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Kensai Kuchiki
Kensai's profile pic
Name Kensai Kuchiki
Kanji けんさい朽木
Romanji Kuchiki Kensai
Race Shinigami
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 90kg
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Blood Type A
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ryu Order
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Guardian-rank
Previous Occupation 3rd Seat
of the 6th DivisionStudent of the Shinō Academy
Team The Ryu Order
Previous Team Shinō Academy
6th Division
Partner Juunan Shihōin
Previous Partner Shigeru Yuudai
Base of Operations Horiwari
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Kuchiki Clan
Sōritsu Kuchiki (Distant Ancestor)
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Kinagashinka
Bankai Not yet Revealed

Kensai Kuchiki (けんさい朽木, lit. Man of Ability) is one of the youngest Shinigami of the famed Kuchiki Family. He formerly held the position of 3rd Seat of the 6th Division of the Gotei 13; though he is now aligned with The Ryu Order so he can stop the actions of Shigeru Yuudai. The view is held by many that he possesses a large amount of skill and potential as a Shinigami.

Appearance Edit

Kensai is a tall young man with a well-toned muscular physique. He keeps his hair braided in a thin, but exceptionally long ponytail that hangs down his back. His hair is colored a vibrant shade of red, which many people comment on for being eye-catching. Instead of a Shinigami's Shihakushō, he instead wears a suit of ceremonial-style, dark blue armor for added protection during battle complete with an armored tasset. His armor has an exceptionally elaborate jeweled collar that also serves to hold his long, flowing dark cape in place. The cape has a red inside coloration and he secures his zanpakutō to his silver-trimmed leather belt buckle with the cape laying on top of his zanpakutō's sheath. His eyes and facial features are described as being soft and compassionate; though in battle, he is noted to have an exceptionally fierce and determined expression.

Personality Edit

Unlike the typical Kuchiki, who typically distant themselves from others and serve the law above all else, Kensai holds a very different outlook on life when compared to his fellow family members. He does believe the law to be an important application that should be fought to be kept maintained, but holds the view that the law can be set aside when needed to allow an individual the freedom of choice to do as they themselves wish. He uses the argument "if everyone follows the old law of an eye for an eye, then the entire world would be blinded"; a view shared by Tadashi Kori, whom Kensai converses with often. This sets him at odds with his fellow family members, even though he loves them dearly as they love him.

In everyday life and communication, Kensai strives to find the best of any situation he finds himself in and in those he meets. Having a nature far from the typical noble outlook of the Kuchiki Clan, Kensai is considered by many to be the black sheep of the family. This is because he doesn't flaunt his noble heritage and treats everyone as though an equal; something his Clan find annoying though he pays them no mind. The only time he flaunts his wealth is when treating his friends to a victory celebration, where he parties just as much as any other man or woman. Generally carefree, Kensai takes most things in his stride, though he possesses a great deal of pride in his heritage, family and his own abilities; though his humbleness means he never brings up his skills unless chastised or challenged by another.


Having been trained from a young age in ways of a Shinigami and the Kuchiki Family, Kensai grew up isolated from other children his own age, really only knowing his relatives and instructors. This early training allowed him to breeze through the Shinō Academy and affirm himself as a member of the 6th Division. Unlike others, Kensai did not use his position to gain a position as Byakuya had done for Rukia; as he wished to see how far his own abilities could take him. This attitude earned him the respect of his allies in the 6th Division, and he rose through the ranks quickly until he arrived at his current position as a 3rd Seated Officer.


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Powers and Abilities Edit

Great Spiritual Energy: Being a member of one of the Four Great Noble Families, Kensai has a large amount of spiritual energy for only a 3rd Seated Officer. His great mastery over his own spiritual energy allows him to manipulate the minds of others by charging his own spiritual energy into a targets body to manipulate their sense of sight in order to throw off their ability to perceive incoming attacks, or to distort their surroundings.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Kensai's skill with a sword is such that he can easily hold his own against several opponents at once; as demonstrated during his various sparring sessions during his time in the Shinō Academy. His strikes have been known to hold a great deal of force behind them.

