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Team Sanretsu (組参列, Kumi Sanretsu) is a team consisting of Kitsui Sanretsu, Saikō Onkei, Hisako and Sairento Mukui. They travel the Human World as bounty hunters seeking the bounty of hard-to-track Hollow and dangerous Arrancar, most noteworthy being Averian so they can avenge the death of their former member, Yoshiaki Hiroshi.

While Kitsui is the leader, the true power lies with him and Saikō who are by far the strongest of the group at present, though the teams effective teamwork on the whole easily makes up for this. They are loosely affiliated with both the Ryū Order and Soul Society, though they do not classify themselves as members of either group.

Members Edit

Members of Team Sanretsu
Kitsui's new appearance Saikō's fullbring Hisako's new appearance Sairento's profile pic
Kitsui Sanretsu Saikō Onkei Hisako Sairento Mukui

Former Members Edit

Former Members of Team Sanretsu
Yoshiaki Hiroshi profile pic
Yoshiaki Hiroshi

Trivia Edit

  • Three quarters of the members making up the team are, in fact, humans and not spirits.

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