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Tadashi stepped through the Senkaimon with a far from amused expression on his face, the events that unfolded during the battle with Averian weighing heavily on his mind. His Lieutenant, Raiden Yasuhiro awaited his arrival with a report held tightly in his right hand. "Captain Kori!" He stepped forward and handed his Captain the piece of paper. Taking it quickly, Tadashi skimmed over it and sighed. It was basically what he had been given before he left the Human World, so he handed it back and spoke as he walked towards the Squad Station. "Raiden, tell me more about the hollow situation."

A slim student wandered about the area before clumsily bumping into Tadashi. "I'm sorry! I'm looking for where to go to get to the human world for hollow dispatch. Would you two know anything about that?"

Raiden got between the slim lad and his Captain, face stern. "This is the Captain of the 11th Division! Have you an-" Tadashi stepped forward and shook his head at his Lieutenant. "No need to get all stern and uptight, Raiden. Head back and prepare the Squad, would you?" Taking his attention away from departing man, Tadashi looked at the youngster with a kind expression. "Hollow dispatch? I can help with that. In of right now, I'm going with you. I'm Tadashi Kori. What's your name?"

"Oh? You're going with me? That's fine I suppose." A voice suddenly came from the boy's side.

"Are you going to introduce yourself? Or are you gonna stand there like a log all day?"

"Not now Freya. But you're right. My name is Izaya Masaharu! And this is my partner Freya." As he spoke a ghost-like girl appeared by his side waving.

Tadashi couldn't help but grin when he heard the girl's comments. "They're oblivious to who I am. Ah well, no harm in it. He looked at the two again and nodded before drawing his zanpakuto in order to open the Senkaimon. "Nice to meet both of you, Izaya, Freya. Well, what's on the mission plan for today then?" He said before he motioned them to walk through the gate.

"Well the game plan was for me to be sent to the human world with my new captain and dispatch some hollows. But I don't know who that would be. Well Kori. Is it ok if I just call you Kori? Eh. I think I might either way. I think its just us. Maybe we'll meet the captain when we're there. I bet he's some kind of giant muscle guy with swords sticking out of body or scars all over and covered in blood. Don't you think that sounds like a 'captain'?" Izaya smiled as he walked foward

Freya followed behind sighing "Sory about him. He's a bit eager. Its his first mission and he hasn't even gotten a squad yet."

Tadashi hid his smile well. "Call me whatever ya want, Izaya. Which Captain was supposed to accompany you?" Tadashi asked as the Senkaimon closed. "The kid's eager all right. This might be more interesting than I thought..." They started moving towards the Human World, setting a descently fast pace. "So, what division you wanna be a part of?"

"I'm not real sure on any of it. I was just told to come here and meet the instructor whose division I would be joining. I think he has to be there already unless its someone who arives late all the time *sigh*. Izaya turned to look at Freya who was back in the sword "Where'd you go?"

"I got bored and went back in. Tell me when we get there." Freya yawned back at Izaya before going silent

"Well on the brightside it looks like me and you are gonna be on the same squad Kori. I hope we can work together on lots of missions! would be even better if we had our own little team in the squad. Your friend from back there could join us too!" Izaya's face lit up with excitement.

Tadashi luaghed at that. "Lieutenant Yasuhiro? No, trust me, he's to busy running the Squad while the Captain's away to worry about patrol. Well, you'll certainly see quite a bit of me, especially if you work your way into the Patrol Teams. I spend a lot of time on the front with the others. Soul Society's been havin' a hard time with hollows lately, so they need all the help they can get." He looked further up the passage and grinned. They wouldn't be long of arriving now.

"Oh that guy was a lieutenant? Whoa! Maybe I should've been nicer. He might give me a bad report to the captain. Oh no! Well I always have you Kori. I'm sure we will be working together or at least get assigned to grouping from time to time. I can't wait to meet our captain. I want to smash some hollow faces in. Time for combat don't you think?" Izaya looked at his zanpakuto "Freya wake up! We're here!'

