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Name Shirohane
Kanji 白はね
Romanji Shirohane
Race Zanpakuto Spirit
Height 11'9 feet(352cm)
Weight 387kg
Gender Unspecified
Professional Status
Partner Hiroya Ginkarei
Base of Operations Hiroya's Inner World
Shikai Shirohane
Bankai Shiraha Hakuchō
Shirohane (白はね, White Feather) is the current Zanpakutō of Hiroya Ginkarei, it is a peaceful creature which loathes violence of any kind, preffering rather that everything should exist in perfect harmony with one another - this trait is very similiar to that of its partner and that is very likely the reason the two of them are able to collaborate so nicely: Undouptedly leading to the fact that Hiroya attained such a great mastery of his Zanpakutō at a very young age.


Shirohane is a majestic sight to behold, at the great height of 11'9 feet one would think that its mere presence would inspire fear. But alas, this is not true, quite the contrary actually as Shirohane is known to soothe others with its mere presence, inspiring them to lay down their weapons and resolve the situation peacefully.

It takes the form of a huge but very beautiful white bird, with blue linings and colors at random places, most prominently the feathers atop its head and around the eyes; a single black streak is visible running along either side of its long and slender neck.

Its most recognizeable aspect though is the medallion it seems to wear around its neck, shaped like a circle. Another odd part of it is that unlike all other bird species, Shirohane has a pair of long feathery ears.


Shirohane is a very peaceful creature in comparison to most other Zanpakutō Spirits. It will go out of its way in order to find a peaceful solution and it is believed to have qualities of pacifism, once again attributing to its partner.

The bird also radiates a sense of hope, compassion and inner tranquility; which can affect an allies morale positively. Despite these things though, Shirohane will brush its qualms aside and fight if it is nessecary to protect itself, or its partner.

And in battle it is a truly fearsome opponent, as Shirohane has complete control over all of its abilities (Some of which not even Hiroya have been taught before) - as the Zanpakutō of a very powerful Shinigami, it would be safe to assume that Shirohane's powers are easily comparable to its partner, perhaps even exceeding him at some points.


Nothing yet

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Spiritual Power: Shirohane's Spiritual Power, as the Zanpakutō of Hiroya Ginkarei; a very old and especially powerful Rogue Shinigami can be safely gauged as being truly Immense in its power: Its known that it is able to use its abilities to effects that far exceed that of its partner, along with being able to cast high-level Kidō in quick succession without noticeably tiring.

Kidō Master: Shirohane is abit odd in that in heavy contrast to most other Zanpakutō Spirits it has a very extensive and masterful control of Shinigami Kidō, being able to surprise even the likes of its partner with its sheer knowledge and skill within this field: And it is heavily implied that most of Hioya's knowledge of Kidō have been achieved with Shirohane's help: While using Kidō in battle it channels it in odd ways, it sometimes uses its tail-feathers in order to channel the effects of a Sōkatsui spell; and its eyes for binding and direct spells, while using its mouth to cast spells such as Raikohō and other similarities, it is also able to cast spells without doing anything at all, in a manner similiar to Starrk's Cero.

  • The Sacred Spells - Shirohane is able to cast these spells to equal effects as its partner, and it is very likely that Shirohane taught them to him in the first place; If so, then its knowledge of Kidō is indeed very impressive.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Forbidden Spells - Shirohane possess a vast degree of knowledge in the application and casting of these spells, though it seems to be unwilling to teach them to Hiroya or anyone else for that matter.

Immense Strength: Due to its enormous size and supernatural heritage, Shirohane is effectively five times stronger than Hiroya; being able to easily send the Shinigami scuttling a quarter kilometer straight backwards with a hit from its massive wings.


Shirohane (白はね, White Feather): Another oddity with Shirohane is that in its Spirit form, the Zanpakuto is concidered to be released all the time, and Shirohane's able to control its feathers freely as a result: Thus there is no need for it to speak to use its abilities, this also extends to its Bankai.

