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Takeshi Shinjo
Takeshi's profile pic 2
Name Takeshi Shinjo
Kanji Unknown
Romaji Shinjo Takeshi
Race Vizard
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5ft 10in
Weight 58kg
Eyes Unknown
Hair Silver
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Large tattoo on his chest
Professional Status
Affiliation Coelen Capitaliter
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Sexta Member of the Coelen Capitaliter
Previous Occupation Academy Instructor
Member of the Omnisukidō
Team Coelen Capitaliter
Previous Team Yoshiro's Patrol Team
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Yoshiro Kazuki
Shigeru Yuudai
Teruo Yuudai
Base of Operations Hama Town
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Garian Shinjo (Father)
Education Garian Shinjo (Former)
Shinō Academy (Former)
Status Active
Shikai Hakai
Bankai Not yet Revealed/Achieved
Resurrección Tsukimonokitsune

Takeshi Shinjo is a deceptively skilled Vizard with little to no memory of his past; though he has regained the memories which once hindered his combat prowess. He is the only son of Garian Shinjo. Takeshi also suffers from dual personality disorder, possessing a quiet personality that refers to itself as Takeshi and a much more forward one that simply calls itself Shinjo.

As time went on, Takeshi began taking on more missions in the Human World, particularity the area around Hama Town. As his memories regarding his abilities returned, Takeshi learned of his Hollowfication and how he came to have a dual-personality. Growing distant from the Gotei 13 and his allies, Takeshi eventually went into self-imposed exile; with sources from the Omnisukidō putting him in the company of Shigeru Yuudai. In a conversation with his former commander, Takeshi revealed that he is now the Sexta among the Coelen Capitaliter.


Takeshi Shinjo pic

Takeshi's seal.

Takeshi is a lean-built young man, whose most distinguishing feature is a large tattoo on his body, covering his chest, stomach and parts of his arm. The tattoo is actually a protective seal that preserves Takeshi’s memories when using his Shikai. The tattoo was created by Takeshi's father, Garian Shinjo after Takeshi lost almost all of his memories in order to protect his son from such a fate again. Takeshi bears some resemblance to his fellow Lieutenant Sojiro Kori, because the two both have silver hair, though Takeshi’s hair has some blackened areas. His actual eye color is unknown, because his hair shadows his eyes. Most among the Ryu Order consider him strange, mysterious and freaky.

Personality Edit

"Takeshi's a man who lost everything to protect his friends and family; sacrificing his memories, his goals, dreams and hopes for them. All that Takeshi received in the aftermath was questions and a tattoo he doesn't recall receiving. The only blessing was that he didn't lose his life... "
Maki Zhijun

Takeshi Persona Edit

Takeshi has two distinct personalities because of his dual personality disorder. The first is that of a quiet man who rarely allows others to know what he is thinking about because he has no recollection of his past and thus, spends his time trying to remember his past. This personality refers to itself as Takeshi. However, despite his quietness, Takeshi is a man with a strong sense of duty and justice, believing strongly that those with great power should use it for more noble causes than just self-satisfaction, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind regarding the subject.

This Takeshi also previously described himself as "the Order’s self proclaimed but universally acknowledged lazy man". Takeshi can often be found sleeping, playing cards, talking with fellow members and has never been seen working. Yoshiro claims he gained the Lieutenant spot because of his skills in battle, when he actually decides to take part. He normally says “how troublesome” or “not interested” at the end of most sentences. The Takeshi personality is on good terms with Yoshiro, Sojiro and Jinta Kano.

Following his joining of the Coelen Capitaliter, this aspect of Takeshi's personality has been mostly suppressed and pushed into the unconscious; giving the other, darker persona known as Shinjo, almost full control.

Shinjo Persona Edit

Takeshi's Shinjo Persona

An example of Shinjo's brutality.

The other personality, however, is almost the direct opposite of the “quiet" Takeshi and simply calls itself Shinjo. This personality is incredibly loud, rude and forward, embodying all the darker aspects of Takeshi’s being. This personality came about when Takeshi gained his hollow powers and seems to prevail more easily when Takeshi accesses his zanpakuto.

This personality is not to be confused with Takeshi's Inner Hollow, who takes aspects from both personalities. The Shinjo personality has a deep hatred for Takeshi’s Inner Hollow, calling him "A weakling, and unfit to share his mind," traits shared with most Hollow beings, despite his Vizard standing. Takeshi admitted that it was this personality that actually overcame the hollow when he confronted him in his Inner World after the Takeshi personality failed. The Shinjo personality gets on well with Kenji Hiroshi, Yoshiro again, Kusaka Kori and Zieg Yoso.

