"Listen close, you pathetic worm... This is my soil, MY ground now. If I ever so much as smell your lurking stench in this area ever again, I will take your soul straight down to HELL!"
—Sadow before releasing a helpless Hollow from an area it claimed was it's own in Hueco Mundo.

Sadow Yatsumaru
Bc10 193
Name Sadow Joviah Yatsumaru
Race Shinigami
Birthday Unknown
Age Around 1,000
Gender Male
Height 5'10
Weight 177lbs.
Eyes Blue, can glow red at times
Hair White
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features Pale skin, white hair, eyes can glow red when angered or excited
Professional Status
Affiliation himself
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Kensei, Warlord
Previous Occupation Ronin
Team none
Partner None
Base of Operations various
Personal Status
Marital Status Unknown
Relatives Sadow Yatsumaru I (Father)
Status Active

Sadow Joviah Yatsumaru II is a legendary, almost mythical, swordsman in the spirit world, famous for winning several battles in different wars spanning over a millenium. What truly strikes those in awe or horror of him is how young he appears, regardless of his age when the Head-Captain Yamamoto himself was around Sadow's age and appeared very old.

Appearance Edit

He has shoulder length white hair that is styled to be a sort of spiked mullet and deep blue eyes. He wears a black trenchcoat with black pants and knee high black leather boots. The trenchcoat has an opening at the chest area that extends down to the stomach narrowingly in a V shape with small black strings connecting each end. The outer layer of said opening is aligned with black spikes, as is his wrist cuffs. He wears a tight black sash-like belt that seems to be made of either a sturdy leather or light metal. He also wears a small beaded necklace with a tiny blue orb on it.

Personality Edit

"Funny... you smell alot like what I had for breakfast this morning!"
—Sadow threatening someone

First and foremost, Sadow is passionate about killing. He views it as not only artistic expression, but also a way to define himself in a world filled with people. He has taken on a Grim Reaper sort of persona, claiming that he comes from Hell and that he sends souls there when he kills people. He is quite aware of his social identity and infamy, and revels in the effect he has on others. He will outright intimidate people just for his own amusement.

However, despite his sadistic streak, Sadow does have his own code of honor he adheres to. If someone manages to gain his respect somehow, he will let them live and, in rarer ocassions, aid them in times of trouble. This is expressed in a story where a Leiutenant Soul Reaper managed to trick him into a trap but, feeling mercy on him, let him go. Sadow, in return for this, let the Soul Reaper live and, years later, helped him kill a group of Menos Grande.

Sadow also isn't above being sexually active, and has taken personal "courtesans" to keep him company and relaxed during his adventures. While he openly treats them like mere toys, kept only to play with and flaunder about to make others envious, he seems to have a somewhat personal attachment to each of them. How deep this attachment goes is unknown, but he has been shown numerous times to take the time to save them when their lives are in danger. In turn, they are fanatically loyal to him and follow him wherever he goes.

Entourage Edit

Sadow's entourage consist of three busty females he has managed to woo over the course of his lifetime who pledged their life into servitude to him, whether as bodyguards, servants, masseuses, or sexual therapists.


  • Hinotori: A former Warlady who engaged with Sadow in a personal duel, Sadow not only defeated her and her small army but crushed her father's Samurai helmet and shattered her Zanpakuto to pieces. While they both could be fixed, she found her honour damaged beyond repair. Sadow consoled her by stating that she could either die with damaged honour, or be his personal servant as somewhat of a warrior with stitched-up honour intact. She chose the latter, and through her time with the Kensei, found herself obsessed about him. She wields Enshoku, a fire-based Zanpakuto that can spray a stream of blazing-hot fire.
    Kagefusa - Manyuu Hikenchou


  • Ouka: A woman who has been obsessed with Sadow since childhood, she died her hair white and wore black leather similar to his own uniform to mimick him. When she finally found him, she begged him to allow her to stay with him, whether as an apprentice or a pet. Sadow, amused by her devotion and attracted to her physically, allowed her to stay with him as another servant. She wields a Kido-gun stylized like a shotgun as well as a training Zanpakuto, though her swordsmanship is very flaud and she prefers to use her Kido-gun more often.
    Sakura Igawa


