Project Death's Head is one of many operations made by The Gentleman, this one being a prime example of his keen fore-thinking and manipulative mind.

Steps Edit

Step 1: After Sadow's death, retrieve his remains and have Lady Kanpu ressurect him by any means possible, while adding a chip in his brain to give the Gentleman direct, minor control.

Step 2: Give Sadow any requested materials to create an army that can rival that of Sosuke Aizen's Arrancars or exceed them in numbers.

Step 3: Have Sadow attack the Soul Society in an act of war-declaration from the Death's Head Legion

Step 4: Against Sadow's knowledge, ally with the Soul Society and provide resources to combat the Death's Head Legion while, at the same time, helping them.

Step 5: Whoever wins the war will give the Gentleman significant influence for the help in the war. If, by chance, both sides destroy each other, the Gentleman will pick up what's left of both forces and rebuild under his dominion.

Precautions Edit

  • In the event that Sadow betrays the Gentleman and manages to kill him and absorb his prosthetic blood, the Gentleman can possess Sadow's Zanpakuto and, subsequently, Sadow himself, retaining his life while taking Sadow's identity and reputation.
    • If Sadow does not absorb the prosthetic blood, the Gentleman's soul can be restored into another one of his replacement bodies.

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