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Kanji むさぼり
English Devouring
Item Statistics
Use Immortality & Immunity to Bladed Weapons
Created By Unknown Kidō Master
Used By Garian Shinjo

Musabori (むさぼり, Japanese for Devouring) is one of the seven Kyūtai forged by an unnamed Kidō master centuries ago. Its current holder and protector is Garian Shinjo.

Powers Edit

Hardened Skin: By manipulating and hardening the owners spiritual energy, the orb becomes a liquid which suffuses the wearers body in a metallic sheen that makes them all but immune to bladed weapons, either Bakkōtō or Zanpakutō. Only abilities which specifically ignore defenses or imbue the strike with a tremendous degree of cutting power can hope to slice through it.

Immortality: The owner becomes immune to the ravages of time upon their body, making them un-aging from when they acquired the orb. This ability is shared among all the Kyūtai.

Invisibility: Musabori grants its owner the ability to wrap themselves in the Kyūtai itself, rendering them full invisibility regardless of detection methods, completely erasing their spiritual signature in the process.

Shape Manipulation: The seven Kyūtai all share the ability to freely change their shape, whether it be a ring, belt or sheath covering.

Behind the Scenes Edit

This is influenced greatly by the seven Ka'kari in the Night Angel Trilogy of novels.

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