Tadashi opened the Senkaimon and both exited to stand in the sky over an open grassy plain. The sun was starting to set, with darkness not far off. "Don't worry about gettin' a bad report. The Lieutenant may look stern and scary, but he isn't bad once you get to know him. The Captain's not a bad guy either." He couldn't resist adding that. "Heh, time to hunt some hollow!" Tadashi exerted a small amount of his spiritual energy in order to draw them out. "Get ready, Izaya."

"You know the captain? Is he as scary as I said? I bet I was right on huh? Wait so why are we starting without him?" Izaya stopped drawing his blade in his confusion. While he was dazed however Freya manifested and hit him on the skull.

"What're you holding back for? Hollow are coming. Worry about the details later." She turned to look at horde of Menos swarming towards them. "Ha. This should be quick."

Tadashi swung his sword in a flashing arc, a wave of red spiritual energy with a darker red outline cutting through two of the Menos quickly. "You could say I know the Captain very well. And don't worry about startin' without the Captain. I've got a feeling that he'll show eventually." Another wave left his sword to down another, a smile showing on his face.

"Oh really? Then I better make a good impression. You're smart Kori. Kill some hollows before the Captain get's here. That should really impress him! Let's go Freya!" Izaya grabbed hold of his nodachi while charging at the hollows "Connect Our Hearts And Undo Our Fate, Utsukushii Fureiya!" Izaya's sword transformed into a pair of guns. He started firing off several bullets made of wind into the group of hollowscausing several of them to explode.

"Hmmm, not bad Izaya. Guns? Interesting zanpakuto..." Tadashi shrugged his shoulders and held his zanpakuto out, tip pointing downwards. 'Unseal the Moon, Shiru." His release was accompanied by a shockwave that cut the incoming hollow at the waist. His sword remained the same and with a quick flash step, he appeared before one of the Menos Grande and split it down the middle with another red wave of spiritual energy. "Izaya, focus on the leaders! The Menos will go wild without them."

"Go wild you say? Got it!" Izaya sped foward past Tadashi into the horde of Hollows. "Time to get crazy Freya!" He released a volley of bullets into the crowd causing several hollows to explode with a domino effect. "This is nothing! I'm sure I can do better! I have to kill everything!" Izaya landed on top of Menos Grande shooting directly into its head killing it instantly "Pathetic."

Tadashi adopted a ready position, his head down as though ready to start running. He suddenly shot forward like a bullet fired to signal the start, his sword arm swinging wide and wildly, carving a line through the Menos and the smaller hollow around him. With a bloodthirsty grin, he leapt skywards before cloaking his blade with red spiritual energy. "Rei Furashuu!" He called, as he released the energy in the form of a downward strike! The energy expanded through the ground, shooting rays of red energy through the slowly cracking ground which pierced any hollow near the epicentre. "There, that should get us going."

"Kori!" Izaya aimed for beind Tadashi shooting just past him grazing his face to hit a Menos charging a cero. Freya manifested next to Izaya

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? You know your accuracy isn't perfected enough for something like that." She yeeled trying control her partner

"Eh. It all worked out right? I'm still training. Don't doubt me so much..I have you afterall" Izaya smiled back at his zanpakuto's spirit

Tadashi felt the bullet whize past his face, but knew it was in no danger of hitting him straight on. He chuckeled though, turning to stare down the hollow running at Izaya's back. A more condensed version of the Rei Furashuu shot from the point of his sword to strike it in the chest. "Good to see you've got my back, Izaya. This reminds me of my days in the Patrol Corps." He flashed beside his young partner and grinned. "I've got your back. Let's see your style."

Izaya smiled "Looks like we'll clean up before the captain even gets here. I'm suprised these things are so weak." Izaya shot another bullet into the horde before taking a breather as they exploded. "Whew! I forgot I had to pace myself with this."

Freya laughed as she sat next to him "You forgot that didn't you? You always get so worked up silly Izaya."

Tadashi looked at the youngster with a smile. "Reminds me of Kusaka and Sojiro when they were kids..." Pulling himself back to the fight, Tadashi appeared beside Izaya and grinned broadly, releasing a wide Rei Furashuu. "The Captain won't mind at all. Believe me."

