"Sometimes there are things you don't wanna know...and then sometimes there are things you don't wanna see."

All Myths are Real Edit

Sitting on the hills far outside the main district of the Rukongai, a young man was there. He yawned as he looking up at the sky. It was almost night and he'd been here for hours, just watching. Despite having graduated from the Shino Academy years ago, he wasn't a battler. Sitting here, watching trees and birds, that suited him much easier. As the sun began to fully set, he lied back on the grass, yawning.

"Perhaps I won't move from this spot tonight." He said, smiling to himself. "There's nothing out here anyway."

Likewise in the human world, a lone woman was sitting down watching the sky. Her head was a jumbled mess of thoughts ranging from food to blood and both at once. She was a Reikon Kyuuban, or as humans called them, Vampires. She quickly stood up, and opened a Senkaimon-style portal that could warp her anywhere she chose. Sure, it was a Demon invention, but she had enough Demonic blood in her, thanks to her younger brother's overprotectiveness. When she walked though, she was inside the Soul Society, but far removed from the Seireitei, let alone the Rukongai. "Where on Earth am I?" she ask quizzingly. She wandered around, looking for anyone who could help her, and found a man laying in the grass. "Excuse me, sir? Where is this place exactly?"

He looked over in her direction. Luckily he hadn't yet fallen asleep, so this wasn't an inconvenience. "This area has no official name." He said, looking at her strange outfit. Definitely not from around here. "These hills lie far outside the Rukongai, not many come here. If you've lost your way though, crossing through the woods should get you back in about an hour or two."

"Well, you see, I kinda walked into a portal that used up all my energy and now I can't get back. I'm from the Human World, so how I ended up here is beyond me, and I've seen some crazy stuff in my life." She acted nice, but inside her mind, the thirst was growing stronger and stronger. It took all her concentration to prevent herself from attacking this man and feeding off his lifeforce. But then she caught the man's spiritual energy, she could feel a very low trace of Hollow, something she could pinpoint perfectly was spiritual energies of all type. "Um sir, I hate to be rude, but why do you have Hollow spirit energy? N-n-not that that's bad or anything." she added with a jolt of surprise.

Joseiteki sat up. "Don't act like you're a bother or anything." He said kindly. "I haven't had anyone to talk to all day. This Hollow energy is courtesy of the scientists here, an experiment I subjected myself for due to my dislike of my Zanpakutou."

"Sorry, I'm just afraid that the wrong people will catch wind of this and well, I don't want to think about that. I mean, I drink blood to live, but what they could do to yo-wait, willingly you said? Since when have Shinigami allowed that to happen? Last I heard, you have Hollow powers and you die. Did some law pass that said any non-full Shinigami can exist now?"

"It all depends on the connections you have." He replied, smiling. "Besides, I'm not an official Shinigami, I barely stay in touch with the Gotei 13. Only time they pretend I exist is when they need me for something."

Myst smiled. "At least they don't try to kill you. I'm something more illigal than what you would be. For upwards of 15 years, Do you mind explaining why you dislike your Zanpakto?"

"Well, it affects my personality." Joseiteki said. "Right now, I am very kind and I probably wouldn't hurt you even if you cut my arm off. My Zanpakutou changes that completely."

"I see. I'm somewhat like that. I don't like to kill people, but because of what I am, I have no choice in the matter. If I don't kill, or at least leave someone on the brink of death, I would die." Myst said, looking at the clouds, trying to hide the look of fear on her face.

"I see." He frowned. "You must thoroughly dislike being what you are."

Myst returned her gaze to the man in front of her. "I wish that I could say otherwise. This power has given me a way to protect my family and friends. I can crush anyone who dares to attack them. But then we run into the cost of being immortal, I need another's life to feed my own. Being a Reikon Kyuuban really sucks some days. Pardon the pun."

Joseiteki chuckled. "Of course. And I wouldn't feel too bad. It's all about survival, am I right?"

"Indeed. I accepted my place almost right from the start. I had to sit on the sidelines while my brother and his friends fought in Hell for all of creation's souls. I was sick of it and thus became a killer. I only target criminals, but that doesn't make the fact I am akin to Death himself to many people."

"That should redeem you in some manner." Joseiteki said reassuringly. "To target the lives of the innocent of a grave offence, but I do not recall punishment being handed out for performing acts of justice. And, this is just my suggestion here, but if I were you, I wouldn't go anywhere near civilzation here. A soul who comes to the Soul Society without a Konso from a Shingami is Ryoka. You'd throw the Seireitei into chaos, and I would probably have to fight."

Myst calmed down, happy someone understood. "Thanks, for both making me feel better and the warning. I guess that to show my gratitude, I should make the offer, which you can refuse by the way, I can turn you into a Reikon Kyuuban, show you the world in a way you never imagined. You'd never have to fight for the corrupt Gotei 13 ever again. What do ya say?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I have to decline. I am perfectly content as a Shinigami. If I felt like leaving the Soul Society, I would."

"That's perfectly fine. If you change your mind, I'm not hard to track down. Look for a bunch of dead people with no blood in their bodies. Stupid humans actually call me a Vampire, or is it better to say Vampiress? No matter, it's the fact they insult me by saying that." Myst said, before accidentally changing into her Kyuketsuki Suteji form, her hair turned white while her eyes became red. "Woops. I must have thought of a battle for a sec. Now I gotta wait for my energy supply to run short."

