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The Endgame Arc follows the story of the Shinigami, Kenji Hiroshi. With the final clash of the Kanmuri Taikai, and the cheering crowd reaching their crescendo still echoing in his ears, Kenji vanished, leaving nothing but a note behind to explain his disappearance. Now, the winds of change are blowing again, but what effect will they have upon the black-haired Shinigami? Find out the events that shroud Kenji's mysterious disappearance, and finally, his reemergence.


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With the Kanmuri Taikai finished and the participating teams scattering again, the black-haired Shinigami left his homeland behind again, his allies and everything he knew in order to vanish. With thoughts of his past weighing on his mind, and the over dependence of the entity sealed within him keeping him from attaining his true potential, Kenji left with two desires; To crush a hated foe and break free from the dependency of Kyo and gain his own powers... But what secrets and events will hold him back from those goals, and hurl him headfirst into the most difficult battle of his life to date?

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Note: Stories which are indented are those shown either from Yoshiro Kazuki's pov or Kusaka Kori's, and are set back in the main timeline.

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The Origins of Kitsui SanretsuEdit

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This arc was inspired by the events seen in both Dragon Ball Z and the Terminator series.

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