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Tedasuke Shiba
Tedasuke profile
Title Tedasuke "The Winged" Shiba
Name Tedasuke Shiba
Kanji 手助け芝
Romanji Shiba Tedasuke
Race Shinigami-Tenshi-hybrid
Age 200+
Gender Male
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 76kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blue
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society, 11th Division
Occupation Third Seat
Team 11th Division
Partner Indra Taira
Base of Operations Soul Society, Seireitei
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Shinō Academy
Unnamed Tenshi
Status Active
Shikai Durandal
Bankai Not yet Achieved
Ultima Aditum
Release Name Not yet Revealed

Tedasuke Shiba (手助け芝, Shiba Tedasuke), also named "The Winged", is the Third Seat of the 11th Division under Tadashi Kori, an Instructor at the Shinō Academy, as well as the Shinigami responsible for missions taken against real Hollow within the Academy. He also helped his captain and 7th Division captain, Shin Nagakura, spy on Raiden Yasuhiro; where he worked closely with his captains' children, Itazura and Mariko. He stems from Tenshi descent through his mother, making him a Shinigami-Tenshi-hybrid.

Appearance Edit

Tedasuke's wings

Tedasuke unfurling his wings.

Tedasuke is a tall and well-built young man, in possession of sky-blue eyes and raven-black hair. His frame, way of walking and general air scream grace. His great looping stride is believed to be more akin to gliding, with those who see his standing in awe of him more times than not. His features are like his Tenshi ancestors; beautiful and graceful, yet bearing the mark of his Shinigami father. As a result he's quite handsome, though by no means a match for his full-blooded kin. He's had just as much attention from the male populace as he has had from the female. Tedasuke generally keeps his hair in a short and spiky style, with bangs framing the sides of his face, especially in his younger years as a student -- a practice at odds with his general appearance, though something his father enjoyed immensely. He later changed his hairstyle upon joining the 11th, though by no means did he refrain from messing it. It is still spiky, but longer, going back with a lock of hair hanging down in front of his face. Due to being a Tenshi, Tedasuke also possesses a pair of gorgeous white feathered wings, though he usually keeps them folded on his back to avoid unwanted attention. Mariko compared him to an angel when he first demonstrated them.

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Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

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Powers and Abilities Edit

High Spiritual Energy: As a seated officer and a fully trained Shinigami operative who is trusted to protect academy students during their first meetings with Hollow, Tedasuke is a powerful individual. His spiritual energy is often noted to lie just beneath that of a lieutenant-class combatant. This is proven by Raiden's remarks regarding Tedasuke's abilities.

Incomplete Manifestation of Wisdom:

  • Great Spiritual Energy:
  • Regeneration:
  • Barrier Creation:

Enhanced Strength: Tedasuke has quite advanced levels of physical strength for a 3rd Seat. Using nothing but brute force he was fit to crush Kenshiro Hatake against a wall using his zanpakutō, completely overpowering the Heisekian in terms of sheer strength. He is able to swing around his ridiculously large released zanpakutō without any effort. Itazura Kori couldn't even lift it off the ground. Even Tadashi Kori, Captain of the 11th Division, remarked on the weapons extreme weight.When powered by Wisdom, Tedasuke is noted to even stronger, though to what level is currently unknown.

Zanjutsu Expert: Tedasuke is a skilled swordsmen, being fit to use his massive Shikai blade to skillful effect regardless of its ridiculous size. He often incorporates blocking maneuvers into his Zanjutsu style, making full use of his Shikai's width and defensive bonuses. He is often remarked upon to be a master of counter-attacking strikes and evasionary movements.

  • Jūyon: Ryōdan (十四:両断, "The Fourteenth: Bisection"): a zanjutsu technique often incorporated into Kendō forms. In Tedasuke's hands the technique is devastating largely in thanks to the sheer size and weight of his Shikai blade, which Tedasuke wields effortlessly. With it he can casually slice aside opponents of equal strength with only a single slash while utterly destroying weaker targets. Essentially Jūyon: Ryōdan is a variation of Hitotsume: Nadegiri, though this technique instead uses a kendō stance along with an overhead strike which sends Tedasuke's spiritual power outward in a focused line which takes the shape of a crescent wave of energy, effectively allowing him to strike any target in his path with the same power of the strike. It is less precise than Hitotsume: Nadegiri, but it's range and area of effect are magnified by a hundred times over; making it quite lethal -- especially when he uses not only his spiritual energy, but Wisdom as well.

