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Name Puppets
Kanji 傀儡
Romanji Kugutsu
Home Dimension Soul Society
Average Height Varies
Skin Color Varies
Hair Color Varies
Average Lifespan Immortal
Additional Information
Notable Members Various Fusō Clan Members

Puppets (傀儡, Kugutsu) are a special type of weapon developed by the family of Dōkeshi Fujiwara prior to their near extermination in the Tragic Night. As the former Noble House knew the techniques in producing these dangerous constructs, the art was close to becoming lost as the number of survivors dwindled down to a handful, with only Dōkeshi Fujiwara being the only known survivor and user. However, it was possible to learn how to manufacture the Puppets through a member of the family and it was stated that Dōkeshi himself had a number of apprentices, albeit they made significantly weaker variations. The technique to produce the Puppets was hard to master and demanding as it required them to create their own personal puppet. It was theorized that the practices itself and not the internal conflict was the reason for Tragic Night as many saw the technique to be a taboo.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Known WieldersEdit

Known PuppetsEdit

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