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Shikaku members
Name Shikaku
Kanji 刺客
Romanji Shikaku
Leader(s) Hide Arma
Founder(s) Arma Clan
Headquarters Kōhai Tochi
Affiliation Arma Clan
Kōhai Tochi
Purpose Complete their Missions

The Shikaku (刺客, Japanese for Assassins) is a three-man cell formed by Hide, Shinkō and Hito; all young and-up-coming assassins from the Arma Clan. The team currently resides in Kōhai Tochi, accepting work from any who pays for their services, though stemming from their own families bitter relationships with the Satonaka Clan they never take contracts from the latter, and would generally accept a hit on a Satonaka over others.

Shikaku logo

Shikaku's emblem.

Each member is characterized by the emblem they have tattooed on their bodies, with actual location varying between members. For example, Hide's emblem is between his shoulder blades, while Shinkō's is located on her lower-left abdomen. The emblem is considered a free pass within the confines of Kōhai Tochi, such is the respect the young members have garnered since their formation.

They are known to hire others to make their missions easier, especially with the growing difficulty of some of their contracts, such as the call to assassinate Kenji and Kentaro Hiroshi.

Members Edit

Even though others are hired depending on the difficulty of the mission received, there are only three actual members of the Shikaku. Those are:

Members of Shikaku
Hide Arma profile Shinko Arma profile Hito Arma profile
Hide Arma Shinkō Arma Hito Arma

Missions Edit

As a group of assassins, the Shikaku have contracts they must fulfill. The most notable are located below.
Known Missions
Mission Information Contractor Result
Gather information regarding Team Sanretsu. Averian. Success. Averian killed Yoshiaki Hiroshi.
Locate Koichi Hiroshi. Averian. Success. Averian killed Koichi Hiroshi.
Infiltrate the Ryū Order. Shinzō. Success. Shinzō gained intimate knowledge regarding the Orders operations.
Assassinate Kenji. Collective Vices. Failed. Kenji almost killed his attackers.
Assassinate Kentaro Hiroshi Imawashī Failed. They didn't get past Garian Shinjo.

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