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Kensei of the South
Name Rei Kagekyo
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romanji {{{romanji}}}
Race Shinigami
Birthday Oct. 31st
Age 25 (looks)

380 (actual)

Gender Male
Height 6'3" (Armor)
Weight Roughly 250-270 Lbs (Armored)
Eyes Emerald green
Hair Blue
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Never removes armor without a good reason
Professional Status
Affiliation Those he wishes to protect.

Kensei (member)

Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Husband


Previous Occupation Wanderer
Team Kensei (member)
Partner Loran


Base of Operations {{{base of operations}}}
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Loran Kagekyo (wife)

Leathe (Daughter)

Education self-taught (Most things)

Angel (Swordsmanship)

Status Alive
Shikai Shinjitsu
Bankai {{{bankai}}}

Rei Kagekyo (冷影虚 lit. Cold Silhouette of Falsehood) is one of the Kensei , a group of reveared swordsmen of top-notch skill. He is better known as the Nero Angelo (Latin for Black Angel). After years of being trapped in a form of suspended hibernation, he is once again reunited with his wife, Loran Kagekyo and his daughter Leathe.


Rei has green eyes and short blue hair. He wears a ebony suit of armor, over which he wears red plates with gold trim. Under the armor he wears white pants and a tanktop. He is also muscular thanks to the years training in the heavy black armor he used to have.


There is little information about Rei's history, even before he became a Kensei, adding to the mysteries and fables surrounding him. The only thing he is open about is how he met Leathe, his young follower. He was trying to slowly break the slave trades in the Rukongai districts, when he saw a few men dragging a little girl to the auctions. Before he even realized what he was doing, he had brutally knocked them unconsious long enough for him to save the child. He calmly ordered her to leave him to his next tast, but after her refusal and understanding the fact she had no family to go back to, he let her tag along with him.


Rei rarely ever speaks, unless he has something on his mind concerning events going on in the world. Some think this is just him giving the cold shoulder, but deep down, he just doesn't know what to say to others During combat, he becomes brutal, striking down anything that crosses his path, or interfers with someone he cares about. However, he is not without honor, as he will not strike down an innocent or one who can't defend him/herself. Because of his connection to Leathe, all other objectives he may have are moot if they put her at risk in any life-threatning way. Around Leathe, Rei seems more relaxed than otherwise, but if there are other people, he only talks to her unless he is spoken to directly.



Rei wears a special suit of black and silver platemail that offers incredible defensive properties and a very low grade healing factor that at least ensures some sort of secondary protection against enemies. The drawback to this armor is that as the user grows accustomed to it's weight, the armor actually makes itself heavier than before, but makes the user seem light as a feather if one were to lift him and throw him, unless the enemy is an old user of the armor, they feel the weight that the armor was at when they stopped using it.

Red Armor: After meeting with Angel, Rei lost the black armor, opting for the red suit he now has as a replacement. Like the prior armor, it gives over-abundant defenses and a slight healing factor, with the same drawback but less downgrading on the user's physical abilities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Great Spiritual Power: Rei has a very large amound of spiritual power at his disposal. When released in large quantities it has a silver color. He has focused most of his energy into his body itself to empower his sword swings, rather than worrying about Kido or other magical Shinigami feats. He also has a thin membrane of energy around his body that functions as a Hirro would to an Arrancar, adding yet another layer of protection.

Enhanced Phyiscal Prowess: Thanks to his old armor's curse, Rei has become surprisingly fit in a relatively short time-span. With the armor on, he was able to crush enemies with simple sword swings, with only one hand. When he was fighting Angel wihout his armor on, he was able to deal incredibly fast sword swings with massive force behind them.

Master swordsmanship: His prime means of combat is heafting around a large broadsword with only one hand, and doing it effectively, although the girth of both his armor and sword weigh him down too much, so he cannot strike rapidly. His strikes can be lethal if not blocked, so this doesn't really seem to be a weakness. Without the armor, he can attack rather speedily with incredible force to overwhelm the enemy.

Spear-based Combat: Thanks to his Shikai's second true form, Rei has been able to learn how to weild a spear in battle, finding it rather easier than using a sword thanks to the range of his attacks. He can easily heft his spear around with only one hand and counter the enemy attacks with his free hand. However, he sticks to the sealed form unless driven to the point of being unable to win otherwise because he doesn't find it fitting as a Kensei.

Above-avereage Speed: Although he was encased in heavy black armor, Rei has shown he can be quite agile when he needs to be, jumping high into the air with little difficulty, revealed to be the result of training in the armor. It is unknown exactly what his speed is like within the new armor.

Shunpo Master: Rei, in times of trouble or need of retreat will use Shunpo to get to a more stratigic location. When using Shunpo, his armor's clanging footfalls characterize his movements, sometimes giving away his position, even if he is unseen. To make up for this, he often uses Kusari to cause a distraction of light and sound to cloak his movements.

Deceptive Mind: He as shown to be very deceptive to his enemies, saying things like he is unable to move fast because of his armor and then turning around and revealing he is rather fast even with the weight he carries around .

Minor Kido Skills: Rei knows very few battle related Kido, but the few he does have pack some decent force behind them. He feels that using Kido in combat situations ruins the need for a proper sword or any physical ability. The only time Kido should be used is when the opponent outclasses you at every turn.

  • Warping Kido: Although Rei cannot use Kido in combat to any effective degree, he has created a spell that can warp him from any location he is in to anywhere he has been, making it effective to return things or to resupply if needed.


Shinjitsu (真実lit. Truth) is Rei's Zanpakto. In it's sealed form, it takes the form of a silver broadsword. Among Zanpakto, it is one of the few with an ability that can be used in it's sealed state. An intersting effect of this blade is that it cannot harm one unwilling or unable to protect oneself.

Kusari (鎖lit. Chain): Is Shinjitu's sealed ability. When used, Rei simply has to swing his sword, and it creates a bright blue shockwave that flies in a straight line. In an outdoor setting, this technique is almost useless, but the reverse holds true in tight quarters.

Shikai: Shinjitsu's Shikai is released by the command Shred the Lie. In Shikai, the blade splits into nine whips made of silver, resembling a Cat of Nine Tails. Shinjitsu is a very effective long range weapon, as the whips can extend rather far.

  • First Truth: Kusari Kasui (Chain Spike): When Rei activates this effect, the whip-heads become spiked, and can pierce almost any material.
  • Second Truth: Kusari Yari (Chain Spear): After issuing the comman, the whips fuse together and form a spear that, on top of having the peirce effect of Kasui, absorbs the effect of anything that cannot destory it. If Kasui was broken in any way, the spear has a visible crack running from the very tip all the way down.

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