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Shijinjuu (四神獣, Four Divine Beasts) is a society of four individuals utilizing the main five elements, having total control over their specific elements. These "beasts" are known as "gods" to many. Whenever one is awakening, the earth would have a small earthquake due to the immensity of their spiritual energy. They are widely known in the Soul Society of Korea.


The "Beasts" are believed to be reincarnated when there is a greater evil rising. They, however, are not aware of it at first. When something that makes them so hurt or depressed, their powers would awaken. The individuals usually awaken their power at different times, unless they are blood-connected. Each of them represent a direction and a season of the year. They are also synthesized with the five elements. In the Soul Society of Korea, they are recognized as gods since they exist to create balance. In the normal Soul Society, not many believe of their existence since they are commonly known as a myth.

The Soul Society of Korea know of their existence since they have already found one of them. They, however, are in great danger because two powerful teams are after them, since they are powerful beings, if they join any side, that group can use it's power. As a result, some people absolutely do not want them to be in this world. When all 4 are united, it will create a new 5th being, the center of the earth.


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Symbol Element Beast Minion(s)
Azure Dragon of the East (青龍, "Seiryuu") Wood Unknown Unknown
Vermilion Bird of the South (朱雀, "Suzaku") Fire Reserved for HB Unknown
White Tiger of the West (白虎, "Byakko") Metal Unknown Unknown
Black Tortoise of the North (玄武, "Genbu") Water 'Aoi Masaharu Kichirou Zaizoku



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