Izaya was breathing heavily. "Whew. That's good. It would be embarassing for him to know that I haven't really developed any techniques with zanpakuto other than the bullets that cause the immediate area to explode. But against stroger opponets I don't think that will be enough."

"Don't worry over lack of skill or power, Izaya. Nothing can be gained from that." Tadashi felled another Menos before his Rei Furashuu swirled around himself and Izaya to form a type of barrier. "There, that should give you some time to catch your breathe. You're still young, so it is understandable that you haven't fully developed your relatiosnhip with your zanpakuto to reveal your true powers. Truth be told, neither have I. That is something that is built throughout your lifetime." He said with a grin. "Now, take a quick rest, and we'll get back to it."

Freya whispered to Tadashi "You know...he never once asked me toteach him my techniques. He's seen me used them but it never occurs to him to actually put them into practice." She sighed as Izaya stood back up shooting three hollows.

"Ok. That feels better. Don't worry Kori. I won't do anything to slow you or the captain down. By the way. I'm young? I thought we were the same age. Seeing as how we're gonna be in the same squad hopefully." Izaya smiled noticing he could fire through the barrier while it kept him safe.

Tadashi nodded before smiling. "I'm older than I look, believe me. Here's a thought, Izaya. Use your zanpakuto, but not in the normal sense. Think about the abilities she has shown you, and bring them out. Battle builds experience, and experience builds confidence. Have the confidence to open yourself fully to your zanpakuto." With a mere glance, the energy forming the barrier shot outwards before sharpening to pierce the incoming hollow. "The squad you're looking to join is the 11th Division. Most think its completely combat orinated, but I - I mean the Captain, doesn't care who joins as long as they're strong and love to fight."

Freya looked shocked that Tadashi just shared her words with Izaya "Stupid old guy! See if I tell you anything again. I wanted him to come begging me."

Izaya looked at Freya "Huh? techniqes that you've shown me. Hmmm there were a few I can think of but, now just to utilize them in battle. I'm glad I have such a wonderful zanpakuto such as yourself" He turned to look back at Tadashi not noticing Freya blush. "Squad 11? Hmm is that what squad you're looking to join? I don't really know anyone besides you and Freya. I tend to come off odd to some people. Oh well."

Tadashi's Rei Furashuu vanished as he sliced a hollow apart at the waist. "Odd? Then Squad 11 is the place for you! I'm already a member of that division and pretty high up the ranks to boot, so I know what its like. There isn't a bigger group of odd balls in the entire Seireitei with the exception of the 12th Division. 'Odd' doesn't cut it with them, but you'll do fine, Izaya whatever you decide. Now-" He suddenly turned as a Garganta opened...

A figure with black hair and a tight fitting black coat stepped out of the black void, and the hollows leapt at his command. They instantly stopped attacking and backed off. "Shinigami? And a Captain to boot? This your student, Tadashi Kenpachi?" The fellow's Reiatsu shouted Arrancar.

Izaya's jaw dropped as he looked at Tadashi "'re the captain?! Oh man! I made such a fool of myself! What was I thinking! Wait! Why didn't you say anything Kor-I mean Captain."

Freya nodded her head as she looked at Izaya "Maybe this way he could see what you were really like instead of putting up a facade around him because he was a captain. But there's someone else a bit more important at the moment."

Tadashi shook his head, ignoring the Arrancar for the moment. "I'm sorry for hiding it. I saw the chance to have a little fun and decided to take it. Besides, you wouldn't have been so open had you known I was a Captain. But Kori will do, Izaya. My team-mates only call me 'Captain' when we're in the Seireitei, so don't worry. Besides, I found our meeting refreshing. Made me recall my first Patrol." He then turned to regard the Arrancar. "Now, kindly tell me who you are, as you clearly know me and what you're doing here."

"Saburo Ryuu." He answered plainly, a smile on his face. "Now, about why I'm here. I don't feel oblidged to divulge that information. How about we agree that I'm here sightseeing and caught a view I didn't particulary like." His voice and posture showed how smug and superior he thought he was.

Izaya sighed in relief before regaining his battle stance in preparation for battle "Thanks cap'n Kori. Heh. You know just what to say to get a guy all riled up don't ya? I'm ready to show this guy what we're made of."

