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This article is about the manifested spirit of Kenji Hiroshi's Zanpakutō. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Kenji's Zanpakuto.

Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei
Sanmiittai's Bankai
Race Zanpakutō Spirit (Hollow Attributes)
Gender Male
Height 5ft 2in
Weight 52kg
Professional Status
Partner Kenji Hiroshi
Kenjiro (As Hollow Powers)
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Kenji's Inner World
Shikai Sanmiittai
Bankai Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei

Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei (さんみいったい生活新生, Japanese for The Trinity Life and Rebirth) is the Bankai manifestation of Kenji Hiroshi's zanpakutō, Sanmiittai. This is either achieved by means of Jinzen, or whenever Kenji utilizes Sanmiittai Ninaruichi (さんみいったいになるいち, Japanese for The Trinity Becomes One) in his Bankai state. Unlike his Shikai self, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei portrays himself as a violent and spiteful figure, though his sense of sarcasm remains unchanged. He also prefers going by his Shikai name of Sanmiittai, as he finds his full name rather troublesome to repeat and hear repeated.

Character Outline Edit

Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei takes the appearance of a young teenager as opposed to the mature and full grown adult saw in his Shikai state. Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei has long purple hair that he usually wears in a long ponytail that billows out behind him and has amber colored eyes that Kenji has described as frightening. He is also seen wearing a black-colored Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) in place of the ceremonial armor worn in his Shikai state, with decorative white cuffs and red shoulder strips with a single golden button apiece. From the buttons drop two lengths of beads, which appear similar to the dangling length of cloth Kenji gains upon activating his Bankai which also glow as Kenji's does, though their purpose has yet to be elaborated upon. In complete conflict with his youthful appearance and lean-build, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei is stronger than his size would otherwise suggest.

Bold, brash, violent and openly spiteful, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei proves himself to be a perpetual thorn in Kenji's side and a bramble to his hand whenever he manifests the spirit or visits him by initiating Jinzen. He delights in annoying Kenji and Kyoaku, with the latter comparing him to the "noisy brat the parents left at home". The relationship between Kyoaku and the spirit is strained and nowhere near as understanding nor as friendly as the friendship Kyoaku shares with Sanmiittai. Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei loves being the center of attention and will go to great lengths to get it, much to Kenji's chagrin during battle situations. Despite this, he has demonstrated restraint on important occasions; shown most usually during his scheduled practice session with Kenji and Kyoaku and when Kenji summons him to combat the likes of Averian and his army. The only trait he seems to carry over from his Shikai state is his sarcasm, again to Kenji's chagrin. When materialized into the physical world, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei shows himself also to be quite excitable, questioning small things and their significance, often being told by Ino Hiroshi that, at heart, he is nothing but a child. He has also shown to be overly protective of people he considers the underdog, once leaving Kenji when materialized to protect weaker members of The Ryu Order, even though he put his own master in danger by doing so. Kenji ultimately agreed with the move however, and regardless of outward appearances, master and zanpakutō have shown a deep understanding of the other; Kusaka once stating they were like siblings in their mannerisms and interactions. Funnily enough, Kusaka also states that Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei is just as annoying as his master can be.

Synopsis Edit

Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

Part III Edit

Part IV Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Overwhelming Spiritual Power: Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's already impressive spiritual power is significantly increased upon entering his Bankai state, furthering the strength and intensity his mere presence brings. His strength is such, in fact, that only the strongest members of The Ryu Order can stand near him when he releases, as even Kenji finds his spiritual energy incredible. Even Meian Shiba acknowledged the spirits overwhelming spiritual energy, noting it to be incredibly thick and heavy. Much like Kenji's body, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei constantly glows with a continually present mystifying white light, explained by him to be the combination of the colors seen in his Shikai. Because the shroud is always present, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei benefits from the protection the sheer density of it grants him. Theorized by Sojiro Kori to be because of his hollow influence, the spirits reiatsu in Bankai is so dense that not even a Quincy's Seele Schneider can cut through it, nor can weapons of similar vibration levels; an example being Kitsui Sanretsu's energy sword harm him in any way.

