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Kenji's Inner World
Kenji's Inner World
Name Kenji's Inner World
Kanji 健治さん内側ワールド
Romanji Kenji no in'nāwārudo
Owner Kenji Hiroshi
Resident(s) Sanmiittai
Sanmiittai Seikatsu Shinsei

Kenji's Inner World (健治さん内側ワールド, Kenji no in'nāwārudo) is the term that denotes the manifestation of Kenji Hiroshi's soul, where his zanpakutō spirit calls home. The world appears like that of a sandy beach with two prominent palm trees that give a small amount of shade against the light of the ever setting sun. The world seems to be stuck in a perpetual state of twilight, with the setting suns light painting both the sky and the water in the suns color. The waves lap the shore calmly and the sand is unnaturally soft beneath your feet. Off to the side, where Sanmiittai and Kyoaku are often found lies a plain wooden shack. The insides are much grander than the outside would suggest, though, with fine carpets laid across the floor, tapestries lining the walls and rich furniture that bears touches of gold.

This world seems to change depending on Kenji's mindset. If he is calm and determined, the above description is what his Inner World is. When his resolve wavers and fear sets in, the sun sets and the moon dominates the sky, with lighting flashing across the sky and the thunder roaring above. The waves become larger and crash against the shore and the sand becomes like glass beneath the foot and a chill wind blows from across the sea. When he reaffirms himself and casts aside his doubts, the world returns to its once calm nature.


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