade that killed him was apparently from an unseated shinigami. But how can this be? He would never lose to someone like that." Kakyoku sighed before standing back up. "Let's place him in the 4th division. Then we can attend the meeting."

"Unless he was took by complete surprise that is." Shin provided the answer to Kakyoku's question as he once again began walking, the body of Shiro limp in his arms. "Take a look around, after all. We're in the Seireitei. A place surrounded by allies. The only enemy we knew about at that time was Shori. Or perhaps he knew his killer. In short, he let his guard down." Sighing, Shin held a moment of respectful silence. "Rest in peace, Shiro."

"Taken by surprise? Hm....good point. But who would have a problem with him?" Kakyoku questioned with tears in her eyes as they made their way to the 4th division. "I know not many people got along with him but no one should want to kill him."

"Didn't know the guy well enough to know if he had enemies. Wasn't he a Satonaka, though?" Shin reached into his pocket and provided a handkerchief. "Come on, dry your tears. All we can do for him now is give him a proper burial." But inside, Shin was raging. "There is something else I can do... Kill those responsible."

"That's true. But I don't know much about the Satonaka aside from the two others that are here somewhere." Kakyoku said as she took he handkerchief and dried her tears. "Let's place him in a back room so no one seems him as he right now."

"I know only what Kusaka told me. Information gained from the Ryū Order. Perhaps the Arma Clan had something to do with it, but I'm only guessing." Removing Shiro's haori, Shin draped it over his limp body to conceal his features and hide him from prying eyes. "We'll need to form an alibi, just to be on the safe side. Any ideas?"

"Wait Arma Clan? Who are they? I haven't anything about them during my tenure." Kakyoku thought before shaking her head. "In any case we can think of something to do about them afterwards. Our priority is to figure out how to explain this without causing a large uproar." Removing the bloodied Captain's haori, Kakyoku hid it in a nearby bush before spotting another shinigami. "We'll come back for his but for now we need to conceal him." Approaching the shinigami, she had a brief conversation before returning with a standard uniform and draping it over Shiro. "There. A standard shinigami coming in shouldn't cause much trouble."

"Their a relatively new clan." Shin began explaining. "Specialize in unique weaponry, or so I've heard. They don't much like the Satonaka for some reason or other that Kusaka couldn't quite figure out from his meeting with a few of their members. I'll send you the report when we get this dome business sorted." Walking through the 4th Division Barracks till they came upon a private room, Shin locked the door silently behind them and stood beside the window, blocking all view into the room from outside. "So, what do we do with him now? We can't trust anyone to know about this, or we'll be screwed, pardon my language. Two Captains who, until today, barely seen hide nor hair of each other suddenly discover a dead 9th Division Captain while out taking a stroll? The Central 46 will love that one." He laughed grimly, mimicking their reaction. "Our necks won't."

"Hm. I say we leave him here for now. That way it won't seem odd that we are missing for a long period of time. Perhaps we may findmore clues as well. I agree that we should keep quiet about this.....we don't need wandering eyes snooping about in an attempt to discover something they have no business with." Kakyoku sighed as he gave Shiro another look over. "We shoud probably go inform the Captain Commander on the sitiuation at hand. Perhaps she may have more insight."

"Maybe so," Shin admitted with a sigh. "But can we trust the Head-Captain with this? You saw the flare earlier. We've no way of knowing whether that was a trap until we hear back from Tadashi."

Stopping and thinking, Kakyoku looked outside at the coming dusk. "Where are they? Izaya at least should have been back to find us by now. I'm getting worried about that buffoon."

Shin barked a laugh, making due with simply shaking his head for a time. "I wouldn't worry much. You never heard the story about how he and Tadashi met, did you?" At the look she cast him, Shin took it for a no. "One of Averian's generals was leading a scouting mission into the Human World. Guy named Saburo Ryuu. Real tough nut to crack." Shin began pacing, his hand stroking his chin lazily. "Izaya fought side-by-side with the Captain until reinforcements arrived. Tadashi was bushed from helping his nephew, so he would've been killed without Izaya's help. Basic point is, he may act like a buffoon, but he knows whats right and does what needs to be done."

