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Kazuma Nishiki
Kazuma&#039;s future appearance
Name Kazuma Nishiki
Kanji 一真錦
Romanji Nishiki Kazuma
Race Shinigami
Birthday 30th January
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5ft 10in
Weight 62kg
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Blood Type O
Unusual Features None
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ryu Order
Previous Affiliation Kenji's Patrol team
Occupation Captain of The Ryu Order
Previous Occupation Academy Student
Team The Ryu Order
Previous Team Kenji's Patrol Team
Partner Tyrell Nishiki

Jinta Kano

Previous Partner Kenji Hiroshi, Kusaka Kori, Ino Choyo
Base of Operations Order Headquarters, Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Tyrell Nishiki (Older brother)

Karis Nishiki (Older Sister, Deceased)

Education Maki Zhijun
Status Active
Shikai Chiikioi
Bankai Not yet Revealed

"You think you can just reappear and everything will be alright!? Things don't work that way! Look around! This entire world has been laid to ruin and you've done nothing but watch as it crumbles around you! Your not Kenji. The real Kenji would never sit at home when he knew his friends to be in danger.

Oh yeah!? You think I wanted this? Huh!? From my point of view, its the evening of the day I fought Dastan! Now, if there's a problem, point me in the its direction, 'cause right now, I'm about as angry as I've ever been. I've just learned that everything I held dear has been annihilated! Trust me, I won't be sitting back. "
— Kazuma and Kenji

Kazuma is a Shinigami, and one of the few remaining with the strength needed to fight against Averian and his army. The young, boyhood innocence he was once known for vanished as he watched his world torn apart by hollow and Arrancar, and by the death of his mentor, Kusaka Kori, and the subsequent disappearance of his idol, Kenji Hiroshi. Kazuma is a Captain among The Ryu Order, alongside his older brother and his friend, and stands in stoic defiance to Averian's attempts at domination.


Kazuma, in the words of his brother, has grown into a fine young man. He no longer sports spikes of any kind and keeps his hair combed downward and short and is now seen mostly with a grime or angry expression. His clothing now consists of a black, sleeveless shirt beneath his long, dark red robe. His trousers are black, and he wears a pair of white gloves. His zanpakuto is hanging from a piece of rope attached to his left-most belt loop. He also has a large and prominent scar down his back, received during a past battle with Averian himself.


Unlike his childhood persona, in which he was seen by many as being an innocent young man with a thirst for adventure, Kazuma is now serious and much more darker in his decisions and personality. This stems from watching his friend and mentor, Kusaka Kori, die while fighting against impossible odds, and the subsequent murder of his sister, Karis. These events, coupled by the fact he felt betrayed and abandoned by his mentor, Kenji Hiroshi, Kazuma finds it hard to trust another because he believes they will ultimately be torn away from him, or him from them. However, he is now much more ruthless and daring than he ever was before, striking out against Averian's forces alone, or against great odds, and has been known to actively search out the most brutal areas of conflict.


Kazuma was present when Ino read the letter Kenji left. It read; Ino, I'm leaving for a time, but I'll be back. Tell Kusaka he's to look after everyone, and tell Kazuma I'll see him again some day. I'm going to finish something I've been meaning to for a while, and there's only one place I can get it done in the time I've set. Yours with love, Kenji. He never returned, and with Averian's sudden assault against Soul Society, Kazuma began to think that Kenji had abandoned them.

The AlterationEdit

The big alteration in Kazuma's life came not when Averian attacked the Soul Society, nor when he allied himself with the Shinigami/Demon hybrid Kurayami in order to strengthen his position. Kazuma's life, and the first real hatred and powerlessness he'd felt came when Ino, whilst heavily pregnant with Kenji's child, was cut down and killed by Averian himself who bragged about the deed, while the youngster could only sit back and watch. Whatever lingering respect and belief Kazuma had in his previous mentor was extinguished, and he was more than ready to accept death right there and then. Only through the fantastic efforts of Kusaka, who fought his way through an entire squadron of Averian's hollow, defeating two Arrancar and proceeded to engage Averian himself and driving him away, did Kazuma survive the meeting, although he gained a scar down his back that would continue to plague him from that day onwards.

