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Mukashi Shinden
Ancient Yuengiri temple
Kanji 昔神殿
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Mukashi Shinden (昔神殿, Japanese for Temple of the Ancients) is a small island located off the western coast of Soul Society that can only be reached using a boat across the spiritual seas from the Rukongai or via Senkaimon, though the latter is rare as few even recall the existence of the island in the first place due to its secrecy. Before the massacre, the Yuengiri used the island as a spiritual retreat, and to this day the temple complex they created still holds some of their greatest treasures, secrets and achievements. The island have had strong links with the Shiba Family since its founding.

Overview Edit

The island is of small size, with only two structures present. The first are the docks that once welcomed the Yuengiri when they sought to escape from the rigors of the Soul Society, though the buildings there have been run down and abandoned for years, which was the case even before the massacre occurred. The second is the large, temple structure they built in the middle of the island to accommodate visitors; which to this day still hold the ancient archives of the Ancient Yuengiri, along with their greatest secrets and teachings. The island is mostly covered in lush forests with a multitude of rivers and creeks, with a single path leading from the docks towards the temple complex. As of now, only four people know of the islands existence, and they are Kenji Hiroshi, Meian Shiba and the old couple who continued to maintain and shelter the Yuengiri's artifacts since the massacre.

Known Artifacts Edit

Nasu Shiba's Body: The body of Nasu Shiba that was recovered and continually charged with spiritual energy in order to suppress the entity known as Hakyoku without another living person being needed to maintain the seal. However, to help combat Averian and his growing power, Meian Shiba has since removed the entity from Nasu's body - allowing him to rest - and became the second Akuma Taisen (悪魔対戦, Demon Tamer) in history.

Zhōng Yèshū: (中葉書, Chinese for Book of the Ancients) A book handed down from one Grandmaster to another since the Yuengiri's founding. The last holder of this text was unknown, as he died without leaving it to anyone during the events of the Yuengiri massacre. The book is now in the keeping of Kenji Hiroshi. The book is believed to possess the documented history of the Yuengiri since their ancient days, holding many secrets, one of them being the usage of the Kyuukyou Shouten (きゅうきょう, Japanese for Ultimate Ascension). The book is inlaid with gold leave and quite old, as it has been preserved through the ages with Kidō to stop it falling apart. However, even if it should be destroyed or the pages scattered, Kenji has committed the contents in their entirety to memory and has even begun re-writing the book, with additional information gleamed from his friend Van Satonaka, especially in regards to the secrets of the ability known as Heiki (兵器, Japanese for Armory).

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