Retreiving Sadow's remains was easy. The Gentleman took care of that. It was re-animating him and making all of his bodily functions work again, was the problem. Lady Kanpu oversaw the entire process; putting Sadow's original pieces back together, like solving a puzzle. Then replacing his missing ones with others of type efficiency that matched his blood and tissue type. Then making all of it work again with various, expensive chemicals and stimulants. Slowly, but surely, Sadow's body began working and regenerating at a quick rate.

On the day of Sadow's first heart-beat, the team held a celebratory night of drinking and card games. Lady Kanpu, however, merely watched her subject sleep in a tank filled with Nutrient-filled Culture fluid made to not only regenerate Sadow at a rapid rate, but keep him in a stable position as well as nurturing him. She felt some sense of sympathy. Like a mother, feeding her child. Her assistant placed her hand on her should from behind, startling her "Lady Kanpu? Is there something you require? He is stable." Lady Kanpu merely watched her prize with a cold, secretly warm stare "No... I'm fine."

Awakening Edit

The time had finally come. Lady Kanpu was startled by one her monitoring physicians stating aloud "Milady, he is regaining conciousness." So, she was about to meet the man who's life she had given back to. "Keep him stable." she commanded, sounding a bit nervous for one who tried her hardest not to show emotion. She began to hear beeping sounds from several machines hooked up to his tank, which could only mean one thing. One of the monitors alerted "Heart rate accelerating!" She ordered "Stabilize him! Use the level three sedatives!" The monitor shook her head "It isn't working, he's still climbing!" From within his tank, bubbles rose as he breathed rapidly, trying to discern where he was. His eyes, within their lids, fluttered about rapidly. He was concious but bordering sleep. She commanded "Level four, then!" They did as commanded and injected, through tubes in his veins, special sedatives meant to calm him down and return him to sleep. But the beeping continued "He's reaching critical level!" She clenched her teeth. Nothing was working. She'd have to be drastic "...Level five." They all looked at her in surprise, one calling out "A level five?! Are you insane?! You'll send him into a coma!" She barked back "That's an order, dammit! A coma is better than dead, isn't it?!" Suddenly, however, Sadow's eyelids opened joltingly. He looked all around frantically and, with ease, began using his still-regenerating Spiritual Pressure to crack the glass of the tank he was in.

Yellowish-orange coloured fluid sprung out of the cracks he formed, then flooded out as the entire tank burst into pieces of glass on the cold, wet lab ground. Sadow walked out with ease, the cords and tubes plucking themselves out as he walked. They were all in either sheer terror or awe at their sight. Sadow looked at each of them with a petrified glare, like a frightened animal. One of the physicians shakily handed him a towel to cover himself, which he forcefully took and held close. She coughed into her hand nervously and greeted "S-Sadow Yatsumaru? Can you... understand me?" She uttered each word slowly and with emphasis. He merely stared at her, studying her in turn. He then noticed her Wakizashi, sheathed at her side and stared at it inquisitively. Noticing this, and figuring he should get acquainted with something he's familiar with, she pulled it out of her obi and handed it to him gently and carefully so as not to appear a threat. He took it and grasped the hilt with intrigue, unsheathing it slowly with eyes wide, in awe. One of the scientists whispered warningly "Should we-?" Kanpu cut him off "Yes. It is a weapon and, thus, Sadow's companion." As Sadow rubbed his hand gently against the steel of the blade, he accidentally sliced his palm, allowing blood to pour out freely. This frightened them, but Sadow stood, watching the blood flow on his hand as his eyes began to glow red. Within gis brain, things began making sense. He recalled all of his past battles, won and lost; how he sliced open Muguru Bakiraka's skull, how he cut down waves after waves of Squad Eleven soldiers, how he was, himself, cut into bits and pieces by Yuzuru's shikai. The final memory was his breaking point.