Into HidingEdit

With Kusaka still there to aid and protect him, Kazuma began to train himself, but news soon reached the duo, now traveling in the company of other Shinigami who fled their posts or who were just stationed in the Human World, that Averian had dealt a devastating blow by killing Captains Tadashi Kori and Shin Nagakura. This affected Kazuma, because he'd heard his own brother had been present and wasn't quite sure if he had survived due to conflicting reports, but Kusaka became more and more bloodthirsty, and only more so when he heard about Yoshiro and his brother's deaths. When the news arrived that the Gotei were initiating a full-scale retreat to the Human World, Kazuma was reunited with his brother and sister. For a time, they avoided conflict and discovery, until they were finally located again.

The Pain of LossEdit

While protecting Kazuma and a group of new recruits at a newly established training outpost, Kusaka came under attack from two of Averian's Arrancar generals and Kurayami himself while giving the young time to escape. Although he put up a battle that scarred the very terrain, Kusaka succumbed to his injuries and died, after taking both generals with him and grievously injuring Kurayami. Kazuma had witnessed the entire battle, but again he could do nothing to aid those he cared for. Kurayami, grievously injured by Kusaka's final, desperate attack, returned to meet his end at Averian's own hand, which only served to strengthen the Arrancar's powers and grip over the Spiritual World. Later, Kazuma saw himself recklessly engage Averian in battle. Although easily batted aside and goaded for being weak and pathetic, Tyrell arrived, and through sheer reckless abandon and stubbornness, he managed to save his younger brother and stave off Averian's assaults, but neither could prevent the death of their sister, who Averian slaughtered personally and with great delight. The two brothers were rescued by Maki Zhijun and others who succeeded in driving Averian and his forces away, once again saving Kazuma from death.

Training and The ReturnEdit

Taking it upon himself to train the survivors, Maki took himself, Tyrell, Kazuma and Jinta Kano, another who'd seen some action in the war and showed promise, into the Dangai, where he subjected the three to the most brutal training ever envisioned. After their return, they roamed the realms seeking Shinigami, Vizard and other spiritually aware in order to build a force to stand against Averian and his Army. The Ryu Order was born as a result, with Kazuma being labelled as a Captain and Second-in-Command due to his newfound strength and familiarity with Averian's combat methods. He would never really get over the death of Ino, Kusaka or Karis and would forever curse Kenji's name for abandoning them.


Reiatsu Canceling Gloves: Described by Jinta as being a device with principle's working along the same lines of a Bakkōtō, these gloves are capable of tearing apart small energy blasts and force them to dissipate, like Bala blasts and weak Cero's just by touching the surface of the energy. These use Kazuma's own spiritual energy to accomplish this, and the more it is used, the harder the gloves become to control.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immense Spiritual Energy: Kazuma's spiritual energy has increased greatly since his younger days traveling with Kenji and Kusaka. He is now easily the strength of a powerful Captain, and one of the few remaining Shinigami with the strength needed to battle Averian. Unlike his old energy, which was white and calm, Kazuma's is now darker and much more wild, representing his drastic change in personality.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kazuma's strikes are quick and precise, allowing him to defeat low-to-mid-level opponents with a single, well-aimed precision strike. Tyrell has admitted that Kazuma's swordplay would easily best his own in terms of general skill.

  • Yuengiri Practitioner: Having received no more training since Kenji vanished, Kazuma's skill in the Yuengiri's teachings have remained the same. The only thing he did achieve, due to Maki Zhijun, was how to harden his spiritual energy and cut himself off from his emotions.

Kidō Master: Kazuma's skill in Kidō is easily his most advanced and potent ability. He is capable of combining high-level Bakudo and Hado spells and knows an array of forbidden spells.

Shunpo Expert: Kazuma's raw speed allows hi to easily keep up with the likes of Averian and his Arrancar's. He is known to have developed Senka after being trained by Maki Zhijun.


