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Kaimen Kazuki profile
Name Kaimen Kazuki
Kanji カイメン和樹
Romaji Kaimen Kazuki
Race Shinigami
Professional Status
Affiliation Kenji Hiroshi
Ryū Order
Occupation Member of The Ryū Guard
Team The Ryu Order
Partner Shinrei Kurosaki
Alma Shizuka
Sanada Shirono
Shikai Hyōhō
Bankai Kansei Hyōhō

Kaimen Kazuki (カイメン和樹, Kazuki Kaimen), known famously as Kaimen of the Inferno, is a Shinigami aligned with the Ryū Order; specifically its elite Ryū Guard.

Appearance Edit

Kaimen is a tall and lanky man who covers his bald head with a white bandanna which has red colorings throughout; one that, he has admitted, rarely leaves his head.[1] He sports a baggy-looking kimono that shares its coloration with his bandanna, a pair of green hakama, and a frayed rope belt around his waist.[1]

Personality Edit

Kaimen's forward, confrontational, hot-headed and highly suspicious attitude serve to hide a highly astute and calculating mind.[1][2] When Kenji, Kusaka, Naibu and Shinrei sought to recruit him to the Ryū Guard he wasted no time identifying them - without alerting them - and then successfully defeated Kenji without much trouble, demonstrating a no-nonsense attitude.[1] He was also the first person to notice that Kenjiro, at the time masquerading as Kenji, was not who he said he was; a clear demonstration of his observational prowess and attention to detail.[2] When asked why he actually joined someone who was at the time weaker than he (referring to Kenji) Kaimen reiterated what he had said to Kenji immediately after their battle: "You fought like a bloody demon! Very well: I will add my strength to yours Archon of Storms." This infers that Kaimen respects strength of character more than physical or spiritual strength.[1]

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

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Parts II & III Edit

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Prelude to War Edit

Ending of a War Edit

Impostor arc Edit

Parts IV & V Edit

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Energy: Kaimen has spiritual power comparable to the older Captains of the Gotei 13 even though he never rose to a seated position, and is regarded as one of the strongest within the Ryū Order; enough so that Kenjiro wished him silenced first and foremost.[2] The strength of his spiritual power was initially greater than Kenji's when the latter used his Bankai, suggesting he has a monstrous degree of spiritual power.[1] He was also capable of standing up to Kenjiro for a time but was ultimately bested when he shielded Shinrei.[2]

Enhanced Strength: Kaimen was capable of knocking Kenji down with a single blow and then pressured even Kusaka, despite both using defensive and offensive Blut respectively.[1]

Enhanced Durability: Kaimen bore the brunt of Aoi Inazuma Kasō's destructive force with little more than light burns and torn clothing.[1]

Zanjutsu Mastery: Kaimen's skill with a blade is incredible despite his status as a self-taught swordsman, though he maintains a degree of roughness in his handling of a blade.[1] He was capable of beating back Kusaka when he used his Shikai and Kenji when he used his Bankai whilst Kaimen himself used merely his unreleased Zanpakutō.[1]

Zanpakutō Edit

Kaimen's Shikai

Kaimen's Zanpakutō released.

Kaimen's Zanpakutō is sealed in the form of a mechanical-like trident that folds down to the size of a baton for easy carrying, though this baton can also extend only one of the prongs to serve as a makeshift wakizashi.[1]

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