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Little Ryū
Lyon's spiritual energy
Name Lyon Ryū
Kanji リヨンリュウ
Romaji Ryuu Lyon
Race Arrancar
Birthday 5thth July
Age 500+
Gender Male
Height 6ft 1in
Weight 72kg
Eyes Purple
Hair Brown
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Averian's Army
Previous Affiliation Himself
Occupation Averian's Army
Previous Occupation Wandering Arrancar
Team Averian's Army
Previous Team None
Partner Averian
Saburo Ryū
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Forest of Menos
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Saburo Ryū (Brother)
Education Saburo Ryū
Status Deceased
Resurrección Kasukakahen

Lyon Ryū (リヨンリュウ, Ryū Lyon) is a powerful Arrancar, even before he was granted further power. He also happens to be the brother of Saburo Ryū, though not by blood relation. A member of Averian's Army, Lyon serves Averian for the simple reason his brother does, with him holding particularly no loyalty towards the one to whom he swears allegiance. A well-spring of knowledge, Lyon is a gifted individual and one of the stronger members of Averian's army, in which he serves as a general.

He met his death at the hands of Akira Nakamura whilst saving Saburo from the intended attack.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

Part I Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Energy:

Enhanced Hierro:

Lyon's zanpakuto ability

Lyon's ice abilities in use.

Ice Manipulation:

Hakuda Master:

Sonído Master:


Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:

Zanpakutō Edit

Kasukakahen (かすか, Japanese for Wretched Petal) is the name of Lyon's zanpakutō. It has simply aqua-blue hilt wrapping and a golden-colored guard, circular in shape, with four gaps positioned in the middle pointing in the four compass directions. Lyon usually wears it upon his back, held by a simple leather strap.

Resurrección: Not Revealed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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