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"Shintai Misuto... He wasn't the strongest, nor the brightest, or even the most well-liked person in the world. But he believed in us more than any other could, and calling him anything less than a hero would be an insult to his memory. Rest in peace, Shintai."
Garian Shinjo.
Shintai Misuto
Shintai Misuto
Name Shintai Misuto
Kanji 身体ミスト
Romaji Misuto Shintai
Race Shinigami
Professional Status
Affiliation The Philosophers
Occupation Shinigami
Team The Philosophers
Partner Garian Shinjo
Nasu Shiba
Nikkō Shiba
Yūyami Shiba
Sōritsu Kuchiki
Anīka Shihōin
Shikai Not Achieved
Bankai Not Achieved
A young man whose attitude and heroic actions made possible the dream he never lived to see come to fruition. - Historical interpretation.

Shintai Misuto (身体ミスト, Misuto Shintai) was a young and promising Shinigami who believed strongly in the mission of The Philosophers, even though he wasn't an official member. He would never live to see the dream he shared with them come to fruition.

Character Outline Edit

Shintai was short of height, small in stature and quite thin besides. In fact, Garian Shinjo used to call him Beanpole-san. He wore his white-colored hair is several messy spikes atop his head, with the sideway bangs on either side of his head to frame it. His eyes were red and considered the fiercest part of his entire appearance, with a slitted iris befitting that of a feline. His features were smooth and untouched by the elements, causing many, Garian most of all, to call him Baby face. He usually wore a Shihakushō-style dress, with a dull yellow kosode, long-sleeved shitagi colored brown, and hakama the same color as his kosode. Placed on either forearm were red bracer's that also extended to cover the first two or three inches of his hand, held in place by two straps - one just beneath the elbow and the other crossing the palm of both hands.

History Edit

Main Article - Glimpse through Time arc.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Spiritual Energy: While he only exhibited a small degree of spiritual energy, Shintai was believed to hold great potential; shown from his great appetite, even when not consuming spiritual energy.

Swordsmanship: Shintai had enough skill in swordsmanship to be fit to combat average Hollows effectively.

Yuengiri Expert: Shintai's greatest skill was his knowledge of the Yuengiri's techniques, including the Wan'nesu and their unique sealing methods.

Enhanced Speed: Having not developed Shunpo before his death, Shintai relied on his physical leg strength to get him from A to B. While not fast by any stretch this did afford him a good degree of stamina and enhanced reflexes.

Zanpakutō Edit

Shintai's zanpakutō appeared like an average katana, with brown-colored hilt wrapping and a guard of the same color. Its guard was smooth with inward edges and a neat and polished design. It was usually carried on his back, held in place by a vibrant red sash.

Shikai: Not Achieved.

Bankai: Not Achieved.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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