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Nenshō Jishin
Nenshō Jishin profile pic
Name Nenshō Jishin
Kanji 燃焼自信
Romaji Jishin Nenshō
Race Fusion
Professional Status
Affiliation Ryū Order
Rookie Six
Occupation Fused Warrior
Team Rookie Six
Partner Ashni
Harumi Kazuki
Kentaro Hiroshi
Naibu Shizuka
Shikai Zen'nōdarou
Bankai Not yet Achieved

Nenshō Jishin (燃焼自信, Japanese for Burning Confidence) is a powerful Fōrun-juu-Shinigami hybrid created whenever Riki Nagakura and Jinta Kanō utilize the Fusion Technique to join there bodies and powers into one - creating one individual with all there strengths explosively augmented. As Riki is the dominant fusee during the execution of the technique, Nenshō carries over more traits from Riki than those expressed by Jinta. He is a cold, quiet and resolute man with few qualms to hold him back.

Appearance Edit

Nenshō Jishin

Nenshō's full appearance.

Nenshō is a noticeably tall young man, standing at a greater height than either Riki or Jinta would separately, with a muscular physique and mature look that grants him an outward appearance at odds with his young age. During his brief appearances, he is described as a handsome young man - if a little distant - with deep brown eyes and a patch worn to cover his right eye, theorized by Naibu to be Jinta's admiration of Yoshiro Kazuki being made visually apparent. It should be noted, however, that his singular gaze has been noted to be quiet weighty and penetrating, as though it were looking to the depths of your very soul. The admiration on Jinta's part is also highlighted through the red tattoo that is also present on the outside of Nenshō's right arm, just above his bicep. Unlike Riki or Jinta, Nenshō usually wears his hair combed down instead of spiked, which only bears a small degree of blond throughout and none of the rosy-color seen in Jinta's; with his own being more black. Nenshō also has quite sharp facial features; a sharp nose, defined cheek bones and a pointed chin - though his combed down hair usually serves to shadow these features from view.

His clothing is very traditional for a Shinigami, especially in light of the individual fusees used to create him, as neither actually don a Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) in their individual appearances. Kenji states that the pride Jinta has in his Shinigami powers is what allowed this phenomenon to occur. Nenshō sports a slightly modified Shihakushō that bears no sleeve on the right arm which is also quite open at the back, which serves to highlight his tattoo quite clearly, as well as his muscular physique and defined build. As a result, his kosode reveals the bottom-right of his chest and is tied in place with a white ōbi sash done up in a tight knot that looks somewhat like a ribbon, though its tied at the back as opposed to the front. The left sleeve, though, has been noted to be quite long; easily allowing him to hide his hand within to disguise simple acts like hand signals or Kidō usage to better surprise others or for simple comfort. The hakama are, as opposed to his kosode, quite plain and simple, baring the color black that hug close to his legs, but with a degree of looseness that prevents them encumbering his movements in battle.

From his ōbi sash lies his sealed zanpakutō, with the sheath threaded through in the traditional manner; though Nenshō is commonly seen carrying it in his left hand to accommodate his style of combat and preferences to dual-bladed swordsmanship. To complete his appearance, Nenshō opts instead for simple geta as opposed to the average waraji Shinigami commonly wear, with red-colored straps over his feet to keep them in place and a light brown finish that add a few extra centimeters to his already impressive height. To add flair and - in his own words - highlight the respect he has for Naibu Shizuka, Nenshō usually wears a delicate piece of red-colored string around his left wrist, a piece Naibu often wears in his hair to tie up his ponytail; which also highlights Jinta's fondness for wristbands and similar accessories.

Personality Edit

To Naibu's initial shock and immense surprise, Nenshō acts in a mature and respectful manner, something the elder thought to be impossible considering the two youngsters who joined to create Nenshō in the first place. In fact, Naibu initially labelled the fusion as a "bad idea" because he suspected a goofy clown with a love and thirst for battle that few could hope to rival, which in Naibu's words would serve to be "one big headache" for him. This is not the case, however. Nenshō is kind, polite and quick with honorifics to those he holds respect for, as he calls his mentor Naibu-sensei exclusively.

This respect carries over to battle situations, as Nenshō always finds the time to bow his head in recognition of his opponents skill and abilities and also through his misuse of underhanded tactics such as eye gouges, crotch shots and fish hooks that Riki himself favors. He never looks down or otherwise belittles his opponents and seeks to actually help some of them improve by giving pointers and helpful advice.

One of his more noticeable traits is his great levels of confidence; both in himself and his allies and as a person and warrior. This makes him come across as big-headed to others, though this is not the case. He rarely exhibits fear in the face of others, nor does he show hesitation in the actions he carries out. This leads him to have little in the way of qualms regarding the killing of his foes, as his detached and usually quiet persona prevents him connecting with his targets; with Naibu describing it as the reason he can kill seemingly without remorse.

Expressed by Jinta, Nenshō possesses a degree of seriousness that only serves to make his already cold exterior all the more frigid. This seriousness, though, is often highlighted in battle situations more predominately as those are the situations his power is generally needed. Since Nenshō is noticeably more powerful that his friends, he feels a degree of responsibility over their wellbeing, which is usually shown in his willpower and impressive stubbornness to make sure no one does hurt them, particularly Ashni and Harumi.

