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This article is about the manifested spirit of Kentaro Hiroshi's Zanpakutō. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Kentaro's Zanpakuto.

Kentaro's zanpakuto spirit
Race Zanpakutō Spirit
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Kentaro Hiroshi
Team Kentaro Hiroshi
Previous Team None
Partner Kentaro Hiroshi
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Kentaro's Inner World
Shikai Tenchikaimei
Bankai Not yet Achieved

Tenchikaimei (てんちかいめい, lit. All is plunged into Darkness) is the manifested spirit of Kentaro Hiroshi's Zanpakutō that is manifested during his Jinzen training. Tenchikaimei is often portrayed as a bold, daring and dynamic individual with a noticeably high blood lust, who continually wishes to make Kentaro as strong as possible through any means necessary.

Character Outline Edit

Tenchikaimei's human form is currently unknown, though he has appeared in a bestial form that takes the appearance of an exceedingly long, thin, misty-black dragon with piercing red eyes that bears a striking resemblance to his own Kuroienmuryuu ability. The dragon possesses a booming voice and a mocking tone whenever he appears, and seems to enjoy annoying his master. He has also shown a desire to make Kentaro the strongest he possibly can be, and drives him forward to gain power.

Tenchikaimei has repeatedly shown himself to be bold, daring and dynamic whenever he discusses events and occurrences with his master. He holds himself above others, looking down his nose at any he believes to be below him, Kentaro included. In fact, he once stated to Kentaro that Kenji was a weakling who he would crush easily, which even Kentaro, as hating of his father as the youngster is, scoffed at. This arrogance in his own abilities are reflected in his desire to teach Kentaro everything he knows so the youngster can attain the power necessary to accomplish his goals and achieve his dreams, often driving Kentaro to these goals regardless of consequence and by any means necessary.

Powers & Abilities Edit

As he has yet to actually partake in a battle, the full scope of his powers are unknown, though the following can be assumed based on Kentaro's observations:

Enhanced Speed: The dragon form of Tenchikaimei moves with a great deal of speed and grace, being fit to move so fast in fact that Kentaro often loses track of his movements; despite his large size.

High Spiritual Energy: Like his master, Tenchikaimei possesses a high level of spiritual energy in which he has great control over. Kentaro has noted the size and strength of Tenchikaimei's power to exceed his own at present.

Zanpakutō Edit

Tenchikaimei can completely control the forces of darkness, whether it be pre-existing, such as shadows, or those created by himself. He is also capable of melding into nearby shadows, similar in principle to Shigeru Yuudai's previously held zanpakutō, only Tenchikaimei can remain within a shadow without being forcibly removed via attacking the shadow he entered. This control over darkness and shadow-related form allow for additional effects, though Tenchikaimei has yet to reveal himself using any.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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