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Shigeru and Teruo

Shigeru (left) and his brother, Teruo (right).

The Bond of Brothers is the collective name of the side-stories that revolve mainly around Shigeru Yuudai and his brother, Teruo Yuudai. These stories will include parts of the brother's history that won't be revealed in my actual story.

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Main Characters Edit

Shigeru Yuudai - The foul-mouthed Shinigami and main character of The Bond of Brothers set of stories.

Teruo Yuudai - The second main character and Shigeru's calmer and more polite bother.

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A Day Long in the MemoryEdit

"A look at the past... "

Note: This short story is set during their time in the Academy and will fill in their background section. Enjoy!

Walking along with the rest of his class, Shigeru looked at the boring, bald-headed, slanty-eyed and universally annoying Instructor going on about this and that and that this expedition was important and that they all needed to be careful and that hollows were dangerous to those who didn't prepare. "Blah blah blah. Well duh, anyone could've guessed that. Real hollow aren't exactly the same as the dummies they make ya fight." His equally boring classmates were all walking along in two long lines that moved at a damned snails pace.

Sighing, Shigeru looked over his shoulder. "Damn pig-headed Instructor...Makin' me come all the way out here to hunt hollow. All they hafta do is drop ya off down in one of the old execution grounds...but ~NO~! That'd be to easy and would look "animalistic"."

"Brother, could you not look so depressed? With that face, people'll think your whole families up and died on ya." Teruo, Shigeru's brother, said calmly.

Rolling his eyes, Shigeru put his hands behind his head and looked around the region of the Rukongai they were in. "This is so annoyin', I could practically fall over from boredom and depression right here, right now. These hollow won't even be a challenge..." The area was mostly clear and open, with numerous trees here and there and a single river flowing northward.

"Shigeru Yuudai!" A loud voice boomed. "Are you still with us?" It was that bald-headed excuse for an Instructor.

"Yes Sensei...But not for very much longer." He said back with the most enthusiastic tone he could muster. "I swear bro, he asks me that one more time, I'm gonna go up there and stick my boot up his ass! And that'd be painful. These are big boots."

Looking perplexed, Teruo answered. "Bro, you're not wearin' boots. Those are sandals."

"Say what!? I've been duped! That damn, shifty-eyed, nose-picking Shinigami clerk lied to me!! Naw, I'm only jokin'...maybe."

"Shigeru, you scare me sometimes, bro." Teruo replied with an all too usual sigh. The other students within ear shot either laughed, pointed or sighed. "My brother is an idiot." Teruo thought bluntly.

The whole lot of them, students, the various Instructor's spread along the two lines and the Shinigami encase things went wrong, trudged along at rate of a tortoise with a broken leg. Shigeru felt like pulling his damn hair out, and Teruo laughed at him and called him "special". If this went on any longer, he'd be brain dead enough to be considered a damn vegetable.

"Teruo, bro." He began, and Teruo instantly knew his brother was planning something incredibly stupid and down-right ridiculous. "Listen, these pig-heads don't exactly need us 'ere, do they? I say we ditch the fagots and strike out on our own." For the first time since this excuse of an expedition started, Shigeru had a grin on his face that made him look like an overgrown kid. And the fact he was at least 5ft 7 in height didn't help paint a good picture.

Sighing, Teruo leaned in closer to his brother. "Has boredom and depression finally eroded that pathetic excuse of a peanut you call a brain to mush!? If we get caught..."

"IF!" Shigeru whispered back. "We won't get caught, I promise. And what da ya mean peanut!? I bloody well beat you on the entrance exam!"

"Ohh, there you go again with that...It was by two marks! Two!"

"So you're up for it, then?" Shigeru replied, before vanishing using his low skill in Shunpo, leaving Teruo to shake his head and disappear along with him.

Some time later...