Kazuma&#039;s Inner World
Race Zanpakuto Spirit
Gender Chiikioi can appear as either gender
Height 6ft
Weight 60kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Kazuma Nishiki
Partner Kazuma Nishiki
Base of Operations Kazuma Nishiki's Inner World
Shikai Chiikioi
Bankai Not yet Achieved

Chiikioi is a strange zanpakuto, because it exists as a single spirit that has two distinct appearances and personality; one male and one female. Overall, Chiikioi is a moody zanpakuto whose true power reflects Kazuma's own mood.

Kazuma&#039;s male spirit

The male spirit of Chiikioi.

  • Male Form: Chiikioi, while in male form, appears as a tall man who suffers from heterochromia, as one eye is red, while the other is blue. Chiikioi wears a white shirt, a black jacket worn open and a tie loosely around his neck. His lower attire is a pair of black jeans with a white, studded belt worn around his waist. Unlike his female counterpart, the male Chiikioi is calm, collected and incredibly wise. He likes water, and can usually be found floating along in a pond without a care in the world. Like his counterpart, however, he enjoys testing Kazuma in strange and unique ways, and considers the young Shinigami as a younger sibling instead of his master. This treatment likens the male version to Kazuma's older brother, Tyrell, as stated by Kazuma himself. This form comes out more likely when Kazuma himself is calm.
Kazuma&#039;s female spirit

The female spirit of Chiikioi.

  • Female Form: Chiikioi, while in female form, appears as a beautiful young women that bears an appearance like an elf, with green clothing. She has flowing blond hair that seems to glow with a healthy shine, piercing green eyes Kazuma says he could get lost in, and a curvy figure. She also enjoys teasing Kazuma's innocence regarding women, giving the two a rather strange relationship, despite their deep levels of trust and communication. Despite her gentle, kind and loving appearance, she is portrayed as the more aggressive of the two spirits, and comes out more easily when Kazuma himself is angry or frustrated. She, like her male counterpart, enjoys testing Kazuma in strange and unique ways.

Chiikioi (Earth Force) Is the name of Kazuma's zanpakuto. Previously, it was sealed in the form of a short, straight edged sword with a slim blade. Since learning his Shikai, Kazuma has changed his zanpakuto's sealed state. It now resembles a nodachi with a long blade and handle, light green hilt wrapping and a circular guard. Kazuma carries this blade on his back.

Shikai: Kazuma's Chiikioi is released with the command Grow Wildly. When released, it retains its sealed appearance, but vines grow from the ground around Kazuma in a circle-like shape.

Special Abilities: As Kenji speculated, Kazuma's zanpakuto turned out to be a nature type as he can freely control vines, the earth and water for attack or defense. He has shown himself capable of ensnaring enemies with vines in order to constrict them, form barriers for defense and to stab enemies and then crush them using either earth or water.

  • Emotional Strength: Kazuma's power over earth and water is increased depending on his current mood. If calm and collected, his strength and control over water is increased. If angry and frustrated, his strength and control over nature (vines, earth etc) is increased.
  • Ragnarok: A large stone sword is made which sharpens under Kazuma's spiritual energy and flies with great speed towards an enemy. The momentum it gains while flying gives the sword great cutting power. When the attack pierces an enemy, the blade crumbles into individual shards which are then used to strike the enemy from every possible angle.
  • Plume Edge: A torrent of water erupts from the ground beneath an enemies feet. Kazuma then leaps up after his opponent and delivers a devastating cut. As his sword parts the liquid, the water rises above the enemy and slams them into the ground. Kazuma can use the initial stage of the attack in rapid succession.
  • Healing Aura: Because of his control over nature, Kazuma can take some life energy from his surroundings and transfer it to another being. He does this by ensnaring his target using his vines and transferring the life energy through them into the person's body. This is often used to restore Reiatsu quickly, but he's yet to learn how to heal actual wounds.

Bankai: Not yet Revealed.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The future arc in which Tyrell appears is inspired by two main factors. The first was the apocalyptic future seen in Dragon Ball Z in which Future Trunks in the only survivor. The second inspiring factor was the Terminator franchise, in which people try to change their future.

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