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"Just got back from hell... Nice place really... Too bad I had to go.. "
— Margin Heart

Margin Heart
Margin Heart
Name Margin Heart
Kanji マージンハート
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Race Togabito
Birthday August 26
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 129lb
Eyes Grey
Hair Brown
Blood Type N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation Hearts, Himself
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation N/A
Previous Occupation Shinigami
Team N/A
Previous Team N/A
Partner N/A
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Human World
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Yukidomari - Spouse

Zen Heart - Father Nina - Mother

Education N/A
Status Active
Signature Skill

Margin Heart (マージンハート, Mājinhāto) is an individual possessing extreme powers beyond the realms of imagination. Once a shinigami blessed with hollow powers, he died after his zanpakuto revolted against him and took control of his body. His soul then was sent to hell, creating his new body there while slowly gaining new powers and abilities.While residing in hell, he was considered the *demon among demons*, feared by many other Togabitos. His powers then became so immense that even the Kushanada wasn't able to stop him from escaping hell, even managing to obliterate one that pursued him through sheer force alone. He is the father of Asuka Heart and the husband of the deceased Yukidomari Naian Heart.


Margin's whole appearance may be generally described as that of a man in his mid 20s. He possesses brown-tinted hair that reaches down to his chin which he usually keeps messy. He has a pair of brown-colored eyes which glows alluringly whenever struck by light. He stands at the height of 5 ft and 9 in. tall, giving him a rather tall appearance with his quite slender figure complimenting it. Contrary to his personality, Margin dresses in a very formal way, resembling much like that of a butler. His outfit consist of a long-sleeved buttoned white shirt, a vest on top of it, a tie, black pants, with a with a pair of leather shoes to match, and black gloves.


Margin's overall appearance (after battles)


Margin possesses quite a complex personality, in which most of his traits conflicts with one another. His beliefs towards things is simple if observed but can be somehow confusing when under the wrong assumptions.

One of the many traits Margin is known for is his never-dying love for battle. He regularly engages in a fight for as long as he could remember and enjoys most of them just as long. Whether it is his desire to spill blood or a simple mindset of having to test himself is unknown but one thing is for sure, he just couldn't resist having his fist head toward his enemy, no matter who or what it may be. In a fight, as such when he normally displays a more uncaring and lazy demeanor, Margin shows a drastic change. He becomes more wild and violent, his personality totally becoming demon-like.

He exhibited sadistic outburst during times he loses control of his own. The feeling of enjoyment whenever he causes pain gave him chills and made him display sinister grins that creeps many. This made him distant to people, as he would sometimes feel guilt towards what he has done and tries avoiding showing this part of him as much as possible.

He is often confused with the words *fighting* and *protecting*, not being able to classify the difference between the two. However, he does understand the meaning of doing anything for the sake of someone he holds dear. This certain love for battle he has is something even he couldn't understand. He described it as he cannot resist or avoid, with his body moving on its own when the situation arises. As much as he likes the heat in a fight, he cannot help but feel bad about it at times. He mentioned once that this had already brought a lot of problems to him and those around him many times.

When he married Yukidomari Naian, he had to think about his actions more thoroughly unlike before, as the thought of having her affected due to his drive of having a fight is the one thing he cannot bear to handle. In his lifetime, he never did truly care about anyone else before until she came along. As such, he cannot have her be harmed due to his irresponsibility. It would noone's interest to directly put Yuki in harm's way, especially if its infront of Margin's eyes. The rage he unleashes is unmatched, the very earth he stands on crumbles by the simple aura his anger releases. Many had witnessed to this and many had died because of this. The only person known to calm his rage was Yukidomari herself.

Such love and overprotectiveness applies also to his daughter, his only child with Yukidomari. He is aware of the potential his child possess, and the danger this potential could possibly give her. Knowing that the she holds the very same powers his father caused his death makes him wary of what might possibly happen. He made measures to make it that she would never give in to her powers, going as far as having her at home as much as possible.

Having two people in to his lives, he was never regretful of this, even thankful of their existence in his once plain white world. Because of them did his lust for battle decrease and more did he value the life of others where once he just doesn't care. He became more trusting and allowed himself to be befriended by people he would normally ignore, such example is the person named Shade Kagekyo. His friendly-side is shown to people he had started to open-up with, slowly letting them in to his life while adapting to change.

