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"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
— Shinsengumi Proverb

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Name Shinsengumi
Kanji 新選組
Romanji シンセングミ
Leader(s) Joint Leadership
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Headquarters Human World
Affiliation Soul Society
Purpose External Covert Force of Soul Society

The Shinsengumi (新選組 or 新撰組, "Newly Selected Corps") are a special Shinigami task force formed for the specific purpose of operating outside of Soul Society, and safeguarding its borders externally. They are responsible for security assessment, intelligence collection, and covert operations operating acting as a subdivision to the Royal Guard and subseqently the Soul King.

Overview Edit

The Shinsengumi serve as the Covert Operational Force for the Royal Guard and by extension Soul Society, with their primary responsibilities consisting of:

  • Investigating any supernatural or paranormal activity.
  • Rooting out and preemptively eliminating internal/external threats against Soul Society, or the balance of the spiritual world.
  • To ascertain, monitor, and provide intel on the movements and goals of any enemy or threat against the Human and Spiritual Worlds.
  • Prevent the efforts of hostile or enemy intelligence organizations from gathering and collecting intelligence against the Shinsengumi, Soul Society and the Royal Family.

Organization Edit

The Shinsengumi operate as a cohesive covert unit, largely due to their small size and limited ranks. They are divided into four squadrons, each with their own specialty and assigned duties and tasks. As a subdivision of the Royal Guard, all members of the Shinsengumi are afforded additional rights and privelages enabling them to investigate activity within Soul Society. They are organized in teams to maximize the capabilities of each member, to contribute to the success of any mission.

Structure Edit

The Shinsengumi has a task force numbering just over one-hundred individuals, split into four divisions, generally twenty-five in each, and each division is led by a Squad Captain (分隊長, Buntaichō). The divisions are free to determine the size of its individual teams, but the demand of missions generally requires that they be split up into three or four man units. These small elite units are lead by a designated team lead; unlike the Gotei 13, there are apparently no true ranks within these units, as team leadership seems to be based entirely on the ability of the leader to coordinate, organize, and direct his or her teams to complete the mission, a stark contrast to the merit based heirarchy of the Gotei 13. To the Shinsengumi strength does not equate to adequate leadership, instead focusing on the intelligence, strategic and tactical ability of the Shinigami in question, and their ability to lead.

Shinsengumi's Council Edit

Similar to the Captain's Council of the Gotei 13, the Squad Captains of the Shinsengumi congregate to discuss matters of importance to the Shinsengumi, and their missions. The meetings are surprisingly informal, and at times may or may not involve subordinates of any individual team for their tactical input and appraisal. They are used to help coordinate between the divisions, assess mission objectives, and to provide an outlet for any concerns for the Shinsengumi as a whole.

Divisions Edit

  • Intelligence Operations (INT): The INT division specializes in intelligence covert operations, gathering valuable intel on the foreign organizations, and movements. The INT serves as the hub for all mission related information and they are the primary body of which missions are assigned from. They are also tasked with verifying the integrity of any information, often going on covert missions to obtain the necessary intel.
    • Squad Captain: Tsuchimikado Shikizaki is the Squad Captain of INT. He was one of the original Shinigami who helped to establish the Shinsengumi, and has remained as Squad Captain of INT, due to his invaluable abilities at information warfare. He is currently a double-agent within the infamous organization the Jusanseiza.
  • Counter Intelligence Operations (CINT): Shortly after INT was created the demand for counter intelligence rose sharply, to such extents that an entirely new division was created as a result. As the name implies CINT's purpose is prevent other organizations from gathering information on the Shinsengumi and are the first line of defense for the Gotei 13 regarding such attempts. Operatives of CINT are renown for their ability to decieve, and manipulate others, often working in tangent with INT.
    • Squad Captain: Unknown. No information is available on this Squad Captain, who is the most secretive of the Shinsengumi, so secretive in fact that no one is sure of his or her exact identity. They are generally not present during the meetings, delegating his or her subordinates in their place, assuming that in of itself isnt a ruse.
  • Covert Opertations & Investigations (COI): The primary investigative force of the Shinsengumi is the COI division, whose primary mission objectives are investigating and monitoring spiritual activity, outside of Soul Society. Shinigamii in this division are highly specialized in a variety of fields to meet the high demand often associated with their missions. Skilled in a variety of areas, they are also the police force who investigate and monitor new threats.
    • Squad Captain: Suì-Fēng is the Squad Captain of this Division, having ascended to the ranks of the Royal Guard years after the Winter War. She would later transfer to lead this division given her previous speciality as a Captain, and has since grown considerbly in not just physical ability but charisma as well.
  • Combat Specialist Operations (CSO): CSO is the primary offensive division of the Shinsengumi, generally tasked with eliminating powerful threats. They are powerful assassins who boast the greatest combat skills within the Shinsengumi, and are renown trackers, able to find their quarry no matter the cost. They are often paired with members of COI to complete mission objectives, thus the two divisions are considered particularly close.
    • Squad Captain: Kenshin Yagami is the Squad Captain of the CSO, and is renown as being the Shinsengumi's most proficient combat specialist. Due to the increasing activity of rogue Shinigami, his squadron have been gradually overtasked with hunting down and eliminating a number of potential threats, working side by side with the COI to accomplish these mission objectives.

Uniform Edit

They wear the standard Shinigami uniform, the Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) - a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi, and waraji. All captains also wear a light blue haori. The haori sleeves were trimmed with "white mountain stripes", resulting in a very flashy outfit. A white cord called a tasuki crossed over the chest and tied in the back is also worn. The function of the tasuki is to prevent the sleeves of the kimono from interfering with moving the arms.


As the premier investigative task force of the Royal Guard and by extension Soul Society, the Shinsengumi are given countless missions and objectives they are to complete, from monitoring potential threats, to eliminating targets who pose a risk to the security and/or infrastructure of Soul Society. Missions are dissimenated accordingly to the Shinsengumi and further divided amongst its four subdivisions.

Intelligence Operations MissionsEdit

Operation Muramasa: Infiltrate the organization Akutō, monitor and obtain intel regarding its major leaders, their goals and if they pose a threat to Soul Society.

  • Assigned Operative: Pending Evaluation

Counter Intelligence Operations MissionsEdit

Covert Operations & Investigations MissionsEdit

Assassination & Combat Operations MissionsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This article was originally created by the user Jet'ika, who has given me permission to take it over.
  • The quote is inspired by Sun Tzu and his The Art of War.
  • The Shinsengumi are also inspired by the CIA and Mossad.

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