Looking over the large, black pit, Shigeru could hear the very faint noise of hollows scratching against the walls of their cells. The two had found this old spot by complete accident when they fell through the old flooring. Now, the two leapt down, slowing themsleves with Shunpo. With a quick strike from his sealed zanpakuto, Shigeru broke the nearest cage and cut the hollow that burst free down. "Now THIS is better than any damn expedition to hunt cornered hollow that are already weakened."

"Brother, why do you take such pleasure in killing these...things. They're monsters, some of whom can't even operate outside instinct." The hollow rushing toward him was felled with a single strike and the second by died with a Shakkahō spell.

"You just named the very reason yourself, bro. I hate 'em with a bloody passion! These fools canbalise souls to survive. They're a blight upon this world and need to be eliminated...!"

A roar, one that was louder than the others, seemed to shake the very walls as a large, dinosaur-like hollow with a large, white mask on it's reptilian face walked forward. It's back was just shy of the ceiling and it was hunched over. "Bro...I think we're in trouble!" The hollow burst through the ground as it fired a Cero blast!

Flashing to relative safety, Shigeru rushed in and was batted aside with the creatures tail! Smacking a wall with enough force to send him through it, Shigeru struggled to his feet, using his zanpakuto as something to lean on.

"Brother! Are you alright? Shigeru, we're in real trouble...!" Teruo flashed towards his brother and moved him out of the way of a Cero! The blast reduced the area to a crater. "Bakudo 4: Hainawa!"

Shigeru raised his head, body wracked with pain, but he still moved. "Dirty hollow bastard...Guess I've got no choice...! Night is a world-" A figure suddenly appeared, grabbing both boys and setting them gently on the ground before he returned to face the hollow. The fellow wore a green combat vest and a black headband and now held two knuckle duster-like blades on his hands.

"Good, I made it in time. Are you youngster's all right?" He was interrupted by the hollows roar. "Oh be quiet!" He flashed forward so quickly, Shigeru could barely register the movements. Seconds later, the hollow was cut down and blown away in a fantastic fiery explosion. Thankfully, the flames didn't remain and dispersed almost immediately after detonation.

"I'm Koichi Hiroshi, 3rd Seat of the 5th Division and you two are incredibly lucky I know about this place, otherwise you'd be makin' the round's through that thing's innards."

"Y-you moved so fast..." Teruo said in awe. Shigeru, however, was looking at the area the hollow once stood. "Without you, we'd be dead. Thanks... Mr." Teruo's mouth nearly hit the floor! Shigeru was just polite to someone he didn't even know! "Did he hit his head? Next, we'll have dog's turnin' into cat's and fish turnin' into birds. I thought the world would end before Shigeru would be polite to anyone!"

"Now, you two are in a rather serious predicament. Not only have you freed hollows that people aren't supposed to know about, but you match the description of the students who bolted from their hollow huntin' expedition. You're Instructor ain't pleased... but i think i can help with that." Koichi said with a grin. "Leave everything to me...but don't do this again, okay? You both have talent, so don't waste it bein' reckless."

"But we owe you," Shigeru replied quietly.

"Then become strong enough to return the favor one day."

Koichi was as true as his word. When the two returned, not a word was said... Sure, faces were made, but not a single word was said...

A Pained Meeting! The Elemental DuoEdit

Note: This one is set a short while after the two brothers graduate, meaning it's six years on from the last story. Enjoy!

Shigeru walked confidently through the streets of the Rukon District with his partner, his ever present brother, Teruo. The sun was high, the wind was pleasant and the children were running happily through the streets playing tag. "This place brings back some memories, don't it Shigeru?" Teruo asked suddenly.

"Where the hell did that come from, bro? The way you're talkin', people'll think you're an old man on par with ol' Yamamoto." Shigeru removed several coins from his pocket and placed some in the hands of the children that walked past. "Buy yourselves somethin' nice, okay?" He said with a smile. "Thanks Mr!" They cried as they ran off laughing.

Teruo watched the scene with a proud grin. "He's foul-mouthed to everyone but the kids. To them, he's a bright spot in an otherwise blackened world. How do you do it, brother? How are you so strong, caring and courageous all at the same time?" Teruo thought with a little envy.

