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Sai Fusō
Name Sai Fusō
Kanji 最サイ扶桑
Romaji Fusuo Sai
Race Human Puppet
Professional Status
Affiliation Dokeshi Fujiwara

The Philosophers(Formerly)

Occupation Human Puppet
Team N/A
Partner Dokeshi Fujiwara
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not Yet Revealed

Sai Fusō (最サイ扶桑, Fusō Sai, literally meaning Prime Ancestor) was a legendary Shinigami of the Old Times, relatively known for having acted as the Second Captain of the 7th Division after the death of Yūyami Shiba. Consistently regarded as a man of grace and stature, Sai was a member of The Philosophers who aided in the construction of the capital of Soul Society, Seireitei. Afterwards, Sai would later establish the Fusō Clan as one of the few Great Noble Families.

Unfortunately, his beloved legacy would be forever marred by his successor, Hiro Fusō, who callously led the Fusō Clan to its near destruction in an event infamously known as Tragic Night.

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