  • Tanseki: Sadow's most ditzy and uncoordinated servant, Tanseki hailed from a mountainous region but found life in the Seireitei unbearable due to her over-sized breasts making her a target frequently. She made a new home out in a valley, but soon found herself in the middle of a fight between Quincy and Soul Reapers. She met Sadow, who was slaughtering both sides, when he inadvertently saved her life from a Quincy's arrow. She pledged her loyalty to him, though her sword-skills are even worse than Ouka's. Her skills in healing, however, have proven quite useful to Sadow.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength: Sadow possesses great strength, able to take down Hollow twice his size with his bare hands alone. Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Sadow is extremely fast, having mastered the art of Shunpo and his reflexes have been honed from years of life-threatening combat engagement with different styles. He has managed to evade swift strikes from even Captain-level Shinigami many times in the past. Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Over a millennia, Sadow has spent cutting down the world's finest warriors. This has not only granted him great infamy, but also instinctive skills to survive combat against other swordsmen. Through his tales of hacking down famous warriors, he has established himself as a Kensei, one of the world's greatest sword-masters. Lady Kanpu herself notes how quick and agile Sadow is with a blade, and how adaptive he can be if a situation isn't looking in his favour. During his bouts with the second Generation's Wrath, Sadow managed to be on par with the Cardinal, proving that even a mortal man such as he can stand up to one of Bael's most powerful Demons in skill.

Zanpakuto Edit

Kyuuketsuki: Known as the "Blood-Sucking Blade", Kyuuketsuki takes the form of a simple Katana with a round, silver guard enveloping toward the blade with a straightened, blue handle.

  • Shikai: By uttering the phrase "Drink", Kyuuketsuki draws in the blood of all those wounded by it's blade, syphoning the power into itself for use in it's abilities. It will glow red when at it's peak, and has a variety of destructive abilities it can dish out when full.

    Sadow in his Haitori form.

    • Haitori: (蝿取, Jumping-Spider) Kyuuketsuki's first Shikai ability, after blood syphoning, is allowing Sadow to take on a new appearance as well as be able to jump frighteningly great heights with ease. He grows fangs and piercing-red eyes as well as a more threatening, hunched posture. His fangs serve the purpose of replenishing lost "energy", via sucking the blood out of victims similarly to the popular depiction of a Vampire. His new form has a large, green arm on his back and a green blade replacing his sword arm with a red eye on the shoulder. The extra arm has outgrown, darkened fingernails.
    • Totategumo: (戸立蜘蛛, Trapdoor-Spider) Sadow creates a perfect replica of his corpse in which he stores his real body in, like a soul inside of a body. When the person gets near the corpse to examine whether or not he is truly dead, he is able to burst out of the corpse to take the person by surprise. Many consider this to be a dishonorable move.
    • Dokugumo: (毒蜘蛛, Wolf-Spider) Sadow's speed and reflexes are greatly enhanced, so much that many find it difficult to keep guard against his relentless strikes. He becomes very aggressive in this state, focusing purely on offense and ignoring most injuries (unless fatal, which makes him deactivate his Shikai and seek aid.) Sadow's bites can also, in this form, release a moderately harmful venom that spreads throughout the muscles of the victim, paralyzing them in a matter of minutes. However, when Sadow deactivates the Shikai, it also dissipates the venom, automatically curing the victim.

Ressurection Edit

After his death and employment as leader of the Death's Head Legion by the Gentleman, Sadow goes through a large change in character, as noted by many who knew him before his death. He has changed from a battle-seeking warrior to a man of ideals and appreciation of the finer things in life other than battle. Regardless, he treats the war he wages as a conviction of his, something he must accomplish at all costs. He is convinced by the Gentleman that true immortality is being remembered and if he manages to bring down the Soul Society, he will never be forgotten. During this time, Sadow's past and inner turmoils are fleshed out.

As a child, Sadow grew up in a wintery-Northern impoverished town governed by a tyrannical crimelord who took everything he could from the poor residents of the city. Finally, in an attempt to reclaim their rights, the city rebelled against the crimelord. Sadow himself volunteered to help though, at the time, had little skill in the use of a sword. However, the leader of the resistance taught him basic uses and, through it, Sadow managed to survive the battle. The ordeal seems to have had an effect on him as it was the first time he had ever killed anyone, though he wasn't a stranger to death as corpses lined the streets of the poor town due to starvation and disease.

After the event, it is unknown what happens to Sadow but it is clear that he did not stay. He assumed his family had died and began wandering the world, offering his services as a mercenary in wars. Through years of combat, Sadow managed to hone his skills with swordplay until, finally, he accepted Hell-Hunter powers by Bael though he never really agreed to become a Hell-Hunter. He gained his Hell-Blade Zanpakuto, Kyuuketsuki, as well as various other enhancements. From that moment on, he began his struggles as Sadow the Kensei.

Sadow always fought for supremacy, wanting to prove himself to the world and be recognized, even if it was for something horrible like killing. He hated being talked down on or humiliated, demanding respect at all times. However, as stated above, he changes after being ressurected and "educated" by the Gentleman. He starts appreciating things more, and acts as a charismatic leader rather than a blood-thirsty madman. He treats his subordinates with respect and caring, and inspires them to continue onward. However, he seems to hold some grudges from his past life: Hiroya Ginkarei for humiliating him, especially in front of a fellow Kensei. Shade Kagekyo for challenging him but not being able to finish their fight due to the interference

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