"Sooo, what's on the schedule for today, then? Patrol the hell outta the place, arrest anyone disruptin' the peace and simply look lively, right? Yup, thought so. I should be a damn fortune teller." Shigeru said as he poked earwax from his ear.

"You know that 'cause you've already seen the memo! Fortune tellin' got nothin to do with it, and you know it, Shigeru."

A tall man suddenly appeared between the two. "How come I always hear you two before I see you?"

"Koichi!" Shigeru said happily as he bumped fists with his senior. "What you doin' out here, Boss?" The two joined the 5th Division after graduating and were picked by Koichi to be his patrol partners alongside another Shinigami called Ryouta Hachirou, but he wasn't here.

"I'm out to get some stuff for my wive. Well, Anora needs food, 'cause I go through the stuff like its goin' outta fashion. I'll see you two later for a little sparrin' session, eh?" With that Koichi was gone, but he then re-appeared. "Oh, I almost forgot. The hollows around this area have been up an' disappearin' on us, but the thing is-"

"There are no Shinigami stationed here except us," Teruo said as he scratched his chin. "You want us to have a little look around, don't ya?"

"Well look into it, Koichi." Shigeru said thumping his chest like a big monkey. "Leave it to us!" Koichi grinned before replying. "Yeah, but be careful. we know one uses fire and the other uses wind." The two were left alone after that and set about lookin' for whoever was killin' off the hollow...

A lot, lot later...

"Teruo you mad braggart, we've been walkin' for hours and we've found complete and utter zip all! C'mon ya slave driver, I wanna go home for cryin' out loud!" Shigeru begged.

"Oh, can it ya big child! Koichi asked us to find the reason why the hollows are disappearin' and we told 'im we'd find the reason. Now, shut up and keep lookin'."

Two very faint presciences suddenly became known to the two brothers as a young-looking, blond haired man and a smaller guy with dirty blonde hair walked towards them. "You two are really somethin' else, ain't ya. I mean, you wouldn't 'ave found us if we were two green blocks in a group of red ones."

Shigeru turned, a vein popping up on his forehead. "Listen ya little blond-haired shit. I've had a long day and my temper's frayed, so beat it already!"

The taller man stepped between Shigeru and the youngster and exerted his spiritual energy! And it wasn't a pushover either. "I'll ask you to leave my brother alone, Shinigami."

"Why? What are you gonna do?" Shigeru was in his face when the fellow drew his arm back and punched him square between the eyes! "Ouch, you son-of-a-bitch! What the hell was that for!? EH!?"

Young Zieg

A young Zieg Yoso.

"My name's Zieg Yoso and that there's Zen Yoso. Get back on your feet, Shinigami." His tone was cold, his posture rigid. This fellow was used to combat and not the friendly sparring kind either.

"Bro, you alright?" Teruo asked casually.

Rising to his feet, Shigeru whipped the face of faked pain away and drew his zanpakuto from its sheath. "I'm Shigeru Yuudai and I'm pissed off!"

"I'm Zen, nice to meet you Mr. Pissed off." The little squirt said with a wry grin. Zen stepped back as his older brother stepped forward to block Shigeru's zanpakuto. Zieg held a normal-sized katana, but it didn't give off any kind of aura or spiritual energy which made it just an average blade. "You're fighting me with an ordinary katana?" Shigeru said, backing up. "That takes guts. You say you're name was Zieg Yoso? Shigeru Yuudai of the 5th Division."

"I'm Teruo Yuudai of the 5th Division." Teruo had his zanpakuto drawn though, and he bowed his head in greeting. Zieg and Zen did the same before smiling. "Now, we've already started this little fight, so why not finish?" Fire awoke on Zieg's sword and wind wrapped around Zen's ankles. "Remember what I told you, Zen. Don't reveal anything we don't want revealed. This will suffice."

