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The Origins of Kitsui Sanretsu is the name given to the collective stories that explain and highlight the early years of Kitsui Sanretsu and how he comes into being.


Kitsui's general appearance

Kitsui Sanretsu.

With a brutal upbringing and harsh training under Averian's vice-like grip, Kitsui was given two choices growing up; gain the power required to survive his environment, or die a painful death. With only a single friend to brighten the days of his dark existence, Kitsui must make the decisions that will change his life forever and become the true decider of his own destiny and future.

Main CharactersEdit



Behind the ScenesEdit

These stories were inspired by me wanting to show more of Averian's nature; without actually having the stories from Averian's perspective or that of his Arrancar's.

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