"WHAT!? That idiot managed to fend off a general of the infamous Averian. I've only heard slight tales here and there about that man's despicable acts. Hm. It seems that I have misjudged his potential, he could be useful to us in any case." Kakyoku sighed asshe felt relieved but quickly gathered herself in an attempt to mask her caring side in front of Shin. "I-In any case, we should still be prepared for how they may react to the news about Captain Kujo. We can't be careful enough, the assailant may have gotten to them as well."

Meeting Of Captains Edit

The Captain Commander Madoka Mizuki lay placid in her seat, she watched as the other captains entered making eye contact with each of them.

Tadashi stepped through the doors, looking every inch the captain he was in truth. "Head-Captain," He greeted, inclining his head in respect. Taking his place in the line, Tadashi watched the doorway. Due to the abruptness of the meeting, or so he claimed, he still wore his zanpakutō and was ready to use it if need be.

Shori himself sooned entered with a few other captains beside him. He looked over at Tadashi and smiled. "Hey there. You're looking well." Looking at the other empty positions, he smirked yet again. "It seems we're missing 7, 9, and 4."

"Captain of the 9th division will not be joining us. He came into some....accidents." Madoka's voice sounded cold and empty as she tapped her blade on her heel. "Is everyone ready to discuss what is going on?"

Nothing outward changed on Tadashi's face. He didn't even stir a hair. "Yes Head-Captain." He said finally, ignoring Shori completely. "You won't be so smug for long." He promised internally. Tensing his shoulders, Tadashi prepared himself encase things turned awry.

"Alright. Well as I'm certain that you're all aware of the looming dome around us. I came into contact with it and couldn't trace it back to any particular source. I figure that there is someone inside doing this to us or the dome would not have been able to maintain its strength at this point." Smacking her sword on the ground, Madoka stood. "At this point foward, Sereitei is on lockdown!"

"That's not good." If that plan was carried out the Captains would be confined to their devisions, as well as their troops. None could come or go. All communication between him and the few allies he knew he had would cease. "Head-Captain, with all due respect, there are only a select few who could do this." He hoped his tone carried enough to insinuate that he meant someone in this very room.

"Oh? Are you suggesting that you have already figured out who was the mastermind behind this? If so...then we're all ears." Madoka spoke causing all to look and focus on Tadashi as well as causing Shori to smirk at the sudden turn of events.

"The dome is around the Seireitei," He began, face betraying a smirk. "Not the Rukon District. Every powerful individual capable of such a feat in the Rukon is monitored so heavily by the Omnisukido it'd almost be impossible for them to move without us knowing. That leaves those in the Seireitei... a Shinigami." Let them think what they would of that. Tadashi returned to his position, still wearing his little smile.

"Hmm....well if the culprit is a Shinigami. Then I doubt its a captain that is currently here. That leaves the Captain of the 4th, 7th, and 9th. Is there anyone that disagrees? If so they better have concrete proof." Madoka spoke the last as she made eye contact with Tadashi

"That's the thing though," Tadashi cut in smoothly, proof be damned. "Are we all in agreement that the Captains of the Gotei 13 are the strongest individuals in the Soul Society?" Slowly, the heads of the other captains started nodding. "The sames true for Shunpo, correct?" Again they nodded. "Then how do we know the culprit isn't in this very room?" It was a gambit to buy Shin, Kakyoku, Shiro and Ryouta more time. "Its just as easy to suspect them as it is to suspect ourselves, Head-Captain. That is why I request every Captain present - including yourself - to prove their whereabouts when the dome first appeared." That got a reaction from the others. A peaceful meeting became very close to being a riot, yet when Tadashi looked casually at Shori the "captain" wore not but that same little smirk.

"Well...I was with the Captain Commander. We were investingating the dome shape. Isn't that right ma'am?" Shori smiled as he made his way from the room. "I think since I have the best alibi, I will go investigate some more and perhaps find a few willing shinigami to assist me."

"I can veriry this claim." Madoka said as she glared at Shori before redirecting her eyes back to Tadashi while slamming her blade into the floor in the process. "And where were you exactly at this time?"

A smile betrayed Tadashi's thoughts. "Sitting happily in my Squad Station with a good number of the 11th Division to give credit to my words, as I was surveying their training. Before that, Shori and I were together with Shiro and Ryouta Hachirou. We were then at the 4th Division. All you need to do is check the reiatsu left behind to clarify both claims." Turning back away from Madoka, Tadashi still wore his little grin.

"Oh I see. Very well then. Until we know more to go on I shall dismiss this meeting." Madoka sighed as she began walking out the room. "I suggest everyone get rest and begin investing."

