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Imawashii sigil

Imawashī's Shirushi.

Shirushi ((印, lit. Sigil) is an ability unique to the seven Nana Shadōzu (七シャドーズ, lit. Seven Shadows) of the Imawashī Criminal Organization, some members of the Collective Vices and a few others besides; granted by the Shadōkingu (シャドーキング, lit. Shadow King) himself. When concentrating, the sigil appears on the area it was branded and begins to glow a faint red color to signal its activation. This act gives the user access to increased spiritual power that is akin to a Shinigami releasing their Zanpakutō and an assortment of dark powers that vary with the user, making the branding quite personalized to the individuals personality. An unknown side-effect of this sigil is that those branded with it can be controlled to an extent by the one who branded it, with varying degrees of control depending on the level of the Shirushi itself.

Nature Edit

The Shirushi is, in fact, nothing more than a parasitic life-form created by way of Shinzō, using ancient Kidō which has mostly been forgotten. By separating out a part of his own soul and affixing it the foreign object, usually another person, Shinzō can exert control over the afflicted and even hear their thoughts. What makes the Shirushi parasitic is the way it survives. It constantly feeds on the spiritual energy one exudes sub-consciously, which is why it near impossible to remove or detect outside the tattoo.

It finds residency within the targets mind, the parasite taking on the appearance of a blackened mass which latches to the victims brain via small tendrils. These tendrils provide the link between Shinzō and the afflicted, as discovered by Kentaro Hiroshi when he severed that connection in Shigeru Yūdai using a form of psychic therapy.

It seems mostly impossible to destroy the brand completely, however. Kentaro only managed to sever the connection, whilst leaving the powers it granted behind, only without the downsides. The treatment isn't fast either. It takes time, concentration and considerable patience.

Stages Edit

The Shirushi has three stages of strength, both in the power given and the amount of control he who branded it gains over the individual they have branded. Six of the Nana Shadōzu are branded with Stage I of the Shirushi, while only one is branded with the Stage II among the Imawashī. Kazuma Nishiki is currently the only person in history who has ever been branded by the Shirushi and fully fight the mind controlling effect induced; despite the fact he was branded by Stage III, which is the strongest and most potent of the Shirushi brand.

Stage I Edit

Stage I is the weakest of the Shirushi brands and gives the individual branded increased abilities akin to a Vizard donning their hollow mask. The top six Nana Shadōzu use this particular brand, which only glows a faint red when utilized. The basic skills gained by all users of the Shirushi are:

  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: The individual gains an increase to their base levels of spiritual energy, the strength of which is comparable to a Vizard donning their hollow mask.
  • Enhanced Strength: The level of strength gained varies from user to user. In Yajuu's case, his Hakuda skills are greatly augmented due to his increased strength, while Akiye receives only a slight boost to her strength.
  • Enhanced Speed: The same is true for the users speed. In Desutoroiyā's case, he becomes swift enough to dodge high-level skills such as Senka.

Stage II Edit

Shigeru's shirushi

Shigeru using the Stage II Shirushi.

Stage II is the most useful of the Shirushi brands, as it gives a large boost to individual skills and a good level of control over the individual branded without causing lasting psychological harm and is currently only used by Shigeru Yuudai as the Shadōkingu feared him turning against the organization with his exceptional willpower and high strength. This particular version covers the users entire body with black symbols and their skin appears to be ablaze with fire.

Stage III Edit

Kazuma's Stage 3 Shirushi

Kazuma using the Stage III Shirushi.

Stage III is the strongest of the Shirushi brands and is currently only used by Kazuma Nishiki. The brand disables a zanpakutō's Shikai and Bankai - though a Bakkōtō is not effected - and forces the users body to make a gruesome transformation that acts in a similar manner to that of an Arrancar's Resurrección. When this transformation is entered, the mind of the individual is mostly controlled by the Shadōkingu, though a great level of willpower and determination can stave off his attempts at control as demonstrated by Kazuma. While only one individual has ever been branded with the Stage III Shirushi, the Shadōkingu has revealed that each individual enters a state unique to them, making the release quite personalized and unique.

Known Users Edit

Known Users of the Shirushi
Person Affiliation
Yajuu Imawashī
Kyū Senshi Imawashī
Iba Ikari Imawashī
Desutoroiyā Imawashī
Masuku-Jin Imawashī
Shigeru Yuudai Imawashī
Akiye Rookie Six
Kazuma Nishiki Ryū Order
Dīrādīrā Shinzō's Faction

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Imawashī's Shirushi is the sigil thought to be belong to Lucifer. If this offends anyone, then I apologize.

The stages were inspired by the Cursed Seal from Naruto.

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