Freya looked at Izaya in amazement "I'm glad to see you finally having some motivation but, Izaya....this guy may be out of your league."

"Don't worry about it. Me and Kori here will be sure to make this guy regrets coming here." Izaya chuckled.

"Hmmm? The cub suddenly thinks himself a lion? To think I wasted my time coming here..." He slowly drew his zanpakuto, a large sword with a large, decrotive guard and handle. "Allow me to crush your pathetic efforts. There's nothing you can do."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." Tadashi said calmly. "Nothing can beat the power of trusted allies, and Izaya's already covered my back today. Now, let's go Izaya. I'm here to help, so don't worry about things. Let loose and show this guy what we're made of!" He released a testing Rei Furashuu that Saburo simply avoided.

"Got ya!" Izaya sped behind the man releasing a barrage of bullets in his direction "Let's see you stop this!"

Saburo turned to block the blasts, but Tadashi prevented him with a Rei Furashuu that actually forced him to move towards them, the Arrancar getting struck head on with every single one! "See? We've injured you already, Saburo. That is the power of allies. Izaya, nice one, but be prepared for his counter." He urged with a grin.

But Saburo remained rooted, burn marks on his arms and body that healed slowly. "Trust? Allies? Foolish concepts. Strength is determined by how hard you can hit and how hard you can be hit. Trust has nothing to do with it." An orb of red spiritual energy formed in either hand as he prepared a Cero. "A fact I will soon show you." The blasts left his hand at a tremendous pace!

"Izaya dodge" Freya urged her partner

"Huh?" Before he had time to realize Izaya was hit by a fierce cero blowing him through several buildings.

"Izaya? Izaya! Izaya wake up! Don't you dare die!" Freya manifested punching him in the gut

"*cough cough*" Izaya spat out blood bleeding from his head and mouth "Stupid....if I were dead you would be too."

Tadashi released a Rei Furashuu, red energy cutting through Saburo's Cero and crashing him through several buildings at his back as Tadashi flashed to his partner's side. A small, slowly rotating barrier created by the Rei Furashii itself formed around Izaya like a suit of armour. "There, that should help lessen the damage a bit. Don't worry though, it wont hurt you."

Saburo simply walked forward, clothing tattered but he was otherwise unaffected. "You sacrifice your strength in order to defend him? Team-mates make you weak, they burden you and drag you down. But Shinigami fail to see this. No matter, I'll show you two now." Saburo appeared above both and raised his blade for a strike!

"Thanks Kori." Izaya coughed out. "LOOK OUT!" Izaya shot out of the red pistol causing the wind to rain down on Saburo shredding him in the process

Freya smiled "That's Kirie no Sora! Looks like you do pay attention afterall!"

Tadashi allowed his grin to show before appearing before Saburo and smashing his zanpakuto down on his, but the Arrancar exerted spiritual energy and held firm! "Do you even take the time to analyse your opponent beforehand? I've seen your pitiful Rei Furashuu before. I was there when your nephew underwent that transformation. When used for defence, it cannot be used as an attack. When used as a barrier, the energies spread out and prone to failing should something stronger strike it." Saburo's constant smile was beginning to annoy the Captain.

"Izaya, be careful. He removed a small cell phone and pressed a button before returning it to his pocket. "Reinforcement won't be long."

"Reinforcements? We can still take this guy ourselves!" Izaya stood completely before firing off 6moreshotsat Saburo "Come on Kori! Don't listen to this guy! He's just trying to throw you off. You don't have to worry about me. I've taken many beatings. This guy is nothing."

Tadashi wished he could believe that. Right now, he was using his fake Shikai, but the true form cut a part from his lifespan, and he still wasn't fully healed from his last battle with Averian and Kusaka's uncontrolled transformations...

"Kori? You there? I can't handle this guy alone." Izaya fired off a few more rounds at Saburo before reloading. "Anytime you feel like waking up is fine by me. As long as its soon!"

