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Riki's Inner World
Riki's Inner World
Name Riki's Inner World
Kanji リキで内的世界
Romanji Riki de naiteki sekai
Owner Riki Nagakura
Resident(s) Shiro Ōkami
Sabaku Suna

Riki's Inner World (リキで内的世界, Riki de naiteki sekai) is the term that denotes the manifestation of Riki Nagakura's soul, where his Inner Animal and Zanpakutō spirits calls home. The world itself is exemplified through lush green forests, tropical lakes, wild flowers and great open views despite the surrounding greenery. In the center of one of the larger lakes lies a brick construct with a lantern in the center, where Shiro Ookami and Sabaku Suna can usually be found.

Trivia Edit

Riki enters his Inner World quite regularly to seek the guidance and training of the spirits that reside there.

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