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Shinji Takahiro
Shinji Takahiro profile
Name Shinji Takahiro
Kanji 真治隆宏
Romaji Takahiro Shinji
Race Quincy
Professional Status
Affiliation Akabira City
Occupation Student
Partner Ryosuke Takahashi
Midori Takahashi
Shinsuke Harada
Signature Skill Quincy Powers
This character isn't set to appear until Part III of Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi). - Kenji-Taichō

Shinji Takahiro (真治隆宏, Takahiro Shinji) is a young Quincy residing in Akabira City, being a distant relative of Fujimaru Namikaze. He attends Akabira High and is the guitarist for the Lower-town Rockers. Like his friends, he is also spiritually aware and frequents his local gym, where he boxes regularly; currently being an amateur boxer in his local region.

Appearance Edit

Known to be quite handsome and described as such by those around him, Shinji usually puts up a charming smile which fits with his confident nature and generally happy persona. He is tall with an athletic build, earned through his boxing training and general athleticism. His dark hair is often deemed to be messy by others, especially his teachers; as it perks upwardly forward with strands falling on his forehead. His clothing consists of the usual Akabira High uniform; a white shirt, blue trousers and average, but sturdy, trainers. Down at the gym, he usually wears nothing more than a pair of boxing shorts and gloves so he can train as proper boxers tend to do.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

Part III Edit

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Quincy Status Edit

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