However, this changes eventually was brought to nothing as after the events of having to see the apparent death of his wife, his whole world changed upside-down. He grieved for weeks, isolating himself from everything. After this, his battle-loving nature became more extreme so much that he wrecks havoc to whatever civilization he goes into just to look for a decent fight. He challenges almost everyone he can sense with a spiritual power, most of which he kills outright. The growing care he was developing for life suddenly vanished, as he does not anymore care whoever it is he kills. Whereve he goes, destruction follows. As the pain in his heart was too much for even him to handle, he made killing and causing chaos a hobby for him to forget every suffering he had to go through. As of now, Margin walks on the earth as an almost unstoppable killing machine bound to destroy everything he sets his eyes on.



Life as a HumanEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Though never trained in any form of martial arts, in terms of fighting with his barehands, Margin is one deadly opponent. He combines punches, kicks, throw-downs, and acrobatics to perform feats that are rather unpredicatable to take his opponent down. His reflexes are also great enough to dodge point-blank assaults and come up with a counter fast enough to connect to his opponent. Even without a weapon on his hand, to fight Margin in close-range can be considered suicide if one would go unprepared.

Master Swordmanship Specialist - Margin's way of handling his blade, at first sight, may seem predictable and slow but those he fights with his blade on his hand knows the exact opposite. His movements are swift and poweful, every swing is enough to cut mountains, enough to push most of his opponents to their limits. He is often viewed fighting wildly and unfocused, some even commenting on how untrained he is. However, Margin had proven several times that what you see outside his fight is something very different from whenever you enter in it. Only few is able to discern Margin's true nature and fighting style in terms of armed combat with a blade, even fewer had lived once they step in the dance floor with him.

Energy Blast - As a Togabito, Margin had gained access to the ability to fire what it seems energy-based attacks. Margin utilizes this ability in the same manner hollows use their cero. The power of this energy-based attacks seem to vary on how much effort or reiatsu Margin pours in on it, while noone seems to know how powerful it could get, the most powerful one Margin was able to release is enough to take on two Guardians of Hell.

Immense Strength - One of the most notable battle traits Margin possess is his astonishing strength that only a few could rival. As far as physical strength could go, Margin easily makes it on one of the top. He is blessed with such overwhelming strength that he could easily shatter things ranging bones to huge mountains with ease. He is described as the force of nature that in terms of pure raw strength could be nigh unbeatable as long as he is at his best.

Immense Speed - Along with his tremendous strength, Margin is also known for his speed. Although having no knowledge of Shunpo or any speed enhancing techniques, Margin's speed is one of the best. The raw strength he has on each of his legs gives him the velocity rivaling those in the Royal Guard. Without any effort, Margin could easily create after-images that couldn't be distinguished from the original to those with untrained eyes. He disappears and reappears almost instantaneously. He is so fast that he could catch up even to those possesing space-warping abilities, a feat a lot considers very hard to do.

Immense Durability - One well-known fact to those who knew Margin is his ability to withstand numerous attacks, some even head-on without even flinching or even appear to be hurt. Many has commented on how even making him fall down on his knees is something nigh impossible. Margin had been able to take severe punishment that no ordinary shinigami could ever take.

Spiritual PowerEdit

Margin is highly known for having an unwordly kind of spiritual power. Many had noted how different it is from the others, it was not just a simple matter of being heavy or suffocating, it is different like nothing else. Margin himself has stated that it is unrivaled in terms of causing destruction and pain. The very existence of his reiatsu brings forth fear to those who senses it, even causing traumatic pain both mentally and physically. On Margin's own words, it is a force to be reckoned with, the power it has is the one thing that could bring nightmares to even demons themselves. With his reiatsu, there is almost nothing that would work on him more than once and to be hit by his fist the second time is just not something you ought to wish for.

He has complete control over his once untamed reiatsu. Capable of using it in various ways, akin to that of Kidou despite of his lack of knowledge to the art. The way he uses it is very destructive in nature, capable of rounding up an entire city and crush it with ease in a matter of moments.