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Dormant Spiritual Energy: Nenshō possesses a tremendous degree of spiritual energy, though like the individual fusees his power is dormant and not easily accessed. In fact, his tremendous amount of power only makes itself known when Nenshō is under extreme levels of anger, stress or other emotional turmoil; though he has shown himself to have a greater control over his vast reserves than either Riki or Jinta have separately, and as a result can exhibit the strength of a powerful lieutenant constantly without emotional factors playing a part. When the emotional reactions are at their strongest however, Nenshō looses a vast degree of spiritual than easily rivals that of powerful captain-class opponents. One trait inherited from Riki that serves as a beneficial point is that he can unconsciously access his dormant reserves without being aware of the fact in order to bolster his flagging levels of spiritual energy during a fight, or simply to replenish his current levels; which results in him rarely becoming tired in battle situations at all when he makes an appearance.

Hakuda Master:

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:

Expert Sand Manipulation: Borrowing from the sand-related abilities of Sabaku Suna (砂漠砂, Japanese for Desert Sand), Nenshō possesses skill in sand manipulation and utilization that, when coupled with his fire-attuned skills, allows him to all but trump his Kidō abilities. The grains of sand move at incredibly quick speeds that exceed even those reached by Riki individually and commonly surround an opponent to launch a potent omni-directional attack from every possible angle imaginable, and because of the sheer amount utilized and their incredibly small size, they can be quite difficult to stop; and because Nenshō possesses greater control over his spiritual energy, he is fit to coat them in energy to increase their cutting potential, which allows him to cut through obstacles such as Kidō rather easily - even from a distance. The sand can also be controlled in seperate clumps, meaning Nenshō can seperate it out to form clones of himself that have a near real-life consistency, weapons made of sand should he require an extra sword and other shapes; among them barriers which can block attacks and chains designed for binding his targets in place. When combined with his fire abilities, Nenshō can easily crush a foe with torrents of sand and proceed to burn them alive without much trouble. He can utilize both separately or together, and even mix them in order to utilize glass-related skills.

Expert Fire Manipulation: Borrowing from the fire-related abilities of Samazamahi (変火災, Varying Fire), Nenshō possesses skill in fire manipulation and utilization that, when coupled with his sand-attuned skills, allows him to all but trump his Kidō skills. He can direct the fire mentally and with deadly precision from any range, making him a mid-to-long-range terror on the battlefield. He can surround opponents with intense flames, form detailed structures to imprison his foes and protect himself from attack and even heal his wounds based on Jinta's knowledge and skill with his Shikai. When combined with sand abilities, Nenshō can easily crush a foe with torrents of sand and proceed to burn them alive without much trouble. He can utilize both separately or together, and even mix them in order to utilize glass-related skills.

Nensho's glass projectile

Nenshō using Tsurara to dispatch his target.

Glass Creation: By mixing both his fire and sand manipulation skills, Nenshō is capable of creating glass which is subjected to his spiritual energy during its creation. This subjection to the spiritual heightens its natural resistance to frightening heights, allowing it to be safely used as a defensive utility or as an offensive technique.

Glass Techniques: Due to the wide applications available, Nenshō has various named abilities he frequently utilizes whenever Riki and Jinta undergo the fusion to create him. These skills are:
  • Hansha (反射, Reflection): a technique that acts like a traditional mirror, re-directing or otherwise reflecting energy-based attacks right back to their source.
  • Tsurara (つらら, Icicle): a technique which creates an icicle-shaped projectile to be thrown with great piercing power. It can easily kill should multiple shafts pierce the target.
  • Kubomi (くぼみ, Sinkhole): a technique which involves Nenshō swiftly creating two sheets of glass, one directly beneath his feet and the other in a location farther away which are linked. He then literally drops down into the mirror beneath him and relocates himself to the second mirror for instant movement.

Zanpakutō Edit

Nenshō Jishin zan

Zen'nōdarou's sealed state.

Zen'nōdarou (全能だろう, Omnipotent Will) is the name of Nenshō's zanpakutō. The weapon is quite ornate and richly decorated, with delicate Japanese characters displayed on the blades flat sides, with a golden furnished guard that extends to cover the first two inches of the blade proper. The zanpakutō itself appears like a katana with a keen outward edge and an even keener cutting edge on the reverse of the blade, making it ideal in any situation. The tip is also tapered to a fine tip, giving it a great deal of piercing power also.

  • Control of Nature: Even whilst sealed, Zen'nōdarou gives Nenshō a weaker version of his Shikai's special ability, allowing him to control sand, fire and by joining the two, glass as well.
  • Shikai: Zen'nōdarou is released with the phrase "Be One with Nature". In terms of appearance, Zen'nōdarou and Nenshō remain unchanged from their respective sealed states.
Shikai Special Ability: Zen'nōdarou's power lies in the manipulation of Nenshō's own will. As long as something exists within nature, such as sand or fire, wind or water, Nenshō can subject the force to his will and cause it to be subject to his every whim. Once controlled he can then command the controlled force to drastically multiply, giving the impression of vast torrents of water or sand, or streams of flame. The extra quantity, however, is determined by Nenshō's own spiritual energy. The quantity and strength of the utilized force can be further strengthened without effects to his spiritual energy by breaking down Zen'nōdarou itself, which sacrifices the zanpakutō in exchange for greater Shikai strength.

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