As physicians and scientists swarmed him to help his wound, he gripped the handle of his blade and used it to slice open the stomach of one of them, letting blood and entrails cover the once neatly-polished floor. They screamed in agony as the others looked on in horror. Sadow whirled around, with intense speed, and sliced open another's throat, letting them gurgle on their own blood. He twirls the blade around and stabbed it into a scientist's eye who dared to try and subdue him. As all these events unfolded, the others began to flee back to the end of the room in fright, one exclaiming loudly "What in God's name have we done?!" Sadow grinned as he sliced open tendons and muscles, relishing the screams of pain from his victims. He wrapped the towel around his waste and picked up a cigarette from a pack concealed in one of the doctor's pockets. Sadow proceeded to stab the Wakizashi into the ground next to his feet and pick up the man's lighter, looking over at a wall-sign that declared "No Smoking!" He smirked down at the man and read from his blood-covered nametag "Oh, Harold... You know what the sign says... No Smoking. What would this be, Harold? Hm?" He put the cigarette in his mouth and lit it, relaxing with an inhale of the nicotine "Aaahh... It's good to be back."

Meeting the Gentleman Edit

Lady Kanpu had Sadow dressed in a fancy, expensive suit. Like something worn at rich parties. She stood at the doorway to his personal quarters, which was a rather large room with a luxury King's bed and window-doors that revealed balconies to lookout at the lit-up Star-Sky City, a Las Vegas-New York mix of a city residing in the Spiritual Realm. It's a place of both business and pleasure, where deals both beneficial and shady are made and where enjoyment is recognized as a virtue. Gambling is common as well as prostitution and racketeering. Law extends only to who has who paid off. Truly, indulgence and greed has drowned this city.

Lady Kanpu asked "How does it fit you?" Sadow merely replied, looking into a mirror and adjusting his cumberbun "I hate these kinds of outfits. They flaunder around nobility like it is something worthwhile." Giving a comical look of irritation, Kanpu added "I am a Noblewoman." Sadow smirked back at her "Yet you dress in such a... such a..." He couldn't help his gaze falling on her exposed cleavage, to which she cleared her throat for his attention to return to her "I am a woman with great power and can wear what I like. You, however, have yet to reclaim your power." Sadow looked back at the mirror and muttered "I wonder who's fault that would be..." She knew what he spoke of. When he learned of how they were unnable to rejuvenate his Hell-Blade, he was furious. Everyone except herself had to evacuate the room lest he kill them. Though he hasn't hurt her yet, he has threatened to numerous times out of pure rage. The "dead" Zanpakuto was laying in a display case in Sadow's room. Numerous times has he tried to reconnect with it, only to be disappointed with failure. Each time, she had to replace paintings and vases in his room that were smashed and destroyed out of his resulting anger. The Gentleman had his work cut out for him. Still, something drew her to him. From Sadow's point of view, sexual-interest was the only thing keeping her around. But for her, it was that and more. He confided in her, talked to her. He seemed to have missed his late courtesans dearly. Pampering him with luxury did nothing but keep an untrusting puppy in a sterile room. He was not used to polished marble, expensive museum-like additions, and blankets softer than silk. He was used to hard ground or soil, always being on edge, and hating things that didn't please him. Such as his current environment.

The stroll down the room to telepathically connect with the Gentleman's "office" area was wrought with questions. "What is he like?" "What does he want with me?" "Why do I have to see him?" "What is a telepath?" Lady Kanpu replied each time with the stern "You'll see." Finally, having had enough with that reply and wanting to tease her, Sadow tricked her by asking "Do I get sex after this?" Lady Kanpu, her mind focusing mainly on their destination, replied "We'll see." It was only after his snickers of enjoyment did she realize what she just said and sighed in irritation "You're such a child." As they entered the extremely dark room, Sadow's eyes began to glow red so he can adjust to the new environment and it's darkness. However, Lady Kanpu knew it was merely him being aroused by her "We'll see" comment. She noticed after a while that Sadow's eyes glowed red when he was either angry or aroused. Since stories say that his eyes glow red when killing, he must has some sadist in him.

