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This article is about the spirit that is sealed within the body of Kusaka Kori. For the effect Okita has on Kusaka's power, see Transformations.

Kusaka's Inner Being
Race Soul
Gender Male
Height 5ft 8in
Weight 70kg
Professional Status
Partner Kusaka Kori
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Kusaka's Inner World
Shikai Not Applicable
Bankai Not Applicable

Okita (沖田, Okita) is a spirit who resides within Kusaka Kori. He was created by Averian in an attempt to dominate Kusaka's soul and make the latter his underling, but Kusaka proved stronger than originally thought and managed to subject Okita to his control. As the years progressed, the two have set their differences and have become quite good friends.

Character Outline Edit

Background Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Great Spiritual Energy: Okita, while not as powerful as Kusaka himself, has spiritual energy which is comparable to that of an average captain-class combatant. When exerted consciously, a thin aura, colored red, emenates from his person, coating his limbs in a protective barrier of sorts that gives him an innate level of resistance against outside forces. Over time, Okita's spiritual energy has changed in its feel, now feeling somewhat calm when compared with his old, angry feel.

Sutoroboban: (ストロボバン, Japanese for Flash Bang) An energy-based attack and Okita's signature attack. The attack uses the basic principals of an Arrancar's Bala, in that its speed is extreme, causing it to be incredibly forceful due to the sheer speed it can reach while moving. It can easily ram through fortified defenses and cause aggravated damage.

Flight: Okita's wings are incredibly strong, allowing him to reach speeds that make him appear to be high-speed movement. This allows him a tremendous level of movement and mobility, and because of his small physical stature and lean-build, Okita can easily outstrip his opponents using only extremely swift movements.

Initial Transformation Edit

Final Transformation Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Okita was created in order to give Kusaka abilities similar to those expressed by Kenji Hiroshi when the latter utilizes the power granted by Kyoaku.

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