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This article is about the manifested spirit of Kenji Hiroshi's Zanpakutō. For his Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Kenji's Zanpakuto.

Sanmiittai 2
Race Zanpakutō Spirit (Hollow Attributes)
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 74kg
Professional Status
Partner Kenji Hiroshi
Kenjiro (As Hollow Powers)
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Kenji's Inner World
Shikai Sanmiittai
Bankai Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei
Might of the oceans unleashed. Kenji-Taichō

Sanmiittai (さんみいったい, lit. The Trinity) is the manifested spirit of Kenji Hiroshi's Zanpakutō that is manifested during his Bankai training and whenever Kenji utilizes Sanmiittai Ninaruichi (さんみいったいになるいち, lit. The Trinity Becomes One). Sanmiittai portrays himself as a wise and honorable individual, whose only goal in life is teaching and protecting his master.

Character Outline Edit

Sanmiittai appears as a young man wearing ceremonial samurai armor with a purple tunic worn over the top. His hair is colored violet and spills down his back in a long ponytail with bangs framing his face, which lay on his shoulders. On his armor are inscribed the words Kousei (こうせい, Justice), Yousha (ようしゃ, Mercy) and Adauchi (あだうち, Vengeance), the same words which appear on his various Shikai forms, with the word Bachi (ばち, lit. Retribution) inscribed on his sheath. In his right hand, Sanmiittai often carries a katana very different from the hook swords Kenji favors. His eyes glow with a yellow coloration whenever he utilizes Kenjiro's power.

In terms of personality, Sanmiittai maintains a mysterious air and even Kenji knows little about his true character. In all his appearances, however, the spirit has shown great loyalty and attachment to his master and often helps whenever Kenji calls, although in a roundabout manner. He is proud, honorable and wise and gets on rather well with Kyoaku; as the two converse often and trust one another completely. This has led the two to concoct a series of challenges and tests for their master whenever Kenji enters his Inner World. This wise attitude, however, belies a level of sarcasm that the spirit usually brings to bear whenever frustrated at Kenji himself; which to say the least, if quite often. When summoned via Sanmiittai Ninaruichi, Sanmiittai has shown an effective degree of teamwork with his master and will, without hesitation, use his own body to shield Kenji from otherwise fatal strikes. The spirit has also shown to be calm and composed as opposed to the sometimes rash and hot-headed actions of his master; a fact highlighted in Sanmiittai's frequent usage of abilities born in nature, such as water and earth.

Synopsis Edit

Main Article: Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

Part II Edit

Part III Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Energy: Sanmiittai is a powerful zanpakutō spirit with strength in terms of spiritual energy to rival his owner, if not surpass him currently. His energy takes a distinct mix of black, aqua-marine and yellow and is potent enough to make even Kenji sweat when he first encountered the spirit. Unlike Kenji, whose spiritual energy is attuned to the element of lightning, Sanmiittai leans more to the element of water. Sanmiittai has expressed a dual-type spiritual energy due to small amount of Hollowfied reiatsu that mixed with Sanmiittai when the zanpakutō was initially forming; resulting in Sanmiittai being much stronger than he otherwise would have been.

Master Weapon Specialist: Sanmiittai's skill in wielding the three forms of his Shikai are advanced enough to make Kenji's usage in all but swordsmanship mediocre in comparison. During their initial meeting and brief battle, Kenji was repeatedly knocked down, with Sanmiittai landing critical strikes with all but the sword. Only in swordsmanship could Kenji compete against Sanmiittai's skill.

Amazing Speed: Sanmiittai has shown to move at tremendous speeds. He is able to surprise and outmaneuver Kenji during their battle, a further testament to his skill considering Kenji's skillful speed. Kenji has said that Sanmiittai doesn't use any form of high-speed movement, suggesting a currently unnamed ability alluded to by Kenji himself and confirmed by Sanmiittai, though he has yet to divulge this information.

Enhanced Strength: Sanmiittai possesses a great deal of physical strength, shown from how casually he caught Kenji's sealed swords during their initial encounter and battle. His strength was further shown from how easily he was fit throw his master into the distance. Kenji has theorized that a great deal of Sanmiittai's physical strength comes from the powers of Kenjiro.

Zanpakutō Edit

Sanmiittai (さんみいったい, lit. The Trinity) is the name of Kenji Hiroshi's zanpakutō. A unique and mysterious zanpakutō, Kenji has revealed that Sanmiittai does not possess a singular Shikai release as countless other zanpakutō possess. Instead, Sanmiittai has access to two individual Shikai releases, though both cannot be used at the same time no matter how much mastery has been achieved, nor how close the relationship between Shinigami and zanpakutō.

