13th zodiac
Name Jūsanseiza
Kanji じゅうさん星座
Romanji じゅうさん星座
Leader(s) Collective
Founder(s) {{{founders}}}
Headquarters Ningyoumadajou
Affiliation Themselves
Purpose Presumably the assassination of the Royal Family

The Jūsanseiza (じゅうさん星座, Literally meaning Thirteen Constellations) are a group of shady individuals who are known to have eluded Soul Society for several centuries, few of the existing members have ever been seen, though it is rumored that their ranks are primarily made up of former members of the Royal Guard whom have gone rogue. Though these used to remain merely vague suspicions. Quite recently though, they've resurfaced and it has been shown that the members are a collection of the most dangerous criminals ever recorded in Soul Societies history, with each of the members being wanted for outrageous crimes. Due to these things, they are quite possibly the most wanted organization in the Spiritual World.

Overview Edit

The Jūsanseiza are a group of criminal masterminds who have banded together to form one of most powerful organizations within the spiritual world. The fact that they have remained a largely unknown entity since their conception has inspired wonderous tales of its existence, with rumors and falsehoods abound, making it difficult if not impossible to determine its origins and goals. The organization appears to be devoted towards using it influence to further the goals of its individual members.

Historical Background InformationEdit

Historically the Jūsanseiza do not exist, whether this is by design or sheer accident, virtually all accounts of their existence are absent from Soul Society's archives. It can be reasoned however that given the longevity of its senior members that it has been around for at least a millennia or more, though some speculate that for as long as Soul Society has existed so has the Jūsanseiza. Only recent years has the name of this shadowy organization surfaced, some say a deliberate attempt to instill fear in Soul Society, regardless, its influence is vast and wide reaching. Each of its members contributes their own network and organization, making it virtually impossible to determine where their influence ends or where it begins.

Goals or PlansEdit

The main objectives of this organization remain a mystery, even to the most hardened mind, though given its supposed membership, it can be assumed that their overall goal is the total annihilation and destruction of Soul Society. However they have remained content to operate from the shadows, using their agents to wage information warfare and sow the seeds of doubt and dissent amongst those that exist in the spiritual world. As it is conglomerate of smaller organizations, its secondary objectives vary depending on each individual member.


The Jūsanseiza have a growing number of associates in addition to their thirteen main members; the most notable of which including.

Name Zanpakuto
Fūma Kotarō Kusanagi
Sebastian Anjō Zetsubō-Tekina Kenmei
Shuten Tamane Jenoba

Members Edit

While none are actually known, or have likewise been proven to be part of this organization, the following individuals are rumored to be a part of it nevertheless. Each of the primary members are given the title of "Zodiac", beyond this they seem to have agents in various places and the likes. Each of them seem to be designated one of the Twelve Greek Zodiacs.

Name Former Rank Zanpakutō Sign
Miyata Marshall of the Ring of Two Kyōsui Karkinos (The Crab)
Suitai Shiba Member of the Ring of Five Yuèguāng Èmó Didymoe (The Twins)
Ryu Chikyu Member of the Ring of One Dākufenikkusu Krios (The Ram)
Toru Satonaka Member of the Ring of Two Shinde Kakkon

Zygós (The Scales)

Tsuchimikado Shikizaki Shinsengumi Intelligence Operations (Active) Kazemonogatari Skorpiós (The Scorpion)
Sōsaku Yawarakai Captain of the Third Division N/A Aegókerōs (The Sea-Goat)
Keigō Captain of the Fourth Division (Temporary Replacement for Retsu Unohana) Koeiwa Ikhtyes

(The Fishes)

Lisette Ienaga Gotei 13, 12th Division Captain (Active) Kūsokuzeshiki Leo (The Lion)
Sōsuke Yūhi Member of the Ring of One Irohime Toxòtes (The Archer)
Ubazame Captain of Unknown Division Touzoku Hydròkhos (The Aquarius)

Triumvirate Edit

The Triumvirate are the leaders of Jūsanseiza as a whole, their powers are also on a whole other scale than the Zodiacs - unlike the Zodiacs though, the Triumvirates are known to Soul Society by name; and the reward for catching one, yes even killing one of them is beyond value. The Triumvirate all share a single trait, their Spiritual Power is so high that most combatants don't sense it unless they lower it for their perceptions.

Note: Making a Triumvirate Character requires explicit permission from the majority of the other members of the group. Its also worth noting that you're allowed to have one Triumvirate character and a normal member at once.

Name Zanpakutō Sign
Iwanaga Yamatsumi Unknown None
Izanagi Zetsubou Ningyōmada Parthenos (The Virgin)
Dōkeshi Fujiwara Jesutā No Kōto Vacant

Strength Edit

The Jūsanseiza is composed of some of the most powerful criminals in the spiritual underworld, virtually all of which were once former Captains or members of Soul Society's Royal Guard division. It is a sombering idea that such a concentration of powerful entities have banded together, let alone that the organization appears to be non-existant, hints at the extent of their influence. Efforts have been made to investigate its members, though they are rarely if at all successful. The only confirmed information is that which is most widely known, their name, and the fact that its members are all former Shinigami of immense prestige and power. The identities of each of its members are closely guarded secret, with only rumors to give credit to its true components.


While rare, members of the Jūsanseiza are prone to work together towards a common goal, and if necessary are administered missions directly by general consensus or its ruling body. In that event, the mission is always carried in teams of two members always work in teams of two. At the echelon of its heirarchy lies the top four members of the organization numbered 10, 11, 12 and 13 respectively, those four work together, and form a Quadrumvirate acting as the ruling body over the organization as a whole. The teams are chosen according to the synergy between their respective abilities and powers, rather than be personal choice. Despite this, the members of each team are able to work together as a cohesive unit, as many share similar backgrounds, though this is not always the case.

Teams Edit

Team Number Members Description
#1. Tsuchimikado & Miyata A team that seemingly works well together, for the the most part, the two partners get along quite nicely and they rarely leave their assignments unfinished for long. They have one of the highest total success rate for any mission they're given.
#2. Toru & Suitai A team whose members work well together, though it is unclear who is the more cruel of the two in question... They set a nice, competetive rivalry with one another.
#3. Ryu Chikyu & Hotaru This team is known as the deadliest partnership that has ever come into existence. On one hand a man who loves the thrill of torture and killing while the other is known for having different perspective in life which only augments the threat this duo pose.
#4. ? & Kyoufu A relatively new team, their true capabilities are not yet known but they're sure to be every bit as advanced as their fellow members, no doupt.

Trivia Edit

  • Members are preferred to be of either Shunsui or Aizen-Class in power; or something inbetween.
  • Every Gravity Force member are allowed to create a character for this organisation, though more than one requires community-wide acceptance.
  • 13 is currently the max amount of members at any one time, though their total number need not be exactly that amount; no other spots can be made for the Zodiacs nor the Quadrumvirate; Associatees are free however, and one can make as many associates as one wishes.
  • The 12 Greek Zodiacs are as follows.
    • Krios (The Ram)
    • Tauros (The Bull)
    • Didymoe (The Twins)
    • Karkinos (The Crab)
    • Leòn (The Lion)
    • Parthenòs (The Maiden)
    • Zygòs (The Scales)
    • Skorpiòs (The Scorpion)
    • Toxòtes (The Archer)
    • Aegòkeròs (The Sea-Goat)
    • Hydròkhos (The Water Bearer)
    • Ikhtyes (The Fishes)
  • The teams have to be created manually by conversation between the two authors in question.
  • You need Community-wide permission to make a Triumvirate character.

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