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The Soul Society of Korea is a society of souls based in Korea. The departed souls of koreans were usually accommodated here. For this reason, it is similar to the more popular Soul Society of Japan. The military force is known as the YeongHon ShiDae (영혼세대, "Soul Generation"), which originally consisted of 6 divisions but due to the support of the society, it has been increased to 9 divisions. Their real name is ShinKi (신기, God's Period)


Although described as copy of the human world, it is actually a paradise in comparison to the other societies. The progression of technology is higher than most countries and is even comparable to that of Japan. Souls of fallen human reside in a place known as Donghae (동해, "East Sea"), in which is divided into 5 parts. Four of which surround the middle, which is for the YeongHon ShiDae. The four divisions related to the 4 basic shinigami techniques each reside in one part which surround the middle. They aid the souls when in need.

The Human World and ShinKi are perpendicular to each other. Families separated by death are rarely reunited in the ShinKi unless they arrive there together.

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