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"That's from Onii-chan."
—Nijo after slapping her father in the face
Nijo Ureshii
Name Nijo Ureshii
Kanji 嬉しい二女
Romanji Ureshii Nijo
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 31
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 3'7"
Weight 34 lbs.
Eyes Brown (with purple tint)
Hair Purple
Blood Type A

Professional Status
Affiliation Ureshii Family, Soul Society
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Academy Student
Team none
Partner None
Base of Operations Soul Society, Ureshii Grounds
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Isshōmaru Ureshii (older brother)
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active

Nijo Ureshii (嬉しい二女 Ureshii Nijo) is the younger sister of Isshōmaru Ureshii. Despite having graduated from the Shinō Academy, her father opted to keep her out of the Gotei 13.

Appearance Edit

Nijo, much like her older brother, has a petite build, has fair skin and deep purple eyes, and is remarked to be very "cute" by almost all who meet her, especially her father. Her hair is a shade of brown, similar to her older brother, and is tied into a bun, with a rose and pearl ornament on the left side of it. Her attire consists of a standard kimono, which is a light shade of purple with striped and purple floral patterns, which she keeps fitting with a large purple and jeweled obi sash. She wears tabi and (japanese sandals name) with a purple strap alongside this. She is known to carry around a kitsune mask which is similar to a Vizard's mask, and has few blue whisker patterns on it. She also wears a pearl bead bracelet on her right arm, and carries around a pink ballon.

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