Shigeru arched an eyebrow before shaking his head. "Let's go, Zieg. I gotta pay ya back for that punch!" The two moved forward and clashed, Shigeru feeling the force of the blow as it rattled his arms! "This guy's strong, but why doesn't he have a zanpakuto?"

Teruo and Zen stepped into a series of high-speed movement, their blades meeting occasionally as they attempted to pick the weak spots in the others defenses. "This kid is fast...really fast. He's been like that since the wind wrapped around his ankles."

Fire suddenly pealed off Zieg's sword and caught Shigeru's outfit on fire. The Shinigami yelped like a frightened dog and fell to the ground, trying desperately to put the flames out, all the while shouting, "Fire, fire, fire!" A wave of water washed over him as Teruo muttered Ryuusui to extinguish the flames.

Standing up, Shigeru dusted himself off. "Okay, I hate flame." Landing beside his brother lightly, Teruo smirked. "It's fire, blockhead." A vein popped up on Shigeru's forehead. "Fire? Flame? What's the difference, eh!? Both burn, both are red and both are scary! See!? There the same!" But when the two turned around, both Zieg and Zen were gone...

"Hey! Where did those two run off to!? C'mon Teruo, we're goin' after them!"

Teruo answered with a sigh before punching his brother firmly in the base of the spine! "Would you act as though you have a brain for a second? Those two are the one's who've been killin' the hollows! Remember what Koichi-san said about one usin' fire and the other usin' wind? Use your head for once."

Shigeru retalliated and hit his brother in the gut, but he intentionally held back. "I ain't thick, bro. In fact, we're gonna keep our mouths shut about those two. Zieg said somethin' about not revealin' more than they needed, and they don't have zanpakuto. Those two aren't even leave it alone. They're in hiding for something, but it ain't illegal or they wouldn't have revealed themselves, so come on. We're going back."

As the two walked away, Zieg couldn't help but grin. "He may act stupid, but Shigeru's pretty perceptive...He already knows we aren't Shinigami, but he doesn't knew that we are in fact, Arcanist. May your days be bright, Yuudai brothers. Come on, Zen. Time to move on again." The two bothers walked away...

An Encounter with FearEdit

Note: This story is set ten years after the encounter with Zieg and Zen.

Kensai Kuchiki 2

Kensai Kuchiki.

Shigeru sighed as he, his brother and a nobleman by the name of Kensai Kuchiki done rounds in the Rukon District for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last week. God he hated patrol! Nothing exciting ever happened! He was beginning to think he'd get more enjoyment staring at the backside of a boar.

Kensai was a dead on fella, though; despite the fact he was nobility. He didn't have the same pompous attitude as the other Kuchiki members Shigeru had the pleasure of meeting. He never boasted about his power, nor did he flaunt his wealth. The only time he did the latter was at days end when he bought a round of drinks for all those he served with. Not a bad fella at all.

Teruo and Kensai were talking in the background as Shigeru used his unique ability to see a Reiatsu trail. He didn't have the foggiest idea how he'd come to possess it and he didn't really care. It helped a lot when he was on patrol and Koichi Hiroshi had him performing it whatever chance he could get. It worked on everything that leaked Reiatsu and showed in his vision as footprints mimicking the owners own spiritual energy coloring.

"... Hello, what do we have here, eh?" Footprints, as black as the outfit he wore simply disappeared as though wiped from existence. "Hold it guys." He said, kneeling down to inspect the sight. He dusted the ground with his hand, though he turned up little except a slight feel of Reiatsu; greatly diminished in strength. "This trail simply vanishes."

Kensai knelt beside him and ran his hand over the ground as Shigeru had done. That couldn't be right, could it? He sensed a faint level of hollow residue mixed in with the Reiatsu. "Without a shadow of a doubt, the Reiatsu belongs to a Shinigami but..."

"Buts are never good." Teruo remarked as he looked around. "And let me guess; you both sense a hollows energy signature? Guess we should intensify our search." If there was a hollow running around the Rukon District that could attack and possibly kill a Shinigami, then it needed to be dealt with quickly before it struck again.