  • Adaptive Ability - The spiritual power flowing through Margin enabled him the ability to adapt through almost anything. This gives him a certain advantage towards his foes as it would seem impossible to actually kill him with this certain ability active. The ability to adapt through things makes Margin almost unstoppable, shattering any forms of barrier with the second punch, tanking most attacks thrown at him, and surviving even the most powerful of explosions without being fazed. This adaptive ability also makes Margin more poweful with each and every fight he goes in to, giving him limitless potential.
  • Immunity To Poison (Or anything of the like) - Due to having a rapid pace of adaptation towards almost any situation, Margin had gained immunity to almost any poison or anything that attacks the body from the inside. Margin's body quickly negates any abilities that could render his body ineffective as his reiatsu quickly forms antidotes or contereffects to protect Margin from harm.
  • Damage Resistance - Margin can use his reiatsu as a kind of invisible armor that protects his whole body from physical damage. This, add to the fact that his body is extremely durable on its own, makes Margin one tough opponent to crack. Margin activates this effect the very moment he enters in a fight, causing his enemies to give more effort in their attacks if they want to get through this fortress-like defense. The adaptive ability also causes his enemies to be put in a tricky situation of having to find numerous ways of cracking through Margin's defense, as with every attack, the protective layer becomes more resistant to damage.
  • Psychological Offense - Margin's reiatsu can be considered dangerous both to the body and the mind. Being exposed to Margin's overflowing energy can cause delusions and mental strain due to its dark nature. It shares Margin's pain and flashes the horrifying images that he always had in his mind. It has always been an unspoken rule that those exposed to Margin's power will experience fear even for a few seconds, causing them to waver at every action that would make. While never truly explained, the side effects of Margin's reiatsu are those which should be avoided at all cost.
  • Corruption - Margin's foul reiatsu also make him able to corrupt his enemies' abilities to the extent that it could no longer be usable for certain period of time. Margin's reiatsu directly attacks the main source of reiryoku flow, influencing it and causing failure unless his opponent's will is more than strong enough to resist. At times, Margin's spiritual power eats that of his opponent's, slowly causing them to fade until it is no more.

Chain ManipulationEdit

As a Togabito, Margin is bound by the chains of hell. However, instead of this fact being a hindrance to how Margin fights, Margin actually uses the chains to his own advantage. While generally invisible to others, Margin can make it appear and have them used against his enemies. The chains follows Margin's will, moving according to what he wants. He had spent years of training before he had mastered controlling the chains but the results proved to be very benificial for him. He can summon the chains anywhere he wanted to, applying the element of surprise to every fight he goes into.

  • Weapon Materialization - Through the use of his spiritual power and the chains as the foundation, Margin is able to forge different weapons of his own liking. This ability is limited only to Margin's imagination, giving him a wide-array of options to choose from. This is done through coating the chains with his spiritual energy then somehow altering its properties. Margin had shown the capability to create gigantic broadswords, spears, and even metallic limbs.


Zanpakuto Husk - Remnants of his former zanpakuto, representing Margin's past as a shinigami. Although it appears as one, it is not a zanpakuto but a simple blade made from Margin's soul, manisfesting itself when needed. However, Margin himself stated that, although it is not a true zanpakuto, its cutting ability is never to be underestimated as its just as sharp as any sword any shinigami could ever wield. It appears to be an ordianry katana with nothing special on its design but unlike others, it sports no sheath. Margin uses his blade with great effeciency, so much that he slices his enemies without them having to react, some wouldn't even notice until all is too late.

Chains - One of Margin's favorite objects in hell, the very chains that had bound him for years in hell. He is able to manifest them at will and use them just as effective as he did with his former chains. He uses it to attack, defend, bind and more. As the chains are forged in Hell itself, it possesses great durability to the point that its to be considered nigh indestructable along with Margin's reiatsu flowing through in it.


  • "I cannot deny how strong of a fella you are... Every blow you give just plain hurts... But unfortunately for you... I was just born to WIN! "
  • (While battling the Cardinals) "How many times are you idiots going to make me say it? DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!"
  • (Lecturing Shade) "Die?! Your naive, Shade. Die and then what? You think you could protect her then? If you want to protect those you hold dear, then live! Live so that you rest assure that they are safe with you as their protection. Do what I have failed to do, my friend, protect those who you love."


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