"A different kind of succubus..." - Dusk-sama

"I-I'll do my best to aid Onii-san!"

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Name Shinsetsu
Kanji 親切
Romanji Shinsetsu
Race Taishoku Kokumin
Birthday March 14
Gender female
Height 4'8
Weight 88lbs
Eyes Purple
Hair Purple
Professional Status
Affiliation Sesshōmaru, Sesshōmaru's group
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Plus
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Sesshōmaru (brother)
Status Active
Special Ability unknown

Shinsetsu (親切 Shinsetsu) is a fanon character of the Bleach Series, sister to Sesshōmaru, and a Taishoku Kokumin.

Appearance Edit

Shinsetsu's full appearance

Shinsestu's full appearance

Shinsetsu bears the appearance of a petite young girl. Her hair is purple and is "helmet" style. She typically wears her hair covering at least one eye, though on occasion will comb it out of her eyes, revealing a very pretty face. She has a near constant smile on her face, just like her brother, Sesshōmaru, though her smile is kind, unlike his, which is mocking and sarcastic. Unlike her brother, she does not wear a robe and hood constantly, wearing dresses.

Personality Edit

Shinsetsu is a kind, shy girl who is almost always seen in the company of her brother. She is very quiet, preferring not to speak unless spoken to, and even then she says as little as possible. Shinsetsu's hobbies are reading books and painting, the latter something she has been good at even while she was a human. She is completely devoted to her brother, supporting him no matter what, and when someone speaks ill of him, her personality changes quickly from kind and shy, to furious and merciless, not hesitating to rip an opponent to pieces. Her favorite food is natto and dango.

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Sengyō Shōhi (専業消費 Specialty Consumption): Due to being a Taishoku Kokumin, Shinsetsu possesses the ability to devour the flesh and drink the blood of others, and absorb whatever abilities they possess.

Charming to death

Right before she's about to kill

Charm: Not an ability per-say, but Shinsetsu often notes how easy it is to catch prey because they are attracted to her by her looks.

Great Spiritual Power: Shinsetsu's Spiritual Power is very great, on the level of a Captain-level opponent. Shinsetsu has a natural talent for precise spiritual energy control as she has quickly mastered various Spiritual Techniques without much effort.

Enhanced Strength: Shinsetsu is strong enough to take on bigger opponents despite her smaller stature, easily toppling over those four times her size.

Shindō Expert: Shinsetu is a master of Shindō, able to use multiple spells at simultaneously, and her expert control of spiritual energy allows her to use the spells to the utmost power.

Special Ability Edit

Shinsetsu's special ability is trans-dimensional travel. She can create portals to various dimensions of her choosing, and cross over to them, with up to 5 people accompanying her. This ability is very useful in combat, Shinsetsu being able to send opponents to a different dimension by touch, though she has no control where they'll go, and can also use this to teleport attacks elsewhere.

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