Saburo brought his sword up for a strike and then used Sonido to appear behind Izaya, but his blade never got the chance to strike. Tadashi flashed and caught his wrist, the armour surrounding Izaya vanishing as the energy cloaked Tadashi's blade. "Sorry Izaya, but I'm back now. Rei Furashuu...!" The energy collided with Saburo's steel-like skin and sent him crashing into the ground below.

Saburo collided with the ground, the energy breaking upon his skin like water on rock. But he'd been cut and injured by it regardless. "Humph. It seems the Gotei 13 are not entirely useless afterall. Now, shall we end this warm up and continue? Good." He began the second stage with a Cero that soon morphed into a completely black sphere with a red outline. "Gran Rey Cero." The blast tore through the air towards both Shinigami!

"Good to have you back Kori. Time to get to work." Izaya fired a cascade of his bullets into the sky raining it down upon Saburo before he shunpo'd to Tadashi's side tackling him out of the way of the Gran Rey Cero. "Heh. Looks like we have to use those reiforcements after all. That move of yours was powerful and he was still able to fire something like that off with such ease."

Tadashi grinned before grabbing Izaya and hurling him away from the incoming Bala blast. His Rei Furashuu formed around his limbs to soften the blow, and then pealed off to form the wave-like attack! "This guy's strong. But don't worry. If I know Shin, he'll be here in no time."

"How long will it take you to realise that that attack has little effect on me, Shinigami? For a Captain, you're suprisingly foolish." Saburo remarked with a large grin. "Shinigami are weak. Only we hollow are fit to stand in this world." He sonido's behind both Shinigami, but made no move to attack.

Izaya's face froze with fear as he felt the Arrancar appear behind him. What is this guy!? We don't stand a chance against someone like him. Izaya tried moving his arms to fire but the fear overcame him "We can't do this Kori! He's just too strong! He's taking our strongest techniques as its nothing."

Freya began talking to Tadashi and Izaya "Well there's one thing we haven't tried but at your level Izaya we're gonna need the captain's assistance. If that's okay with you Kori."

Saburo grinned as he brought his blade down, but Tadashi turned quickly, repelling him with his zanpakuto before looking at Izaya. "The problem is that I can't use my true Shikai. Izaya, I'll give you an opening, okay? My barrier can work as a prison as well." The Rei Furashuu pealed off his sword and formed around Saburo. "When you hit him, I'll condense the sphere and collapse it. That has to effect him. Ready?"

Izaya looked down at Freya. "I don't even know what to do.Why are you putting this kind of pressure on?"

Freya manifested and smiled at her partner "I'll lead you. Just calm yourself. Tadashi it now!"

Tadashi grinned before doing anything. "Trust in yourself and your zanpakuto. Nothing can beat the strength of trusted allies, Izaya, no one. I believe in you, kiddo." And with that, Tadashi began to force the Rei Furashuu to condense, but he intentionally left an opening that would allow Izaya to hit the target.

Saburo simply looked at the barrier, ignoring it mostly. "I've already seen this. Are you trying to catch a breathe? How weak..."

Freya smiled as she glided her hands along Izaya's arms "Just breath okay? Follow my motions and let it go when I say."

Izaya looked Freya shocked that she was helping him. "Ok. I trust you. Let's do the Freya!!" Izaya's spiritual pressure began to increase at a surging rate as he followed Freya's instructions resulting in a dance like motion.

Freya giggled as she watched "You know the name. Call it out Izaya."

"Fenikkusu no Densetsu!!!" Izaya formed two large orbs of energy at the tip of both his pistols before launching them toward Saburo.

The shot went through the opening before Tadashi began condensing the sphere of energy at a quicker rate, Izaya's technique detonating within the sphere, the confines of the Rei Furashuu retaining the explosion and stopping any from escaping, increasing the lethality more. "See? I knew you could do it! Rei Furashuu!" Tadashi's explosion joined Izaya's...with Saburo falling to the ground.

Izaya was breathing heavily "Heh. No sweat Kori. I told.....y...ou....we could take that guy. You think he's done now?"

Freya sighed in relief as she went back into the zanpakuto.

Tadashi remained silent, gaze fixed on the area Saburo had fallen. "I'd like to think it's over...but I've got a feeling it isn't. But I'll give him this, Izaya's came a long way just from this fight alone. Stay alert." Tadashi warned as his Rei Furashuu formed around Izaya once again. "He'll be back. For now, catch your breath and watch what he does."