Sanran Hanabira: (Scattered Petals) A technique of the Yuengiri taught to Kensai by an unknown individual. Kensai uses a series of thrusts in quick succession that creates an illusion of falling cherry blossoms to daze and confuse the enemy as he strikes. The attack is finished with eight quick, yet powerful slashes across various locations on their body.

Shunpo Expert: Kensai's skill in Shunpo is high, as he is easily fit to keep up with a Lieutenant-level fighter for extended periods, while being fit to hold his own against a Captain's speed for a short time.

Kidō Master: Having a wide array of knowledge in the application and manipulation of Kidō, Kensai's skill is such that he can fire multiple spells in quick succession without a name or incantation while retaining a good deal of their power. Many have described him as a Kidō prodigy due to the sheer ease at which he can perform and learn new spells. His skill has been further shown from the unique usage of defensive spells such as Shinseina Basho, as he used the spell as a powerful offense by kicking it towards an enemy after using it to block an attack; and again when he used Sajo Sabaku as a chain to choke his enemy or throw them into their surroundings.

Hakuda Combatant: Kensai's least used form of combat is Hakuda. His skill is limited, though he can defend himself should the situation arise using only his bare-hands, as shown from how easily he dispatched a low-level hollow using just his bare-hands.

Zanpakutō Edit

Kensai's shikai appearance

Kinagashinka in Shikai.

Kinagashinka (きながしんか, lit. Patient Evolution) is the name of Kensai's zanpakuto. Kinagashinka is sealed in the form of an average katana blade, with a rich, red ruby set at the weapons base. The blade is slender and divides into a twin point at the top, giving it a rather unique sealed appearance. The guard is star-shaped with three upward pointing spiked protrusions that form into the first few inches of the blade itself.

Shikai: Kinagashinka is released with the command Evolve. Upon stating the release command, Kensai runs his hand over Kinagashinka's edge, transforming it into a beautiful, straight-edged red blade with a guard that protects Kensai's entire hand. The hilt becomes silver as does the guard and a single black line runs up the center of the blade, ending halfway from its full length.

Shikai Special Abilities: Kinagashinka's power lies in the eventual evolution of its own power. When Kensai's power reaches a certain level, his zanpakuto evolves to a new state; gaining new abilities and powers for him to utilize and command; though a certain currently unknown event is needed to trigger the evolution. The process of evolution is time consuming - three days in fact - leaving it impossible for the evolution to occur during the heat of battle. Aside from this evolution, Kinagashinka has a wide range of special abilities to aid Kensai in battle situations.
Kensai's special skill

Kensai using Aketsukishinkou.

  • Aketsukishinkou: (あけつきしんこう, lit. Red Moon Rising) This ability involves Kensai creating a large, red colored moon in the sky. While this illusion is active, everything the opponent experiences is reversed; the direction in which they perceive an attack, the area they are cut and even the direction in which they walk and move. Although the effect is indeed powerful, the illusion can be dispelled by shattering the red moon, thus ending the illusion. However, as Kensai can control his opponents perception using only his spiritual power, the location of the moon may not be where there eyes show it to be.
  • Kishouryuu: (きしょうりゅう, lit. Rising Dragon) Kensai strikes the ground and releases spiritual energy directly into the earth. Seconds after the strike, a large serpentine dragon cloaked in searing flames erupts from the ground beneath the targets feet, catching foes between its teeth and crushing them. The dragon soars high, before performing a twist to take it back to the ground where it collides with the earth.
  • Ryoubun: (りょうぶん, lit. Cut in Two) Kensai releases a powerful, slicing shock-wave from his body that has easily bisect objects it comes into contact with. The shock-wave extends for two kilometers and possesses a great deal of cutting force; though the attack is dangerous to use when close to allies.

Bankai: Not yet Achieved

Behind the Scenes Edit

His Rising Dragon ability is an allude to the antagonist in the second Golden Sun game, who uses an attack called Rising Dragon. Full credit goes to the developers of the various monster-related skills in the Golden Sun series for the creation of this technique.

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