Physical Augmentation: The release of Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei grants the spirit a sizable boost to his already impressive levels of physical strength, speed and durability, so much so in fact that he can completely out perform his masters skillful speed - surprising, considering his teenage appearance. With every swing of his nodachi, the spirit can release powerful shockwaves reminiscent of the ones released by Rikimaru Ichinose's zanpakutō, only noticeably stronger and more destructive. His physical strength is such that even someone as strong physically as Naibu Shizuka was shocked by it, stating the difference between them to be "worlds apart". He can casually cut through fortified Hierro without much effort and can, at any time, augment his strength even further with the force of his lightning abilities seen previously n his Shikai.

Unimaginable Speed: Perhaps Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's greatest skill is the large and prominent boost to his levels of speed. His sheer speed becomes such that he can completely outmaneuver captain-level opponents, as the likes of Tadashi Kori and Shin Nagakura couldn’t even follow him when they witnessed him fighting alongside Kenji. His speed is explained through the wind abilities seen in his Shikai reaching their highest evolution in the form of speed enhancement. He is easily fit to outstrip all but the fastest of opponents and can casually move towards his opponents back and use Senka while appearing as though he teleported, or used some form of relocation as opposed to high-speed movement. When he makes any form of high-speed movement while in this state, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei makes a noticeable static sound.

Augmented Shikai Abilities: Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's Shikai skills are augmented to such degrees that they appear like completely new techniques. His water-attuned skills are now powerful enough to wash away entire structures with little to no effort and are even stronger than Kenji's own, with his earth abilities can cause devastating earthquakes and his darkness related skills no longer require a price to utilize for extended periods.

Zanpakutō Edit

Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei has shown himself fit to construct a solid nodachi with yellow hilt wrapping and an average circular guard which first appears as pure 'reiryoku before solidifying to form the blade. The nodachi has shown itself to be very durable, being fit to withstand tremendous force exerted upon it, as it was fit to block and subsequently part Averian's Cero to either side and block an energy wave from Kenji himself without showing any signs of damage.