Saburo looked up, anger plain in his eyes, but he made no shape to attack. Instead, he sat still, , cooly analysing his opponents.

Izaya shunpo'd near Tadashi. "I'm ready for anything. Don't long as he isn't capable of healing I think we have his goose cooked. I can always fire off another one of those explosions."

Freya began speaking to Izaya once more "Well....about that. At your current level you won't be able to launch enough without putting a tremendous strain on your body. Chancesare the next one could kill you."

"WHAT!!??" Izaya's jaw dropped as he chuckled "Well...nevermind Kori. That idea was a no go. Hmm we could always tickle him and make him beg for mercy that way."

"Or bribe him with candy." Tadashi added with a smile. "Or money. How much you got?" He cracked his neck and knuckles before nodding. "We only need to hold out until the others get here. That shouldn't be too much longer, so hang in there and no heroics. Nine times out of ten, the hero ends up dead. Keep your cool, you keep your head as my Dad used to say."

A Cero suddenly flew towards them both, Saburo rising with a grin on his face...

"Son of a-" Izaya creeked out as he dodged the cero "This guy just won't stay down. How much longer until reinforcements get here?" Izaya screamed at Tadashi while firing again at Saburo

Tadashi dodged it as well before flashing down towards Saburo, the two clashing with great force! "I'll hand it to you, Arrancar. You're tough."

"And you are persistent." He replied before repelling Tadashi to the side. A Cero slammed into his side, sending him flting into a small hill, dirt obscuring the point of impact. "Foolish Shinigami."

Izaya came down connecting his pistols to Saburo's back, "Heh. Got ya." He released two of his exploding bullets at point blank range in order to throw the Arrancar off balance

Which he did superbly. The armour surrounding Izaya pealed away and re-formed on Tadashi's sword as he grinned. "Izaya, move! Rei...!" And he did just in time. "...Furashuu!" As Saburo flew backwards, the energy was suddenly struck from above with Hado #32: Okasen!

Reinfrocements ArriveEdit

Shin Nagakura and Yukimura Nagakura dropped down beside Tadashi and Izaya. "Yo." Shin said with a two-finger salute. Izaya looked down at Freya "Who are they? More enemies!?"

Freya smiled "I think they're the reinforcements that were called earlier. Don't worry Izaya I think this finally start to turn around."

Yukimura flashed to Tadashi's side, but at Tadashi's urging, she began healing Izaya. "This won't take long, so hold still. Shin will take care of everything. I'm Yukimura Nagakura, by the way. Nice to meet you." She smiled beautifully.

Shin slapped his friend on the shoulder and nodded his head in greeting to Izaya. "Nice to meetcha, kid! I'm Shin, Captain of the 7th Division if you'd believe it, but call me Shin. The ol' Capitan title makes me feel old." He laughed loudly before seriousness set in. "So, what we got this time, Tadashi? Let's hope it ain't another Kusaka eat-your-heart-out moment, eh?" Tadashi simply shook his head.

Izaya nodded in amazement "Nice to meet you too! Certainly glad to have some support."

Saburo rose up looking at the group of shinigami that gathered "Is that all? I thought there would be more of you wen you said 'reinforcements' were coming. Pitiful." He fired off another Cero in the group's direction.

Izaya's eyes widened as the blast approached hm before being stopped by a shield seemingly created out of paper. Izaya looked above him in awe spotting a guy and girl looking down.

"Heh. Looks like the newbie got in over his head." The girl descended to his level "The name is Yanagi Sabi and this is my friend Atarashi Kaishi. We've been sent to help." She waved over to Tadashi "Hey there sir! We're here to help."

Atarashi remained silent watching Saburo awaiting his next move.

Tadashi looked at the newcomers with a grin. "Now this is interesting. Didn't think we'd get so many people." Saburo suddenly appeared in front of the group, face stern, zanpakuto wrapped in dark energy. "This will be no fun. I am a being born of Darkness. Burakkumen!" Saburo's body was enveloped in complete darkness, before he emerged in the form of a shirtless devil with devil horns and several marking on his body. "Try and entertain me." Two Ceros left his hands, one aimed at Shin, and the other at Atarashi and Yanagi.