Walking from the room, Tadashi lingered once outside; figuring Shin would have the sense to send someone as a messenger. Taking a leaning position against the doorway, the captain stood in idle thought, senses honed for danger. "Shori definitely has something to do with this. But what's the connection? And why wasn't Shiro here? He's never missed a meeting that I can remember."

"KOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIIIIII!!!!" Izaya came sprinting down the path leading up to Tadashi before panting heavily. "T-there's a problem. It's a-about C-c-captain Kujo!"

Motioning for Izaya to follow, Tadashi began flash stepping towards the 7th Division barracks, hoping to find Shin. "Okay, slow down, Izaya and breathe. What happened Shiro?" Worry covered the Captain's face like one of those damned Hollow masks everyone seemed to have nowadays and his fists were clenched tightly at his waist. "I haven't seen him since he left the 4th Division earlier." He said afterwards, shaking his head, wondering what could've happened in such a short time.

Izaya's face was shadowed with gloom, his usual demeanor swapped with a darkened expression. "Captain Kori. This is more serious that we even thought. I saw it with my own eyes, the Captain Commander and Shiro." Biting his lip, Izaya cringed at his memories. "She....she killed him! She mentioned something about killing Captain Kujo killing someone else and went into a berserker mode. "I don't know what happened exactly as I was making my way back to the division after being away and I happened to stumble upon he two them. I was going to ask them if they saw you but I as soon as I made my way closer I saw the fight take place and how he was murdered. I couldn't say anything earlier as it still didn't register in my head that it could actually be the case. I'm sorry Captain!! I should've said something sooner!" Izaya then placed himself on the ground at Tadashi's feet with his sword beside him. "I will accept any punishment you're willing to give me."

Tadashi halted immediately, rounding on Izaya. "Izaya... are you sure?" If he was positive about what he saw then it was entirely possible. After all, the only Captain who expressed knowledge about Shiro's absence from the meeting was the Head-Captain herself. She had said "The Captain of the 9th division will not be joining us. He came into some....accidents." He hadn't thought anything of it until now, but now it made perfect sense. "No, I believe you. But why hasn't there been a panic yet? Did she hide the body, or has someone else already found him?" Outwardly he was the picture of perfect composure, yet inside he was a storm of conflicting feelings and emotions. "Why would she?" Was the first thought he had.

"I'm not sure...that's the thing Kori...." Izaya breathed heavily as he stood to his feet. "It seemed like Captain Kujo didn't even recognize her presence. It was as if she was someone completely foreign. One minute it felt like her but then the next it was as if the Captain Commander's reiatsu just vanished as if it were removed from existence. I didn't understand any of it. She had a much sloppier form as if it wasn't even her but at the same time, it seemed to me like it was completely the commander in appearance. I'm sorry if it doesn't make since Captain. Its all so confusing."

Filing away what Izaya said for later, Tadashi ran recent events over in his mind. "Its safe to say that Shori's gotten to the Head-Captain whichever way you cut this, Izaya." Continuing their race towards the 7th Division, Tadashi was relatively quiet for a time. "But regardless, we need to find Shin and Kakyoku. If there's someone who could kill Shiro masquerading as the Head-Captain, we're stronger together."

"I agree Kori. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner. I just didn't know what to think of the whole situation. If I challenged the Captain Commander, she may have locked me up for treason." Izaya whimpered as he trailed behind Tadashi.

"You think this was a bad thing?" Tadashi stopped and clasped Izaya's shoulder. "Listen to me. If you'd have went to the Head-Captain knowing what you know now, you'd have been slaughtered. Keeping it to yourself until now not only stopped you dying, but probably me as well, 'cause I don't think I could've stayed in the same room as her without drawing my zanpakutō; which is treason." His face smoothed over then, where he proceeded to slap Izaya on the shoulder. "So stop second guessing yourself, little buddy." With his piece said, he motioned Izaya to keep moving.

Placing a smile on his face at his Captain's words, Izaya nodded in agreement. "You're right! I can't doubt myself. Its times like these that we need to be brimming with confidence. And besides Kori.....with my luck I wouldn't get killed. I always seem to just avoid death for some odd reason, like there is some guardian angel watching over me." He smiled as he continued on to meet the others by Tadashi's side.

Next Story > A Fearful Hunt.

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