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Kikyo Mihari
Kikyo Mihari2
Name Kikyo Mihari
Kanji 起居 見張り
Romanji Mihari Kikyo
Race Shinigami
Birthday 8th December
Age 800+ (Soul Society)

26 (Human World)

Gender Male
Height 6'7"
Weight 145lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Silver-White
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Captain Of The 10th Division
Team 10th Division
Partner Other Captains
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Education Shinō Academy
Shikai Kumoriseijaku
Bankai Not Yet Revealed

Kikyo Mihari (起居 見張り, Behavior Guard) is the Captain Of The 10th Division. He has gone through many bad times and have helped his friends regardless.





Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Kumoriseijaku (雲 静寂, Cloudy Silence) is the name of Kikyo's Zanpakuto. It takes the appearance of a Katana when used, with a black hilt supporting it. It emits a dark aura with the words, "Death Is Only Near" in the air. Upon defeating Hitsuke, Kikyo has claimed that he barely got to use his true powers of his Zanpakuto, which indicates that his true Zanpakuto has much more terrifying powers.
Kikyo using Tenrai Tsuki against G

Kikyo's Tenrai Tsuki (left) against G's Black Reiatsu Attack (right)

Tenrai Tsuki (天来月, Heavenly Moon) is Kikyo's signature skill, and the most used out of all his techniques. It is a powerful form of energy that needs support in order to be fired properly. Kikyo puts a hand in front of him and another behind him, each making a flame. The back hand has what he calls a support flame which doesn't cause damage but is able to support him. The front hand is where his attack goes to, shooting out highly powerful flames that has a blue kind of color. The power of this attack depends on how much reiatsu Kikyo uses.
  • Shikai: Kumoriseijaku is released by the command, "Be Quiet" (ダメる, Dameru); when releasing, Kikyo holds the hilt of his sword as well as the blade itself. He is then covered in reiatsu the same color of Tenrai Tsuki. Kumoriseijaku keeps its appearance as a japanese katana. However, this time, the hilt is changed to an eagle shaped one with the color being like Tenrai Tsuki.
Shikai Special Abilities: Kumoriseijaku is able to utilize clouds around it or even create clouds to use. His abilites work like the water cycle. In other words, when it's night, his powers are really weak. He gets especially strong when his opponents are light-users. His powers work differently in different countries. If he is in a place with little river, his power would be weak. Due to having a smaller surface area, the rate of evaporation would be less, causing there to be not as many clouds for Kikyo to utilize.

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