Unnamed Energy Wave: One of the few zanpakutō to possess a sealed ability, Sanmiittai is capable of unleashing considerably powerful energy waves, capable of creating huge fissures in the ground when fired. When used against Kenji during their sparring match, it was shown to be powerful enough to repulse the latter's Sutorobo Kagayaku and still keep traveling towards the intended target. While Kenji has been taught the basics behind this technique, Sanmiittai refuses to reveal further information, stating the attack to be "just as dangerous for the one utilizing it properly as it is for the intended recipient."
  • Shikai: Sanmiittai's first Shikai form is released with the phrase Let the God’s Run Free, and is given the self-dubbed nickname Mihashiranokami (みはしらのかみ, lit. Three Gods). In terms of shape and design, Sanmiittai can have three distinct and very different forms that he can wield. The first is that of a hawthorn staff with a worn appearance slightly larger than Sanmiittai's full height and is used predominately for defense or when facing more than one opponent. The top and bottom of the weapon are decorated with steel ends for added force when a blow is dealt and the wood making up its shaft has been noted to be extremely resilient against attacks; being fit to block other zanpakutō without being cut or broken in any way. About halfway up the staff’s length, the word Kousei (こうせい, Justice) is clearly visible. The second weapon is that of a trident with an aqua-marine shaft and a steel weight at the end to add balance and counter the weight of the tridents three prongs. Blade-wise, the tridents three pointed prongs are incredibly sharp and deadly and can easily be used to disarm swordsman and maintain a relatively safe distance to strike from. Sanmiittai often uses this trident in a manner similar to his usage of the hawthorn staff, though his form is much more aggressive than the defensive form used with the hawthorn staff. Like the staff, the word Yousha (ようしゃ, Mercy) is labelled just below the three prongs, engraved into the steel. The third and final form Sanmiittai can make use of is that of an average hand-and-a-half-sword approximately 4.5ft long in length and incredibly sharp. The weapon is plain with no notable decoration, though the upper section of the hilt is black leather while the lower half is colored metallic silver with the word Adauchi (あだうち, Vengeance) cut into the hilt, resting against the palm of Sanmiittai’s hand when he wields it. These three forms can be shifted through at will, though the destruction and reconstruction takes a timespan of approximately five seconds. Sanmiittai commonly employs the trident in battle, alongside the water-related abilities it empowers.
Shikai Special Abilities: Sanmiittai, in terms of powers and abilities it is quite unique in that it offers three distinct forces Sanmiittai can control at a whim. These include lightning, much like that of his previous zanpakutō Aoi Inazuma, the forces of water and those of darkness. Kenji compares his zanpakutō's power to that of the Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, because he can control the lightning of Zeus, the water of Poseidon and darkness which is often attributed to Hades as the God of the Underworld. Although he has access to all his Shikai abilities regardless of what one of the three forms his Shikai takes, the strength of each force at his command is increased drastically should he use the weapon designated to each individual force. The hawthorn staff’s nature is attuned to the force of lightning, the trident to that of water and the hand-and-a-half-sword to that of darkness. Sanmiittai commonly employs the trident in battle, alongside the water-related abilities it empowers.
  • Kairyū: (海流, lit. Flow of the Ocean) Is the name of Sanmiittai's water attuned abilities. When utilizing these skills, Sanmiittai's eyes glow an aqua-marine blue hue and his spiritual energy serves to strengthen the waves created through his spiritual energy. Sanmiittai has masterful control over this water, being able to direct it with his mind alone and use it in conjunction with his master's lightning abilities by creating a conductor for his lightning to travel through. With a mere flick of his hand, Sanmiittai can knock Kenji straight off his feet with a gushing torrent of ice-cold liquid and cause geysers to erupt from the ground. Due to the nature of these skills, the temperature of the liquid depends entirely on how Sanmiittai chooses to use it. If created out in the open, the air mixes with the water and his own spiritual energy, causing it to become ice cold, while if conjured from the earth, geothermal energy heats the liquid to extreme temperatures.
Kenji's water attack