Following his joining of the Coelen Capitaliter, this aspect of Takeshi's personality has been mostly suppressed and pushed into the unconscious; giving the other, darker persona known as Shinjo, almost full control.


Takeshi is the son of Garian Shinjo, the Shinigami responsible for training Koichi Hiroshi, Jiro Kazuki and the current 5th Squad Captain, Ryouta Hachirou in the ways of Shinigami combat. After fifty years as a Shinigami himself, Takeshi was relaxing at his father's getaway house in the Rukon District when he heard a commotion outside. Rushing out to see what was going on, Takeshi came face to face with a Shinigami he had never seen before. Expecting a friendly response, Takeshi was instead attacked. Puzzled as to why a fellow Shinigami would attack him, Takeshi drew his zanpakuto and engaged the mysterious fellow in one of Takeshi's most difficult and grueling battles, all the while asking who the man was. Finally, the man seemed to waver and Takeshi struck, only for the man to reappear behind him and strike. As Takeshi slowly lost consciousness, he glimpsed a second man with a large, mocking grin...

When Takeshi next woke, he was resting upon a cold, metal table. The two men put him through what Takeshi could only describe as the most grueling torture ever experienced, until they eventually reached their goal; creating a Shinigami-Hollow hybrid. To ease his mind and preserve himself throughout the torture, Takeshi created a whole new persona, one that could bear and withstand the harsh rigors being forced upon him who simply called himself Shinjo. And thus, Takeshi developed a dual personality. Shortly thereafter, Takeshi watched eagerly as his father, Garian Shinjo, and three other Shinigami he recognized as Koichi Hiroshi, Jiro Kazuki and Ryouta Hachirou burst through the doors and forced the two men to retreat. The four Shinigami watched over Takeshi for days, but the two men never returned.

Takeshi's troubles weren't finished, however, because he still had the hollow those two men had managed to create within his consciousness and Shinjo to deal with. Asking his father's advice, Garian urged Takeshi to confront the entity, which he did immediately. Upon entering his Inner World, Takeshi found an individual that looked exactly like himself, only with a darker appearance, who held the exact same zanpakuto as himself. The two soon fought, and Takeshi could barely understand why this hollow was so devilishly powerful. Asking the hollow why it held his zanpakuto, he simply received a laugh. Then his hollow done something Takeshi wasn't expecting, it unleashed Hakai's true power and transformed. Unable to stand against the hollows might as he was currently, Takeshi surrendered himself to the persona he created during his torture, the persona that hated everything to do with the two men that had so brutally tortured him, and by extension, the very thing they had spawned within his mind; his Inner Hollow and Takeshi awoke as Shinjo. With renewed hate and resolve coursing through his body, Shinjo quickly followed the hollows lead and activated Hakai's true form and fought on even grounds with his hollow. The battle came down to a final, desperate blow and Shinjo emerged as the exhausted victor.

It was after this that Takeshi became an instructor at the Shinō Academy, by hiding his new hollow powers. He was a field instructor who helped the students battle hollow. Takeshi soon began dating fellow Instructor, Karin Masaki, but fate wasn't with Takeshi and he soon found himself in a desperate situation to save her and some students from an Arrancar that wished to destroy the Soul Society. Fighting desperately, Takeshi was forced to use his Shikai's transformation, but the battle cost him his memories and the death of Karin. Rejoining the Gotei 13, this time as a member of the Omnisukidō, Takeshi soon worked his way through the ranks and became a member of Yoshiro's Rukon Patrol Team.


Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

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Part II Edit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Although his full level of skill has yet to be shown, Yoshiro has implied that Takeshi is extremely skilled in swordsmanship, the one thing he seemed to retain when he lost his memories. With the retainment of his memories, Takeshi's full skill has been realized; allowing him to fight effectively against several powerful combatants at once, using only swordsmanship.

Flash Step Expert: Takeshi's full prowess in Shunpo has been revealed with the retainment of the majority of his memories. His skill is such that he can keep up with Captain-level opponents for extended periods of time without tiring.

Great Spiritual Energy: Takeshi possesses a large amount of spiritual energy which puts him just below the strength of an average Captain-level opponent. His mastery of his own spiritual energy is such that he can cushion himself against attacks and manipulate foes with fear.

Kidō Expert: Takeshi has shown a high level of mastery in the control and manipulation of Kidō, both in binding and destructive spells and is incredibly skilled at turning offense to defense and defense to offense. His high level of mastery, as brought on by the retainment of his memories, allows him to recall the incantations of the spells he once forgot; as well as forbidden spells as well.

Zanpakutō Edit

"When you wield a strong enough flame, you will eventually get burned. "
— Takeshi describing his zanpakuto, Hakai.