"Well, no sense worryin' about the blasted thing now, right? If the tracks vanish, its gone back to Hueco Mundo." He spat at that. "Besides, the tracks I was following weren't hollow; meaning the thing could keep its spiritual energy locked up tighter than my drinks cabinet, or it never left the Garganta."

"Personally," Kensai said calmly, "I prefer the Garganta theory. If it can hide its spiritual energy...!" Teruo nodded and sighed. "We'll have a pretty powerful hollow running amok and no one will have the foggiest idea where the thing is."

"It doesn't have to be powerful." Shigeru said, rising. "It could've surprised our dead friend here. Even we've come close to death from a simple hollow 'cause we weren't payin' attention." He sounded more mature than he during his academy days. A welcome change, in Teruo's eyes. It was about time he did some growing up.

"Weren't you drunk that day, though?" Kensai remarked with a sly grin. "Because I might have been as well." Shigeru laughed. "Can you remember it? No? Then yeah, we were drunk." The three smiled and shook their heads before they each turned in turn and drew their zanpakuto's!

"I knew it was getting a little too quiet around here." Teruo said calmly as a skeleton-shaped hollow landed just in front of them. Shigeru tutted as he hefted Naitohikage and initiated his Shikai. "Looks like we were right. This bastard can hide his spiritual energy." The hollow growled in response, and Shigeru walked forward. "What? Take offense to be called names? Its high time I broke your bones, you ugly-" Its bony hand sent him flying a good distant and through the trunk of a tree!

Teruo moved into action, though he too, was batted aside without so much as a though from the bony hollow. Kensai watched with a calm eye. Not only were those strikes strong... but they were swift as well. Not an average hollow then. An Adjuchas, perhaps?" He crossed his palms over one another. "Bakudo 63: Sajo Sabaku." The golden chains formed, but instead of binding the hollow in place as was there purpose; Kensai manipulated the chains and grabbed his foe by the throat as he spun him through the air and slammed him into the ground, all the while tightening the chain around its throat.

Shigeru leapt high, using Shunpo to bring him right above the hollow. "GO TO HELL!" His sword struck down with a great level of ferocity, and Teruo rained sharpened spears of light down upon it as Shigeru leapt back. "How'd ya like that you walking pile of bones!? Oh yeah!"

"I wouldn't start celebrating quite yet, Shigeru. My chains are beginning to break apart, and I'm not the one doing it." Kensai sounded in complete control; like a seasoned veteran who was instructing his students. "Teruo, back up and await an opportunity. With this initial strike, we have determined that Kidō is indeed the way to attack it."

The walking pile of bones rose slowly as Sajo Sabaku broke apart. The sudden force of the things spiritual energy struck them like a brick between the eyes! It was massive! Like an ocean gushing forth to ensnare them in its crushing waves. Shigeru looked at his brother and then at Kensai. "You guys can sense that as well as I can. Its Captain level, probably stronger, making this thing a bloody Vasto Lord!"

He had just said what his two companions had been thinking. Kensai nodded agreement. "With the evidence we have gathered, yes, it can only be. Shigeru, your zanpakuto will not cut something with that level of spiritual energy. Those bones are durable enough to withstand being slammed into the ground."

"Exactly brother." Teruo added. "Kensai, lets do this." Teruo cast a weak destructive spell; Hado 9 Tsurukusa. The vines wrapped around the Vasto Lords limbs, ensnaring them and holding it in place. As the spell took effect, Kensai began chanting. "Cherry blossoms float on the wind as the warrior travels. With this spell may the cherry blossoms find new lands to float over. Hado 58: Tenran." The whirlwind-like winds swept the Vasto lord into the sky.

But neither two casters counted on the powerful Cero that it released to blast the winds away! The blast continued to fly, its destination Teruo. In a flash, Shigeru was before his brother, his zanpakuto laid across his arm; the brunt of the crimson blast causing an intense expression of determination, pain and anger to cross Shigeru's face.

