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New Haven
Kanji ニュ ヘーベン
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Location Statistics
Type City
Located In World of the Living
Controlled By Wandenreich
Primary Function House remaining Human population, establish Quincy dominance in world of the living
First Appearance
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New Haven (ニュ ヘーベン, Nyu Heiben) is a colossal mega-city that spans several hundred miles, housing the remaining human population that survived the "Rain of Hell" that took place six years before the city's construction. It is ruled by the reformed Wandenreich


During "The Blight", the surviving Sternritter from the Wandenreich, led by Asumu Godai, gathered themselves inside of Tokyo, Japan and erected a great wall of Heiliges Feuer, a special technique that was able to repel the shadow-like mass of energy threatening to engulf most of the world. When it had finished and disappeared, the World of the Living became a wasteland, and Tokyo was one of very few human cities that sustained minor damage and was still habitable for humans.

Using special devices that would convert Kishi into Reishi, these surviving Quincy broke down entire mountains and other landscapes and then blended it with Reishi that they would take from realms such as Hueco Mundo in order to create massive additions to the city of Tokyo, including a large wall surrounding the city and a Reishi-composed dome shield that would protect the skyline. The Quincy would then traverse the wastes to find survivors of the attack and bring them back to the city, which would come to be called "New Haven" by the refugees, which would give the city it's official name soon after.

While day time in the city, and the surrounding wasteland for that matter, is noted to be fairly similar to what existed before the Blight, the temperatures are noted to be rather cold. Summer and Spring times usually have Fall like temperatures, and Winter is known to be especially harsh.

Notable LocationsEdit

Notable InhabitantsEdit


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