"Energy supply?" Joseiteki asked, confused.

"Blood. When my blood levels drop, I revert back. I need you to attack me, before I snap. If I go to drink those souls, I'll start a war, just like you said. Show me your will to defend others, and strike me, please. I'm not saying it's going to be easy because I will defend myself to prevent excess loss, but rest assured, as long as my fangs cannot punture you, I can't kill you."

He thought for a moment. "Alright. But I want to end this fast. I don't feel up to a battle." He stood up, drawing his blade. "I don't want to hurt you, but this is going to make it so that is inevitable. Stay on your guard. Relax for even a moment and you will wind up without a head." He took a stance.

"Switch...Iregama." An explosion of smoke, and it revealed girl with short black hair, pale skin and she wears a what appears to be a black school girl uniform. She was holding a scythe.

"Let's get started!" She screamed, vanishing, appearing behind Myst. "I'll lop your head right off!" She swing the edge of the scythe towards her neck.

Myst blocked it with her bare hand. "So, that's why you don't agree with your Zanpakto. Makes sense really." she said, sweeping her leg, hoping to knock her opponent off balance.

Joseiteki proved to be fast however, jumping up and then moving back far. "I guess you say that, but it doesn't mean shit right now." She vanished, appearing above her. "That head is comin' off bitch!" She cried, shooting down as maximum speed, swinging her scythe as she got close enough.

Myst jumped to the left, drawing her zanpakto in the process. "I want to warn you, taking my head can't kill me. So long as my heart can beat, nothing can stop me." she said with a smile. "Let's just say, I dunno if even that is good enough to permanently put me down. My idiot brother, in his demonic wisdom, gave me his blood for a few months straight."

"Stopping your heart?" She said, smirking. "That sounds like a fine idea let me tell ya!" She pressed forward, leaving two small holes in the ground where she had been standing, and swung the scythe, sending a blast of pressured air straight forward.

Myst smiled, and she threw her Zanpakto into the air, very high thanks to the added power of her transformation but got hit with the air blast, getting sent backwards. Once she was standing again, she charged her Kyūketsuki Ga Satsuei, crimson and scarlet danced off the surface of the attack. Once her Zanpakto was lined up with her shot, she fired and the impact sent the sword sailing at high speeds in her opponent's direction.

"A sword blast!?" She swung her scythe, the curved blade meeting the attack, the colliding forces creating a small crater. Using pure force, she swung she pushed to deflect the attack before jumping back. "What a cheap trick. Can't fight with just plain force can ya?"

"What? You just blocked my best attack AND my Zanpakto with just a swing of your own? For someone against fighting, you're good at it." Myst said, before willing her Zanpakto to her.

"Trust me, I am ANYTHING but against fighting!" Joseiteki said, raising her scythe. "I wanna end this now, and it's taking way too long. BANKAI!"

A Female Kenpachi Edit

"BANKAI! KAWASARIKEN!" She was enveloped in a blast of blue fire, obscuring her from view. Her hair lengthened, and is now tied in twin-tails. Her eyes became blue, and the left eye is now emitting a ghostly blue flames, similar to a Will-o'-the-wisp, protruding from it. Her outfit now consists of a bikini top, a long, flowing black cloak and shorts along with boots. Chains are wrapped around her left arm. Her scythe becomes a "robotic" sword with a chain connected to it. Like her eye, the chain is covered in blue flames. She looked slightly less maniacal.

Myst flinched at the release. "What is it my brother always said...Oh yes. What the Bael is this?" She said before a sudden feeling hit her. Almost done. Less than half to go. I just hope I can keep my head in the process.

She frowned. "Standing there in the face of my Bankai. Are you stronger than you are letting on?" Her eyes narrowed.

"Yeah, I am. But, this is just so I don't lose myself to my power, so I can't go all out yet. We're almost done, so maybe you'll see it later." Myst said, before using Ketsueki Butoukai to move at high speeds, getting behind her opponent with ease. Now in location, she prepared another blast of energy, letting it go almost as soon as she began.

She jumped, avoiding the blast with the speed of her bankai. It took a moment to realize where she was, but she was overhead, her sword gripped by the blade as she swung, extending the chain to wrap around Myst. "Kibasarikuri!"

Myst looked up The chain had gravity to help it's desent, gaining speed every moment, and with it's inital speed, dodging would be next to impossible at her current level, or rather her current form. That thought gave her comfort as she used Dōbutsu Henkan to become a bat and speed away, returning to normal a few yards away. She was exhausted from that however and her haori vanished as the transformation began to receed. "Well now, looks like I'm drained. You won, it seems."

Joseiteki landed, looked over at Myst from her flaming eye. "Reducing you to normal doesn't constitute a victory. I may not be as bloodthirsty as earlier, but I still crave battle." She raised her sword. "If you don't want to continue fighting, I'd run. Now."

Myst created a portal to her home hurridly and she ran in, and before the vortex closed, she wispered "Thanks for helping me." As she walked along the passageway, a long dark hallway covered in blood, she thought to herself. Why didn't I think of this before?

Joseiteki frowned. No point in follow her into a portal that would lead only God knows where. She sighed, glowing bluw as her form dissipated, returning Joseiteki to normal. He promptly fainted on the spot.


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