Shin hefted his zanpakuto and grinned, before he hit the energy! With more than a little effort, he managed to repulse it and cut it in two around him. "Gotta do better, Arrancar." He said, trying to irritate him.

A tattoo began appearing on the side of Atarashi's face as he began to glow suddely stopping as Yanagi grabbed him.

"Not out in public. Not yet at least." Yanagi shifted Atarashi out of the way as she sliced through the middle of the cero redirecting the blasts.

"What in public? Never mind." Flashing forward, Shin drew his second sealed katana and struck down with both on Saburo's arm hard enough to draw a trickle of blood! "Hey, that ain't a bad Hierro, Arrancar. I like a tough opponent!" Twisting his body, Shin spun round for a kick, but Saburo had other ideas as he grasped his ankle tightly and threw him towards Tadashi's incoming Rei Furashuu! Shin fell in a cloud of smoke, Saburo appearing behind the weakened Tadashi and cutting him in the back before moving behind Atarashi, blade raised for a strike!

Yanagi smiled toward Shin "This is what I meant" as she pointed to Atarashi.

Suddenly Atarshi began glowing with a purple aura as he sprouted wings from his back with his feathers disentegrating the very space between him and Saburo "Looks like that attack is a miss. hAHAha SUCks to BE YOU HUH!?" Atarshi began laughing uncontrollably

Shin emerged from his friends attack, his clothing ripped and tattered with blood flowing from several wounds. He shared a quick look with Tadashi before sighing loudly. "Is it just me or are we the only Captains that ever find anything new? First Kusaka and now this Atarashi guy with his strange transformation thingy...Great." He dusted himself off and appeared behind Saburo and grasped both his arm. "But now you've gone and pissed me off!" With that, he snapped both the Arrancar's arms!

Atarashi looked over at the Arrancar laughing "Awwww. Looks like someon'e gone and lost their arms! Gonna be tough fighting back in that condition since you're all helpless. Too bad for you...I like easy prey!!" Atarashi charged toward Saburo before a bulet grazed his face.

"Whoa there! He's injured. Back off...there's no need to kill him like this." It was Izaya standing in front of Atarashi

Atarashi touched his face where the bullet grazed him "What are you doing newbie! This is an arrancar. Its killed or be killed. He wouldn't have the same mercy towards you."

Izaya looked away "I know but still.....this seems so....wrong."

"You should listen to your friend, Shinigami." Saburo remarked towards Izaya. With a twist, he kicked Shin in the side of the head before concentrating energy into his arms. The bones cracked loudly before he regained the use of his arms. Shin was blasted by a Cero and one flew out towards Atarashi and Izaya as well. "Instant helaing. It's kill or be killed, Shinigami! It's been that way for centuries among our races!"

Tadashi appeared beside Izaya and pulled him out of the way, confident that Atarashi could cope. "I don't agree either, but this is conflict Izaya. One moment of weakness or hesitation can spell disaster for the entire group. I'm not saying become a heartless beast, but you need to find the balance between mercy...and justice." He took a ready position as Saburo charged forward!

Atarashi flew up but the Cero hit his legs knocking him off balance. "Tch. See newbie! This is what your mistakes cost us." Atarashi fired a barrage of feathers toward Saburo as he tried to regain stability

"I-" Freya manifested interrupting Izaya

"What are you doing! Now's not the time for you to be thinking so much. Try to relax. This guy was just attacking you before. Why spare him when he's down for the count."

Izaya was speechless for a moment while he contemplated his feelings "I don't want to kill. But if its a question between throwing my beliefs away or watching my friends get hurt. I'll always choose protecting my allies!" Izaya's spiritual pressure began to rise again as he began charging two large orbs of energy near the tips of pistols once more.

Freya looked happily shocked "You shouldn't be able to do this at your level! You weren't this strong!"