  • Instantaneous Kokunagare: (こくながれ, lit. Cutting Flow) A highly pressurized jet of water that can be fired from the tip of Sanmiittai's Shikai state simply by concentrating spiritual energy and projecting it in a pressurized form. Sanmiittai's version is instantaneous, as has shown enough skill to fire this particular ability from his body without the need to charge it, or without his sword as a medium.
  • Taifuuouda: (たいふうおうだ, lit. Typhoon Blow) By holding the tip of his weapon or the palm of his hand at his foe and concentrating water into that single point, Sanmiittai can loose a vast amount of water that can wash away whole structures, including stone buildings without trouble. The force of the current has been compared to that of a tsunami.
  • Trident Generation: Sanmiittai is fit to shape and solidify the water at his command to form a liquid trident bearing the same shape and design as his zanpakutō. He is also fit to throw these tridents as though they were javelins, using the three prongs to pin foes to nearby surfaces to aid his offense, or to aid him in dual-wielding situations.
Kenji's 2nd Shikai

The scythe appearance of Sanmiittai.

  • Surītaitanzu (スリータイタンズ, lit. Three Titans) is the self-dubbed nickname of Sanmiittai's second Shikai, released with the command May The Titans Rule. Unlike Sanmiittai's first Shikai, which offers Kenji a total of three different weapons, Surītaitanzu is not as generous. Instead, Kenji's hook swords meld together and form a cruelly shaped sickle blade as tall as Kenji is himself. The scythe bears a silver coloration with a long and slender shaft, with a coiled wire-like base and several other wire-like extensions leaving the back of the scythes blade. The shaft also appears to be crafted from wood, judging from the various groves, ridges running along its length and the not entirely straight shaft of the weapon. Like the first Shikai release, Surītaitanzu has wording engraved onto the wooden shaft of the scythe, reading Bachi (ばち, lit. Retribution).
Special Abilities: The second release of Sanmiittai offers Kenji powers over the sky and earth, which he compares to three titans who feature in Greek Mythology, the titans being Uranus, Gaia and Cronus; whose power of the sky and earth are well known, though the powers likened to Cronus are represented more directly in the form Sanmiittai takes as a weapon and not as abilities.
  • Rikuseimouretsu: (りくせいもうれつ, lit. Terrestrial Rage) Is the name of Sanmiittai's earth attuned abilities, when his weapon assumes the powers of the Titan Gaia. This allows Sanmiittai some control over the forces of the earth itself, though because of their earth-based nature, he must be on the ground to be able to use these skills. However, the cumulated dirt and earth created allows Sanmiittai to create mud which can constrict around an opponent to bind them in place.
  • Dobei: (どべい, lit. Earthen Wall) After slamming the end of his scythe into the ground, a wall of thick earth will rise quickly to form a shield in front of him. The shield is strengthened by Sanmiittai's spiritual power, making its strength proportionate to the levels of spiritual energy used to create it.
  • Kureetoburai: (クレーとぶらい, lit. Clay Burial) An attack that uses dislodged earth and dirt to surround an enemy. Once sufficient levels of dirt have been accumulated, Sanmiittai raises his hand and clenches his fist, forcing the dirt and earth to crush the one(s) trapped.

Hollow Powers Edit

When Kenji lost his Hollow Powers and Sanmiittai formed, some of the Hollow influence that existed within Kenjiro upon his death at the hands of Averian's ability mixed with the forming energy of Sanmiittai. This event resulted in a stable form of Hollowfication, though because these powers exist separately to Sanmiittai's zanpakutō powers, Kenji himself cannot utilize them at all. Sanmiittai's eyes turn the usual hollowfied yellow and his voice deepens as apposed to the forming of a Hollow mask or the acquirement of a new form.

  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Sanmiittai's innate Hollow influence results in the spirit having access to greater levels of spiritual energy as he otherwise would possess without Kenjiro's power.
  • Cero: Sanmiittai has shown himself able to fire from his hand a very potent violet-colored Cero blast with a wide and destructive radius.
  • Bala: From a single hand, Sanmiittai can unleash a large barrage of violet-colored Bala blasts that have proven to be quite potent. Each single sphere holds destructive power along the lines of Kenji's Shakkahō, making them more than capable of incapacitating lower-echelon opponents.

Quotes Edit

  • "You will find Kenji, that ones opinion of good and evil depends greatly on their point of view."
  • No matter what you think, my purpose is not to play nursemaid to you. Mine is to protect you and make you strong, or have you forgotten the entire point of a zanpakutō? It would appear so... Such a pity."
  • If you spent more time focusing and less time mopping, you'd have finished this test by now. Kyoaku told me that he never once seen someone as dedicated as you are, so how about you show me that instead of boring me to the point of collapse?
  • Engrave my image in your mind and look forward. Only by putting your mind together with mine... will you realize our true power.

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