Bankai Special Ability: Staying true to the trinity theme seen throughout his sealed state and Shikai release, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei can utilize the powers of death, life and rebirth. This application is most commonly seen in the defense Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei gains, though he can employ the three states separately of one another. Any spiritual-based techniques aimed at his person can be broken down by his aura, essentially bringing about the "death" of the technique in question. This broken down energy can be allowed to disperse into the atmosphere, or it can then be cycled around his body once, where it is then reformed as something else entirely, in essence bringing about a "rebirth" of the technique in a different form. He then gives the technique "new life" by subjecting the energy to his will and unleashing it. This entire process of "death, rebirth and finally life" takes only seconds to perform, which again aids its usefulness as an ultimate defense. The concept is not without its drawbacks; however as Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei can only handle upwards of three spiritual-based attacks at any given time, as any more would cause the energy being reformed to cycle out of control and create a backlash effect.
  • Shibō: (死亡, Japanese for Death) This ability corresponds to Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's ability to destroy spiritual-based occurrences with his aura alone. Kenji describes it as the final evolution of his dark-attuned abilities. By expressing his Bankai shroud outward from his person, he can effectively tear apart the bonds holding an attack together, causing it to dissipate long before it would even reach him; though attacks at close range can only be partially deconstructed because of the closeness between Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei and his opponent. Shibō allows for various other effects, which are:
  • Sanmiittai no Satsujin Toiki: (さんみいったいの殺人吐息, Japanese for The Trinity's Deathly Sigh) Not yet Revealed.
  • Sanmiittai no Dōga: (さんみいったいの動画, Japanese for The Trinity's Animation) An ability that allows Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei to animate and control corpses. While his master hates the very principle of the technique because in his eyes it violates the dead, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei is not as courteous. He would willingly control multiple corpses to hinder and ultimately unnerve his foes.
  • Sanmiittai no Dākubēru: (さんみいったいのダークベール, Japanese for The Trinity's Dark Veil) Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's favorite Bankai ability. It allows him to instantaneously travel short distances as long as there is sufficient amounts of darkness to cover his entire body, making this attack incredibly effective at night or within a building with few lights as the spirit can effectively move around the entire battlefield in the blink of an eye and be fit to launch an attack from anywhere.
  • Shinsei: (新生, Japanese for Rebirth) This ability corresponds to Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's ability to alter the form of certain objects and techniques, essentially bringing about a "rebirth". Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei explains that water and wind bring life to the world, either through the scattering of seeds on the wind or through waters ability to sustain pre-existing life, and that Shinsei allows him to do the same. He can alter the form of an attack, causing a rebirth that would make it into something he can avoid, destroy or utilize himself; as he usually alters attacks into a stream of lightning that he then controls himself through his lightning mastery. This ability is what allows him and Kenji to generate the nodachi they use in combat, as they reform pure reiryoku into a solid shape and give it the new form of a nodachi through Shinsei. Shinsei also allows Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei to utilize various other effects by manipulating the energy around his nodachi, which are:
  • Sanmiittai no Tsubasa Shainingu: (さんみいったいの翼シャイニング, Japanese for The Trinity's Shining Blade) An ability that causes Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's nodachi to be overcome with a bright white light that covers the entire blade. This shroud allows his strikes to sever forces, as the energy vibrates at a rate higher than that of a Seele Schneider; though once the sword actually succeeds in cutting something, the energy coating the nodachi then pulsates. This event causes some of the energy to enter the opponent’s body, mixing with that of an opponent, causing them a large degree of pain.
  • Sanmiittai no Attō Nichiyō: (さんみいったいの圧倒日曜, Japanese for The Trinity's Overwhelming Sun) Not yet Revealed.
  • Sanmiittai no Konpeki Hōseki: (さんみいったいの紺碧宝石, Japanese for The Trinity's Azure Jewel) Not yet Revealed.
  • Sanmiittai no Ōgon Tenka: (さんみいったいの黄金点火, Japanese for The Trinity's Golden Spark) Not yet Revealed.
  • Seikatsu: (生活, Japanese for Life) This ability corresponds to Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's ability to grant techniques he has absorbed and reconstructed new life by exerting his will upon the new form. He can, to a lesser degree, influence the life energy of the area around him; which in turn effects the growth of the local flora and fauna. Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei explains that this control over the power of life energy is the final evolution of his earth-attuned abilities, as the earth itself provides and nurtures all life upon it.
  • Sanmiittai no Sakusei: (さんみいったいの作成, Japanese for The Trinity's Creation) Not yet Revealed.
  • Sanmiittai no Sekando Kakuritsu: (さんみいったいのセカンド確率, Japanese for The Trinity's Second Chance) Not yet Revealed.
  • Sanmiittai no Tenshi: (さんみいったいの天子, Japanese for The Trinity's Son of Heaven) Not yet Revealed.
  • Sanmiittai no Sainen Yokkyū: (さんみいったいの再燃欲求, Japanese for The Trinity's Rekindling Desires) Not yet Revealed.

Hollow Powers Edit

Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei hollowfied

Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei utilizing his hollowfied reiatsu.

When Kenji lost his Hollow Powers and Sanmiittai first formed, some of the Hollow influence that existed within Kenjiro upon his death at the hands of Averian's ability mixed with the forming energy of Sanmiittai. This event resulted in a stable form of Hollowfication. When utilized by Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei, his eyes turn a demonic red coloration, as does his hair, and his voice deepens as apposed to the forming of a Hollow mask or the acquirement of a new form. These Hollow powers, while inacessible to Kenji in the form of Hollow abilities like Cero or Bala, manifest in the form of impressive physical augmentation when Kenji himself activates his Bankai; explained through his close link and intimate understanding of every aspect of Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's power.

  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's innate Hollow influence results in the spirit having access to greater levels of spiritual energy as he otherwise would possess without Kenjiro's power. Kenji states that whenever the spirit utilizes these powers consciously, they feel incredibly similar to that of a Vizard donning their Hollow Mask, with Kenji furthering the likeness between his own previous Hollowfied form and that of Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei's.
  • Gran Rey Cero: Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei has shown himself fit to fire from his hand a tremendously powerful dark purple-colored Cero that Kenji himself confirmed to be a Gran Rey Cero. Its strength is such that even an Arrancar of Averian's impressive endurance showed fear encase it struck him. Its strength is further exemplified due to the ease in which it repulses all but Kenji's unnanmed energy wave attack during one of their fiercer training sessions.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: While not as impressive as the healing demonstrated by powerful Arrancars, Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei can heal everything excluding head and organ damage, even showing himself fit to regrow a lost arm; though it requires energy proportionate to the wound being healed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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