Yukimura flashed down after her brother, catching him before he hit the ground. "Shin? Are you okay?" Shin shook his head and bared his teeth in a snarl. "I'm more than okay. I'm pissed!" Leaping up with a Shunpo, Shin stopped when Tadashi stopped him and pointed towards Izaya. "Who does this remind you of?" Shin watched as Saburo was surrounded by feathers, but he simply blasted spiritual power to repel them. "Us." He answered truthfully. "Go for it, kid!"

Reappearing beside the youngster, Tadashi nodded. "That's the way, Izaya. Find your resolve! You are strong, I can feel your power. Release it all." Energy swirled around Tadashi's blade as he prepared a Rei Furashuu. Shin looked at Atarashi and grinned. "Yo! Tadashi and the kid are plannin' somethin'! We'll distract the good ol' Arrancar, okay?"

"You distract me? I find that hard to believe, Shinigami." A Gran Rey Cero formed in front of him as he prepared to fire.

"Oh? Its about time the newbie did something useful!" Atarashi flapped his wings erasing a part of the Gran Rey Cero "Tch. Not enough to stop it all huh? Fine." Atarashi flung his feathers in a storm around Saburo cutting off his vision

Izaya looked at Tadashi "I could feel my power increasing as I spoke to Freya. I can't lose any of you. I refuse to do so!" The two speres of energy increased in size proportional to Izaya's increasing spiritual power.

Shin repulsed the rest of the Gran Rey Cero with a downward strike enhanced with spiritual energy! Vines entangled Saburo as Shin used Kido, Yukimura surrounding the Arrancar with several lengths of golden-yellow chain. "Okay, he's restrained nicely, Tadashi! Bring 'im down!"

"You ready, Izaya?" The Rei Furashuu formed a reddish energy on Tadashi's blade as he poured whatever was left of his spiritual energy into his blade's edge. "We'll release on your mark." He said quietly, but confidently.

Izaya let out a loud roar before firing his blast causing a large explosion of energy to rip from his zanpakuto. "Take that you arracar! Kill or be killed is it? I guess We know which side of this you're on!"

"Rei Furashuu!" Tadashi's own energy wave crashed into the explosion already caused by his young friend, and watched on as Saburo was engulfed, the explosion slowly expanding outwards. He could feel Saburo's energy begin to fade. "See, you only needed to find the right motivation. You'll do fine, Izaya." The Captain said calmly.

The others were suddenly alerted to a frigid pillar of ice encasing the explosion, as a a silver-haired Arrancar with a mask on his face dropped down beside it. He ran his hand up the pillar and it all formed into water that fell to the ground. Extending his hand, he grabbed Saburo, who had been reduced to his sealed state. "You Shinigami really do make sport of our kind. Pathetic. Come brother, let us return." Both vanished through the opening Garganta, leaving Shin with his mouth hanging open! "What the hell!?"

Yanagi dashed forward "Wait! Stop right there you cowards!!" She tried to shunpo into the garganta but Atarshi stopped her.

"What are you doing Yanagi? Don't do something so rash by yourself especially if you don't know what their intentions are." Atarashi sighed.

"I'm sorry Kori. If I didn't hesitate before he wouldn't have gotten away." Izaya bowed before Tadashi.

Tadashi shook his head and grinned. "You've done nothing to apologize for, Izaya. Not even Shin, myself, or the others could've stopped them leaving. Chin high, Izaya. You did a very good job." Shin flashed to his friends side and took in Izaya with his gaze. "Kiddo, you did good. Tadashi... Can the mighty Tadashi Kenpachi not handle himself anymore?" Tadashi punched him lightly in the gut in reply.

Izaya smiled "Hahaha I'm still kinda confused on how I didn't know you were the captain I was looking for Kori. Hm. Well I gotta ask. Captain Tadashi Kori! I Izaya Masaharu would like to join your squad. Will you please allow me to join you!?"

Yanagi and Atarashi shunpo'd toward the others. Atarashi patted Izaya on the back "No need to worry. I was once like you but, things changed." Atarshi's face remained in his usual stioic demeanor as he spoke aloud.

"Welcocome aboard." Tadashi said as he opened the Senkaimon that would lead him back to the Soul Society. "The 11th Division welcomes anyone who's strong, and you proved your strength today."

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