"Go... and... run the HELL ON!" He poured everything he had into the edge of Naitohikage, using the slight shroud created by his spiritual energy to force the Cero through the shadow to another. The ground erupted in the shade of a nearby tree, and even at that distant, the three companions felt the force of it.

Kensai moved to defend the weakened Shigeru, running his hand along his zanpakuto as he moved. "Evolve, Kinagashinka!" His zanpakuto transformed into a straight-edged sword with a deep red coloration with a single black line running up the center of the blade, ending halfway up. The hilt became silver and sparks flew all around as the young Kuchiki blocked the skeleton's savage strike!

It was monstrous. The blow almost tore his arm clean out of his socket and the beasts bony grin made him shiver. It raised its hand high and prepared to deliver the decisive strike, but Shigeru's roundhouse kick met it square in the temple! "I don't think so!" He drew his arm back and put his sword in a reverse grip. "Teruo, you know what's comin' bro. Tell me how you like gettin' cut from the shadows."

Blood poured in a vibrant display as Shigeru turned his sword on himself, but the same wound was reflected on the Vasto Lords body and another as Shigeru tore his sword clean through his side. As the five second time limit approached, Kensai stabbed his own sword through his partner's thigh, inflicting the same wound upon the Vasto Lord who crumpled to a heap on the ground.

Light surrounded Shigeru's body as the time limit for his shadow cut skill reached its end. The light caressed his wounded body; stitching the tissue together and even going as far as to heal his damaged organs. But it did not restore energy, or remove fatigue. "Teruo... nice one, bro." He fell forward and only avoided falling on his face because of Kensai's outstretched hand.

"I've got you, Shigeru. You've got guts, buddy. I'll give ya-" The skeleton rose, the wounds still present, though ignored. It growled, a low snarl at first; which slowly grew into a loud, deafening roar! It shot forward, aiming for the only one of the trio still fit to fight effectively; Kensai Kuchiki! He was frozen, gaze held by that eyeless stare. His mind wouldn't formulate a command to tell his body to move, and yet, he was hurtling through the air. Shigeru shoulder barged him, and raised Naitohikage high to block the blow!

Shigeru's arm snapped, and only Teruo's hasty Kidō barrier allowed his brother to survive. The healing of Shigeru's extensive wounds had left him drained, and the barrier he'd erected snapped under the strain of the blow, giving Shigeru just enough time to move to the side.

The hollow turned its stare toward Teruo and struck, but once again Shigeru intercepted the strike in order to protect his allies. "I told you..." He coughed blood. "Go to hell. Imprisoning Eclipse." Teruo shouted his brothers name, but both he and the hollow were ensnared in the foul orb of black energy summoned from Shigeru's Naitohikage. Several blades of dark energy broke away and stabbed the sphere from every possible angle.

Teruo and Kensai searched frantically for their comrade, and relieve filled them as Shigeru's weak voice sounded behind them. He fell forward from the shadow of a large rock. "That won't... end him." He met Kensai's gaze. "Slow him... down. Teruo, heal me again. I... know the risk... but we need to-" He coughed blood again and only got to his feet by using Naitohikage to lean on. "... We need... to merge.

Kensai looked doubtful, though he nodded his head and turned towards the boneless heap that fell from the black orb as the energies receded. "I'll give you all the time I can." He flashed and delivered a not-cutting strike to the hollows rib-cage, though he moved swiftly to avoid its counter strike. Once in the air, he extended his free hand. "Seven rings that cover the fiery heavens appear before this obstruction. Bakudo 74: Shinseina Basho." A seven layered barrier in the shape of a vibrant pink flower appeared and blocked the full force of the hollows Cero.

Jumping back and rushing forward, Kensai kicked the barrier with all the strength he could muster, sending the layered flower hurtling down towards the hollow as it began to spin like a shuriken star! Although it wasn't designed for such an action, the flowers points cut into the hollows right arm, severing it outright!