Mass effect illusive man by j kalli-d39t2sf

The Gentleman

The telepathic link was harmless. They didn't feel a thing. It was merely seeing the Gentleman, with his icey-cold stare and cybernetic-glowing eyes that gave her the tingles. Behind him and his chair was a large star, which glowed with magnificence and curiosity as he stared at them with a glass of iced Scotch in one hand and an expensive cigarette in the other. He greeted after exhaling a small cloud of smoke "Sadow Yatsumaru." Sadow greeted back "Gentleman." Sadow folded his arms with a look of skepticism. He didn't like men of power, especially cowardly ones who relied on telepathic communication instead of meeting face-to-face "Apparently I cost you a fortune. What do you want from me?" The Gentleman sipped his Scotch and placed it back in the holder on the arm-rest of his chair "I need a man I can depend on for one of the most important missions my line of business will dare to undertake: the destruction of the Soul Society."

This came off as surprising to Sadow. Lady Kanpu already knew of the Gentleman's plan but did not say anything. This was their meeting. Sadow asked "Destroy... Soul Society...?" The Gentleman nodded assuredly "The world needs change. I deal in change. The tradition-based barbarism of the Gotei 13 and Central 46 must be dealt with. You're the man for the job. Or, at least, the one I chose." Sadow flatline-refused "No way." The Gentleman tilted his head "Lady Kanpu thought you'd be defiant. It's in your nature. But, rest assured, I thought ahead. Lady Kanpu, did you show Sadow that plaque which read the quote about immortality?" She nodded. It was the Gentleman's favourite. He went on "Immortality is defined by memory. Have you taken a moment to contemplate the meaning of this?" Sadow looked puzzled by what the Gentleman was saying so he continued "To truly master immortality, one must carve their way into the pages of history, to forever be remembered. If you are always remembered, you have not only defined yourself as someone other than an ordinary person that one can see everyday: You've stepped beyond the bounds of reality. Before your death- Even now, you are but a scary bedtime story for mother's to tell their children so they'll behave. Destroy Soul Society, Sadow, and I gurantee you will be more than just a fairytale. You'll be a chapter in school History books."

Sadow was intrigued "You're asking the impossible. I may be a Kensei, but one swordsman alone cannot destroy an entire civilization." The Gentleman held up his near-empty glass of Scotch, the ice clinking together with the glass as the liquid rocked them back and forth "I don't expect you to." At this, he downed his drink, having gained Sadow's support or, at least, gotten close.

The next few weeks went to getting Sadow ready for his role as leader. Thanks to an implanted chip in Sadow's brain, controlling him and training him was all the more easier. The Gentleman taught Sadow how to be more sophisticated and mannerly, allowing him to use charisma and charm to win over the hearts of those he wants to use in his war. In Lady Kanpu's opinion, the Gentleman was modeling Sadow after himself. After Sadow's "training" was complete, he displayed a completely different from that of his former, animalistic self. The Gentleman had managed to tame the Dire Wolf. Sadow resonated with an aura of angelic power that could turn a nun into a whore if he so wished. His smile even managed to force a blush onto Kanpu's cheeks. The Gentleman was alone with Kanpu one night in his personal office discussing recent events, and Kanpu brought up "What do you plan on doing with Sadow after the war?" The Gentleman didn't look at her, and merely continued typing on invisible keys making him look like he was playing an invisible piano "You mean if he survives? I am not sure. Why?" She looked away "Sometimes I forget we're the bad guys." The Gentleman merely remarked "If you are so attached to the young man, accompany him. Afterall, he is your investment as well." She thought on this for a moment, but nodded "Very well."

The Gentleman was discussing how the war would go with Sadow in his office. Sadow, now meeting the Gentleman in person, sat in a chair across from him. The Gentleman sat at the far end of a long, black table that looked extensively polished. He was eating spaghetti neatly, spooning the noodles together around the fork and eating it, dabbing any sauce on his lips away with a napkin. Sadow was having the same though he was much less sophisticated about it. The Gentleman explained to Sadow a variety of things from Soul Society's defenses, battle tactics, and how well to use his resources, and ended with the warning that would define Sadow's role in the war "My resources are near-limitless. You may use them to your heart's content so long as you get the job done, but I warn you: If I ever see a moment where you don't seem like you're remotely profitting me or my investment, I will ensure your access to my repository is cutoff. Am I understood?" Sadow nodded, spiking a meatball "Clearly."

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