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Shindō (神道, Way of the Deity) is a fighting style designed by the Taishoku Kokumin and said to be the counterpart to the Kidō (鬼道, "demon way") designed by the Shinigami.

Shindō is the technique that Taishoku Kokumin use to focus their Spiritual Energy into magic spells of various powers. These spells serve a wide variety of uses such as healing, defense, or combat, but unlike Kidō, they are not sorted into various categories depending on their type.


Like Kidō, there are various techniques that can be used by users of Shindō. These are recorded on scrolls, the originals being kept by Sesshōmaru, and those who become Taishoku Kokumin are always taught Shindō from him. Unlike Kidō, these spells are not numbered in order of strength but in the order of which they were created. Shindō is harder to use than Kidō, as it requires not only mastery of spirit energy, but peace of mind as well.

Shindō (神道, Way of the Deity)
Number Name Description Picture
1. Kirikizu (切り傷 Cut) The simplest known Shindō spell, with a snap of the user's finger's, they release a crescent of spiritual energy similar to the Getsuga Tenshō, though far toned down in power and with a far different effect. It's effect, true to it's name, is the ability to cut into most objects it comes into contact with, cutting them cleanly in two. Incantation: unknown. Kirikizu
2. Sentana (千刀 Thousand Knives) Moving their hand in a waving motion, the user creates several glowing circles from which thousands of knives emerge. The knives then proceed to rain down on the opponent.Incantation: unknown. Thousand Knives
3. Ōnaminagare I (大波流れI, Surge Flow I) While this originally deubuted as a Kidō Spell, it was originally a technique developed by the Taishoku Kokumin and taken by the Shinigami when they came across the duplicate scrolls of Shindō. The user is enveloped in an aura of their electricity, which increases their strength and speed.Incantation: unknown. Oonaminagare I 1
5. Assaiki no Kyū (圧砕機の球, Crusher Ball) Concentrating and condensing reishi into the palm of their hand, with four points spiraling around it. The orb is then slammed into the opponent. Despite it's name, it has more of a cutting effect, the points are actually blades that cut into the opponent when it makes contact, speeding up the spiraling they create.Incantation: unknown. Crusher Ball
8. Raikiri (雷切 Lightning Cutter) Forming crackling electricity in their hands, the user forms a large spear of light. From that point it can be used as either a combat weapon or a projectile, and if used as the latter and pins an opponent to the ground, it can bind them. Incantation: "What once existed in the skies, will now be forged by my hand. Let that which is denoted as the cold flames, wreck the desire of victory from the thresholds of my opponent." (あった何が一度空に、今私の手によって造られる。 冷たい炎として表示されるそれ割り当てられる、私の反対者の境界からの勝利の欲求を破壊しなさい!) Rakiri
10. Ōnaminagare II (大波流れ II, Surge Flow II) Taking the original Ōnaminagare to a new level, the user coats themselves in an aura of electricity, as well as absorbing the spiritual particles in the air. Their hair lengthens slightly and they become slightly more muscular. This boost dramatically increases strength, speed, stamina, and power, as well as endurance. Incantation: unknown. Oonaminagare II 2
17. Kagehaken (影火炎鉄拳 Shadow Flame Fist) Enveloping they're hands in dark red fire, the user lets loose a punch with the force of a tank. Incantation: Unknown Darkness Flame Fist
15. Ōnaminagare III (大波流れ III, Surge Flow III) The final addition to the Ōnaminagare spell set, it is the most powerful version of it. By gathering spiritual power from all over the general area, and piling spiritual energy of their own, the user gains immense strength, their hair lengthening far past their back, and gaining the familiar yellow aura now associated with Ōnaminagare. The user gains a powerup far superior to that of the previous two, and they gain massive increases in power, speed, endurance, and spiritual attacks. Incantation: unknown. Oonaminagare III 2
17. Ryūka (竜火炎 Dragon Flame) Spews a dragon of black flame at the opponent with enough force to break through rock. Incantation: Unknown Dragon Flame
18. Hirashi (火嵐 Fire Tempest) Launches a swirling red blast of flame at the opponent. Incantation: "Fire and Brimstone, surge forth and heed the contract, burning my foes into the dust of death!" (地獄の苦しみは波立ち、死の塵に私の敵を燃やす契約に注意する!) Hirashi
20. Kaimfuki (壊滅一吹き Annihilation Blast) A spell originally created by emulating Cero. It creates a large blast of energy from varying points of the users body, be it tongue, palm, for fingertip. The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Kamifuki is dependent on the strength of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack). Incantation: Unknown Cero mimic
29. Hekireki (霹靂 Thunderclap) Coating the users hand in electricty, they slash their hand with a downward stroke, letting loose a massive blast of electricity that hits with the speed and power of lightning. Incantation: Unknown Hekireki
30. Kage Bunretsu (影分裂 Shadow Split) A spell where the user creates multiple copies of the user that have actual substance, and as such are able to fight with opponents, among being used for other things. Each clone has an equal fraction of the user's overall power, meaning it is inadvisable for weaker users to create a mass amount of duplicates. Incantation: Unknown Shadow Split
???. Getsuryoku (月影実力 Moon Force) A Spell created by Sesshōmaru, it creates up to four gravity spheres. With the mere wave of his hand, he can force them down on opponents, causing the opponent to crash straight down into the ground. This was originally an extension of his gravitational abilities, but is now a spell any Taishoku Kokumin can learn, though it pales in comparison to the power it would have if used by Sesshōmaru. Incantation: unknown. Getsuryoku

Unnamed Spells Edit

Unnamed Spells'
Number Name Description Picture
1. Unnamed Ritual A spell Sesshōmaru was seen performing. He stated it has yet to work right. Incantation: unknown. Unnamed world spell

Trivia Edit

  • Many Shindō spells seem to involve electricity or blades.

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