Takeshi's new look and zanpakuto

Takeshi showing his new uniform and sealed zanpakuto.

Hakai (はかい, lit Destruction) is the name of Takeshi's zanpakuto, which takes the appearance of a nodachi-styled katana with black and white hilt wrapping. The guard is circular in shape with several rounded protrusions jutting out all around that actually serve as a means of activating a special ability. Takeshi carries his sealed zanpakutō from a string wrapped around his belt in an iaidō style, and worn with the edge down like a tachi instead of the edge up like a katana.

Takeshi's shikai attack

Takeshi utilizing Sekizen.

  • Sekizen: (せきぜん, lit. Desolation) An ability which only became usable by Takeshi when he regained some of his lost memories. When utilized, his sealed zanpakutō is overcome in a shroud of destructive energy that appears as waves of purple light. The attack is initiated at close-range, in a manner similar to Kenji Hiroshi's Kokunagare ability, and peals of the blade and flies forward in an effort to destroy a foe. Due to the closeness the ability is needed to be performed at, Takeshi risks being caught in the backlash.
Takeshi Shinjo's shikai

Hakai Released.

Shikai: Hakai is released with the command Let me Rage. Hakai takes the appearance of a straight-edged sword, with a black and white color scheme. The guard looks like two small wings curving upwards, with a small green gem in the center that acts as the focus for Takeshi’s spiritual energy which glows all the more brightly as it absorbs the spiritual energy from the atmosphere, that leaked by his enemies and that of Takeshi himself. Unlike other zanpakutō, Hakai offers no new abilities in Shikai; only a transformation that brings its own limitations.

Shikai Special Ability: Hakai is a strange zanpakutō because it does not immediately give Takeshi access to special powers or powerful skills. Instead, Hakai absorbs spiritual energy continually from those it strikes, the area around it and from Takeshi himself and stores the accumulated energy within the green gem on the weapons guard. After the gem has been filled with enough spiritual energy, Takeshi can access his Shikai’s true power; which is that of a powerful transformation.
Takeshi's Shikai Ability

Takeshi transformed.

  • Enhanced Sekizen: In Shikai, the execution of the attack remains the exact same, only it now possesses much more power, which only grows in destructive strength the more energy the green gem absorbs.
  • Hakai Keshin: (はかい化身, lit. Destruction Incarnate) Hakai forces the absorbed spiritual energy into Takeshi’s own body, mixing it in with his own spiritual energy. This ability allows him access to tremendous powers that surpasses even that of a Bankai, but at a terrible cost. If used for too long, Takeshi begins to lose his memories and his body is wracked with continual pain until he exits the form. While transformed, Takeshi’s hair grows longer and stands up; he becomes surrounded in an aura of spiritual energy and he begins to lose his rationality, being barely able to discern friend from foe. Yoshiro claims that Hakai’s power goes beyond the normal amount of what a Shinigami can safely use without their body giving out, and speculates that continual usage of the ability could shorten Takeshi’s lifespan. Takeshi hates this ability and will only use it as a last resort to save his own life, or that of his friends.

Bankai: Not yet Revealed.

Takeshi's release

Takeshi, as he appears after releasing Tsukimonokitsune.

Resurrección: Tsukimonokitsune: (つきものきつね, lit. Demon Fox) is the name of Takeshi's Resurrección. Strangely enough, Takeshi keeps a rather humanoid appearance, as opposed to the Resurrección form taken by Vizards such Kaname Tōsen. Takeshi's eyes take on the usual hollowfied yellow, though he does not retain his Hollow Mask nor the black scelera associated with a Vizards hollowfication. He grows various long, bushy fox tails which are pink near the base but turn into a white coloration the closer to the tip. Takeshi's attire remains the same, save for the pair of white fox-ears which grow on his head. Takeshi retains a zanpakutō in this form, another rare trait. The sword is identical in appearance to that of his sealed zanpakutō.

Resurrección Special Abilities: Takeshi's Resurrección offers various abilities which can be augmented based on the control and manipulation of the natural energy lacing his surrounding environment. This allows him to augment his own skills with this natural energy to drastically augment base attacks, such as Cero well beyond their previous limits.


Takeshi's Inner Hollow

Takeshi's Inner Hollow before his defeat.

Takeshi's Inner Hollow appears just as Takeshi does, only more intimidating and freaky. His eyes glow with an unnatural light and he sports a mocking grin almost exclusively.

Takeshi obtained hollow powers when two unknown Shinigami experimented on him. The extreme stress caused by these experiments is what also caused Takeshi to have a dual personality. Takeshi's hollow mask is currently unknown; though his skill in controlling his hollow powers are such that he can perform a Resurrección.

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