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The Cloak and Dagger
Name Task Force 101
Kanji タスクフォース101
Romanji Task Force 101
Leader(s) Ino Choyo
Founder(s) Ino Choyo
Zero Ukitake
Headquarters Horiwari Village
Affiliation The Ryu Order
Purpose Dealing with extremely dangerous individuals

Task Force 101 is a sub-division of The Ryu Order founded by Ino Hiroshi and Zero Ukitake to act as a counter-measure against the advanced strength of Averian and his generals. The group acts as assassins and gather information regarding dangerous individuals who may arise to disturb the peace of the Human World and that of Horiwari Village. They are known within The Order as the Cloak and Dagger (外套と短剣, Gaitō to Tanken).

Membership Edit

Current Members Edit

Former Members Edit

Overview Edit

As a test for the group, Task Force 101 were given a mission in which they had to infiltrate the Soul Society without inside help; which they did successfully. Impressed by their skills, Kenji gave Ino the go-ahead to form them into an official group within The Ryu Order.

Methods Edit

Task Force 101 specializes in assassination and espionage, with the individual members being skilled in the aforementioned fields. They will commonly sneak deep into enemy territory and launch devastating raids in the enemies heart, with key individuals of the opposition as targets.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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