Name Seimeiokami
Kanji 生命狼
Romanji Okami Seimei
Race Zanpakuto Spirit
Birthday Unknown
Age 500+
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 187
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Blood Type Unknown

Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Wandering Shinigami
Previous Occupation Zanpakuto Spirit
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Divorced
Relatives Isamu Chusei (Son) Chisiokami(Son)
Education Himself
Status Active
Shikai Seimeiokami
Bankai Shizen no Ikari

Seimeiokami is a Released Zanpakuto Spirit that lived over 500 years ago. He is the father to that of Isamu Chusei and Chisiokami. He left saying that the world needed him and he would return one day. He makes it his sworn duty to help all those in need acting as a "Guardian Angel" for those who can't see him. He believes in a fair fight as he hates the people who attack someone weaker then themselves, attacks an already defeated opponent, or goes out of their way to overly kill someone.


Seimeiokami is a wolf with brown hair and has a blind eye from a fight many years ago. He stands at 6'2" being really tall he towers over almost everybody he meets. He is has a very big build while being very lean too, showing his muscles. He doesn't wear a shirt or any clothing on his top but he does have pants.


Having been released from his Zanpakuto Seimeiokami has wandered the spirit and the real world fighting hollows and helping those who need it. He had two sons one being Isamu and Chisiokami, sadly he was forced into sealing his son Chisiokami into his other son Isamu since Chisiokami was dying Seimei had to use Isamu's massive spirit energy to sustain Chiokami's life. Seimeiokami knew that when Isamu earned his Zanpakuto he would be able to unlock his full potential. This event was truly traumatic to Seimeiokami and he needed to leave, but he said that when his sons truely needed him he would be at their side to help them.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

Shunpo Master:

Master Tactician & Strategist:

Immense Spiritual Power:

Enhanced Durability:

Enhanced Strength:


Seimeiokami(生命狼,Life Wolf):

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