Shikai Special Ability; Shirohane's rumoured to be one of the most effective Defense-Type Kidò Zanpakutō that are recorded within Soul Societies history, true to its partners pacifism, Shirohane possesses no abilities meant to be used exclusively for offensive purposes, though some of them can be used offensively nonetheless. The feathers it summons serve a wide variety of uses, most of them defensive of supportive, though a choosen few may be used offensively.

  • Hatohen (鳩円, Dove Circle') is an ability that causes a portion Shirohane's white feathers to disperse into a large circle around the desired group. Either as a way of imprisoning them, and preventing them from interfering in a battle or with Hiroya's escape, or to lock Hiroya and an enemy in a one-on-one situation. At this point Hiroya's forced to make use of his Kidò to fight, which he amplifies with..
  • Shirohane Keshin (白い羽毛化身, White Feather Incarnation) This is the epitome of Hiroya's offensive possibilities with Shirohane. Most Kidò-type Zanpakuto have the ability to amplify kido in some way and in Shirohane's case this is especially true. Hiroya's able to channel Kidò trough Shirohane's feathers for devastating effects and he's able to use Shirohane's feathers as Catalysts for them, meaning that he can use such devastating spells as level 96 Ittō Kasō without destroying a limb; This ability has one major drawback though. Every time he uses Shiroi Umou Keshin to cast a Kidò spell above level 50. His lifespan is decreased accordingly, and using Level 96 Ittō Kasō in this manner would for example decrease his lifespan by roughly four centuries: Shirohane itself though, as a Spirit is able to use these things almost without limits other than it drains Spiritual Power.
  • Hanesagi (羽詐欺, Feather Trickery) Is an ability that Hiroya uses rarely (Mainly becouse there is very rarely a need to) this causes a portion of Shirohane's feathers to shape into a desired object or person, working as a clone of sorts, Hiroya usually uses these as decoys while he himself flees from the scene. When the decoy is given a good shot by an opponent it bursts into a cascade of white feathers which then disperse into spiritual particles.

Bankai: Shiraha Hakuchō (白羽白鳥, White Feathered Swan) Shirohane's bankai drastically increases the amount of feathers it can control. In addition to empowered versions of its Shikai's abilities. It gains several other special abilities, which are his most powerful ones, others have speculated that Shiraha Hakuchō possesses more than these additonal abilities, though up til now no-one knows for certain.

  • Shizukeza no Tsubasa (静けさの翼, Wings of Serenity) In his Bankai State this ability becomes able to block much more powerful attacks, and it becomes quick enough to block the attacks of Shunpo Experts or lower, Increasing its defensive uses remarkably.
  • Hatohen (鳩円, Dove Circle) - In his Bankai state this ability can affect a larger range overall. And can also be used to entrap multiple opponents at once within bands of white feathers; At this point Hiroya's forced to make use of his Kidò to fight. Which he amplifies with..
  • Shirohane Keshin (白い羽毛化身, White Feather Incarnation) There is no changes to this ability while in his Bankai state. It works the same way eitherhow.
  • Hanesagi (羽詐欺, Feather Trickery) While in his Bankai state, Hiroya is able to create more of these "Feather Clones" at once, and unlike their Shikai counterpart they can even appear to take damage.. Which makes them truly invaluable as decoys.

Techniques left to TeachEdit

A small list of techniques that Shirohane has yet to teach Hiroya, along with the description of the release state they're supposed to be used in.

Name Release Type
Bokuhōhō (ボク鳳凰, Japanese for Divine Fenghuang) Bankai
Haino Fukkatsu ( はいの復活, Japanese for Ashes of Rebirth) Bankai (Final Ability)

Behind the ScenesEdit

The vast majority of Shirohane's abilities are based upon the Fenghuang (the Chinese equivalent of the Arabian Phoenix), doves and swans - and so is the majority of Hiroya's abilities as well.

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