Hakuda Expert: A fast and unpredictable individual, Tedasuke often supplements his swordsmanship with linked Hakuda strikes. By stabbing his Shikai into the ground as a defense against incoming attack, he can twist around his blade following the block and strike via Hakuda; employing fast strikes made more deadly by his physical strength. He often uses his Shikai as a pole to twist around so his following kick holds more momentum and this more power.

Shunpo Expert: A skilled utilizer of Shunpo in everyday situations, Tedasuke is the equal of any lieutenant past or present. His skills are such that he can keep pace with Raiden Yasuhiro, as well as Kenshiro Hatake.

  • Tenshi Ippo (てんしいっぽ, Angel Step):

Kidō Expert: Unlike others in the 11th Division, Tedasuke is a skilled Kidō expert whose abilities were nurtured within the academy when he first made it clear which division he wished to join. He only uses Kidō when absolutely necessary however, such in the extremes of saving his students from Hollow or injury.

Zanpakutō Edit

Durandal (デュランダル, Dyurandaru) is the name of Tedasuke's zanpakutō. Durandal has a yellow hilt, red sheath, as well as a rectangular bronze guard set with small droplets of blood encrusted into the guard. Tedasuke commonly wears his zanpakutō on his waist, held by a white cloth.

Tedasuke Shiba

Tedasuke's Shikai makes him look like an average Captain.

  • Shikai: Durandal is released with the command "Let the Song of Roland be Sung". Once uttered, Durandal changes shape completely, becoming a looming great-sword that Tedasuke has slight trouble utilizing currently because of its large weight and size; though this does make it an effective shield, which Tedasuke commonly uses it as. The blades flat sides are inscribed with delicate symbols, the meaning of which is unknown to Tedasuke at present, accompanied with a guard that appears very much like a tooth. He is also fitted with a white haori not unlike traditional captains’ garb, with an additional white garment worn like a sash and fastened over his left shoulder by means of a leather belt; which Fox describes as his "raiment". Despite its incredible weight - Tadashi Kori even struggled to lift it - Tedasuke wields it effortlessly as it, after all, a part of his soul. He simply choses not to wield it with any style to lure his foes in, keeping his ability to wield it normally a secret to catch those not in the know off guard.
Shikai Special Power: Durandal is a diverse zanpakutō, mainly because of the powers it offers Tedasuke and the fact its great size and weight not only make it incredibly powerful when he does strike his target, but also because it can be used as a shield to protect himself and others from harm. Durandal allows Tedasuke control over thin, golden-colored wire that appears very much like womans hair. This wire allows him to ensnare targets. He also gains blood manipulation to attack, defend and heal himself in addition to the restricting wires.
  • Wire Control: Merely by exerting his spiritual energy, Tedasuke can create wires which can entangle and ensnare opponents; aiding in his offensive movements or allowing him to unbalance, or even trap his enemies. The wire is colored gold, which Fox Satonaka likened to womens hair. All similarities end there though, as the wire is quite durable and is more than fit to cut off circulation. Tedasuke can also use this wire at range.
  • Kubikake (首挂, Neck-Hanging): a physical technique that Tedasuke uses by throwing the wires he forms around the neck of an opponent. From there he can easily pull the wire, hanging the opponent or strangling them to unconsciousness or even death. He has also used it as method of pulling his foe towards him.
  • Blood Manipulation: Tedasuke's Durandal links his pores directly into his bloodstream, often giving the impression that he "sweats blood" when he utilizes his Shikai. Durandal also, for a time, mutates Tedasuke's own bone marrow, resulting in him being fit to create blood for as long as he has spiritual energy to fuel the creation. Due to the fact that Durandal changes his body in such a manner, this aspect of its powers are seperate from the rest of the Shikai state; being activated with the command "Bleed it Out". It also happens to be quite taxing, as well as difficult to utilize despite his remarkable Shikai control. When utilized however, Tedasuke can control his own blood to attack and bind his foes or defend himself from harm, making it quite versatile.
  • Nenshō: (燃焼, Ignition) By snapping his fingers Tedasuke can cause clumped masses of his blood to detonate violently, resulting in a potent offensive attack should his blood land on an opponent.
  • Accelerated Healing: By stimulating the production of red and white blood cells within his body, Tedasuke gains access to accelerated healing. The one downside is the spiritual energy required to utilize it.

Tenshi Edit

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Tedasuke's appearance is based off of Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7. His zanpakutō, however, is a reference to The Song of Roland, an old French literary piece, where the holy sword, Durendal, is said to contain within its hilt one tooth of Saint Peter, blood of Saint Basil, a hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is said to be able to cut solid boulders in half with a single strike. The aforementioned pieces, such as the hair and blood, the raiment and the tooth, are all included as seperate parts or abilities of his zanpakutō.

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