Kensai dared to hope. Could he managed it? It wouldn't fall for the same attack twice, and he seriously doubted his ability to perform it again. Working through his options, he finally decided on his move. Descending quickly, he struck the earth quickly. His spiritual energy took the form of a large dragon coated in searing flames that erupted beneath the hollows feet, ensnaring it between its teeth! "Kishouryuu!" Kensai declared loudly, the dragon circling as it reached the heavens to descend back to the ground where it slammed the Vasto Lord into the ground!

Skeleton Vasto Lorde 2

The Vasto Lord, cloaked in flames.

Kensai took a deep breathe and took a precaution by using his Aketsukishinkou skill. A red colored moon - an illusion - formed in the sky. As he had expected, the Vasto Lord erupted from the flames, only it itself was cloaked in the flames itself, and it showed to signs of burning away!

If he hadn't of taken the precaution, he would've died there and then. Aketsukishinkou was an illusion that caused everything an opponent did to be reversed. Instead of moving forward towards Kensai, the hollows strike went in the other direction leaving him unharmed. Taking advantage, Kensai returned to Kidō as his answer. "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle! Hado 62: Raikōhō!" The thundering blast of yellow lightning struck the hollow in the chest; but with the effects of Aketsukishinkou in play, it instead hit it in the back, forcing it toward Kensai.

Kensai disengaged his illusion. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens. Hado 63: Sōren Sōkatsui!" The blue blast shot forth from his hand and collided with a great deal of force directly in the hollows face.

Leaping skyward to buy yet more time, Kensai took a deep breathe; the tole of continuous spells beginning to take their toll. "Frigid cold of the northern winds, hear my call, and using your power, show thy enemy his despair in an icy grave! Bakudo 56: Daiyamondomaunten!" A large block of ice resembling an iceberg encased the hollow tightly, with Kensai falling to his knees from loss of energy.

Had he done it? Shigeru and Teruo still weren't ready; though they were close. He'd never seen this merging technique before, but the two were now standing back-to-back with their spiritual energy being poured into their swords at an even level. Were they trying to obtain balance? They stabbed themselves, one through their Saketsu and the other through their Hakusui! Kensai didn't know what to think. If this failed, they'd probably lose all their powers and that would be the end of all of them.

Shigeru & Teruo merged

Shiteruo Yuudai.

The ice began to crack. Shigeru and Teruo began to meld into one another, probably showing a successful fusion. Light and darkness emanated from them until the forces joined and revealed a single entity with wildly spiked hair; his zanpakuto in the appearance of Shigeru's, while the guard and hilt wrapping was Teruo's. He wore a short sleeved black outfit and a pair of black trousers, and his stride was confident.

It was then that Kensai sensed his spiritual energy. It blew away some Captains with its intensity and made the Vasto Lord look like a child at play. "Kensai, step up. This is gonna get ugly." He spoke in a dual voice. "Yo! Ugly fucker! The names Shiteruo Yuudai, and I'm gonna kick your bony ass!" His Shunpo was fast and incredibly precise, and a single strike of his zanpakuto snapped the hollow at the waist!

"Oh? Look how easily you fall apart." His thrust kick sent the top half flying through a nearby rock and the wicked orb of Imprisoning Eclipse completely decimated the bottom half. With his other hand, and a wry grin, Shiteruo began chanting. "Seeping crest of turbidity, arrogant vessel of lunacy. Boil forth and deny, grow numb and flicker, disrupting sleep. Crawling queen of iron, eternally self-destructing doll of mud. Unite, repulse. Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness. Hado 90: Kurohitsugi."

Kensai couldn't believe his eyes or ears! The black coffin formed around the Vasto Lord and a multitude of black energy spears lacerated the Hollow trapped inside. When the spell dissipated, the Vasto Lord was gone; completely destroyed. "Kensai, very nice work, pal. I'll be like this for another hour or so, so we won't head back until then. People kinda ask questions when they see this form."

So they waited before handing in their report... They'd survived an encounter with fear itself and came out of that harsh battle stronger and more determined than ever.

The End.

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